The 0.12 tournament is over. During the last 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.12 games on any of the three public servers. On the final day of the tournament, there were an amazing 83 wins, crushing the previous record of 48 wins in one day on the public servers.

The winning player was jeanjacques, with 6566 points. Jeanjacques not only won 17 games and achieved the most points, but he also achieved all 18 tier III banners and had the fastest three wins! In second place was elliptic, with 6532 points and 19 wins. In third place was Tolias, with 5097 points and 15 wins, including a 6-game streak, the third-longest (behind elliptic and Implojin with 9-game streaks). 4thArraOfDagon had the three highest scores, all three of them Fire Elementalists of Vehumet.

The clan competition was won by Take It Easy (17364 points). Unlucky Tengu (17071 points) and unemployed unpersons (16648 points) were second and third respectively. It was a very tight team competition, with AWBW Rising (16067 points) also close in fourth place. There were 127 clans in all.

Here are some assorted statistics on the tournament games (with quits removed), compared with the 0.11 tournament (in parentheses):

Players with at least one game: 1735 (1545)
Players with at least one game to reach XL 9: 1066 (979)
Players who got a rune: 478 (400)
Players who won a game: 279 (214)
Total wins: 637 (473)
Win %: 1.40% (1.18%)
Total player time: 28022 hrs (24287 hrs)
Avg player time: 16.2 hrs (15.7 hrs)
Proportion of players using webtiles: 71.7% (71.3%)
Proportion of winners using webtiles: 63.3% (59.0%)