We are pleased to announce that Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.10.2, the
latest maintenance update following the February release of 0.10, is now
available for all operating systems from the Downloads page. This
update incorporates the changes in version 0.10.1, which hasn’t been widely announced. The changes since 0.10.0 are:

* Lots of fixes for various crash cases
* Grey draconians can’t drown — we mean it this time
* Slaying now works as expected for magical staves
* Allies are not allowed to smite enemies through glass
* Allies can now cast Orb of Destruction
* Reaching with polearms is not allowed while trapped in a net/web
* Description text updates to match 0.10 changes
* plus many other small updates and fixes.

A bit more detailed list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Work on the next major release, Crawl 0.11, is proceeding rapidly. This
release will land in time for the next tournament, most likely sometime in
August. Bug fixes on the 0.10 stable branch will continue, as we are trying to give more than just lip service to actually maintaining the released version. You can help by
reporting any bugs you find (not counting spiders, giant cockroaches,
and killer bees — those are your problem!). And don’t forget to take a
few minutes to complete the Stone Soup Survey.