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Been playing DCSS for some time now. Focusing more on the fun of experimenting with all the Race and Class combos and what can be done with them, including unconventional ideas, rather than actually winning games. For me, the fun is in the game play, not in a score, or a win. I played many early versions of the game and stopped playing for a couple years or so, and came back to a great many changes, so I'm a born-again player, still learning the new mechanics of the game, and of the trunk as it evolves. Happy with many changes, only a handful of changes really fundamentally bother me about DCSS, otherwise it's one of my favorite “rogue-likes”. I'm happy to be a part of the DCSS community, on IRC, in the game, and helping debug and ideas with Mantis. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make DCSS what it is today, and for the many on IRC and elsewhere who have helped contribute their knowledge and ideas towards making the game a lot more fun than it could ever be by itself.

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