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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v0.25 Tournament

Welcome! The tournament starts at 08:00PM Friday 12 June UTC and runs for 16 days until 08:00PM Sunday 28 June UTC .

How To Play

All games of DCSS v0.25 played on official servers (CXC, CBRO, CWZ, CAO, CPO, CKO, CDO, CUE, and LLD) will count for the tournament!

Playing in a Clan

If you would like to create a clan, add the following as the first lines in your v0.25 rc file:

        # TEAMNAME nameofteam
        # TEAMMEMBERS player1 player2 player3 player4 player5
Clan names can contain letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. There can be a maximum of six people (including the captain) in a clan.

If you'd like to play in an existing clan, add # TEAMCAPTAIN nameofcaptain as the first line of your v0.25 rc file.

You can create, join, and leave clans for the first seven days of the tournament, until 20:00PM Friday 19 June UTC .

If you're looking for a clan (or players to fill out your clan), try Reddit's /r/dcsstourney.


Players are ranked across a number of categories (listed below). Your rank in a category determines how many point you win from it. The points received are: 10,000 / rank in category. Your overall rank is the average of points gained across all 16 categories.

Clans are scored separately using the same system, except with clan categories instead of individual categories.

Individual Categories


Ashenzari wants players to explore the dungeon and seek out runes of Zot. In this category, players earn 3 points per distinct rune of Zot collected and 1 point each for distinct branch entry and end floor reached.


Elyvilon thinks it's important to evaluate what all the gods have to offer. Elyvilon awards 1 point for becoming the champion (****** piety) of the first god worshipped in a game and an additional point for a win after championing that god. Two gods (Gozag and Xom) do not have the usual ****** piety system; to get the points for these gods, you must never worship another god during the game.

Unique Harvesting

Yredelemnul demands that players kill as many distinct uniques and player ghosts as possible, and ranks players based on the number of such kills.


The Shining One values perseverance and courage in the face of adversity. In this category, TSO awards players 10,000 points if they win two distinct character combos, 5,000 points for winning their first combo, and 0 otherwise.

Win Rate

Cheibriados believes in being slow and steady, and recognises players who are careful enough to excel consistently. This category ranks players by their adjusted win percentage, calculated as the number of wins divided by the number of games played plus 1.

Streak Length

Jiyva ranks players by their streak length. Jiyva favours the flexibility of a gelatinous body—the length of a streak is defined as the number of distinct species or backgrounds won consecutively (whichever is smaller). Every game in a streak must be the first game you start after winning the previous game in the streak. This will always be the case if you play all your games on one server.

Nemelex' Choice

Nemelex Xobeh wants to see players struggle against randomness and ranks players who persevere with one of several combos randomly chosen and announced throughout the tournament. The first 8 players to win a given Nemelex' choice combo earn a point in this category and Nemelex ranks players by their score in this category.

Combo High Scores

Dithmenos ranks players by the combo high scores they can acquire and defend from rivals. Each combo high score gives 1 point, with bonus points for winning the game (+1) and being a species/background high score (+3 each). (Therefore, a single game can give a maximum of 8 points.)

Best High Score

Okawaru is all about getting as many points as possible, and ranks players based on their best high score.

Lowest Turncount Win

The Wu Jian Council favours the unquestioned excellence and efficient combat of the Sifu. The Council ranks players based on their lowest turn count win.

Fastest Real Time Win

Makhleb wants to see bloodshed as quickly as possible and ranks players according to their fastest win.

Lowest XL Win

Vehumet values ruthless efficiency, and recognises the players who win at the lowest XL. Waiting around for an ancestor to return from memory is inefficient, so games where Hepliaklqana is worshipped do not count in this category. For the purposes of this category, players who have not won and players who have won only at XL 27 are both ranked last.

Tournament Win Order

Qazlal wants destruction and wants it as soon as possible! This category ranks players in order of their first win in the tournament.

Tournament All Rune Win Order

Lugonu appreciates all planes of reality, and wants players to tour as many of them as soon as possible. Lugonu ranks players in order of their first 15-rune win in the tournament.

Ziggurat Diving

Xom is entertained by a player's descent into madness, and ranks players by the number of consecutive Ziggurat floors they reach in a single game. Exiting a Ziggurat from the lowest floor counts as "reaching a floor" for scoring in this category, and an unlimited number of Ziggurats in a single game count.

Banner Score

The other DCSS gods are too busy with divine affairs to rank an entire category, but every DCSS god rewards players for certain achievements with tiered banners. Players are ranked on their total banner score, with tier one banners worth 1 point, tier 2 worth 2 points, and tier 3 worth 4 points.

Clan Categories


Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Exploration category using all of the members' games.


Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Piety category using all of the members' games.

Unique Harvesting

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.


Clans are awarded 10,000 / (13 - wins) points for distinct first combo wins by clan members. The total number of wins in this category is capped at 12, and the total number of wins from any member is capped at 4. For a win to count in this category it must be the first win of the combo by the clan. For example, if Player A's 5th win is a DgWn and they win before Player B's win of DgWn then Player B's win will not count in this category.

Nemelex' Choice

The clan is awarded points in this category in the same way as the indvidual Nemelex' Choice using all of the members' games: one point to each of the first eight clans to win a Nemelex combo. Note: multiple clan members may win a Nemelex combo to deny other individuals Nemelex points, but this will not affect clan Nemelex scoring.

Combo High Scores

The clan is awarded points in this category in the same way as the individual Combo High scores category using all of the members' games. Each combo high score gives 1 point, with bonus points for winning the game (+1) and being a species/background high score (+3 each). (Therefore, a single game can give a maximum of 8 points.)

Streak Length

Clans are ranked in this category based on the streak of their best player, calculated according to the individual Streak Length category.

Best High Score

Clans are ranked by the highest scoring game by any of their members.

Low Turncount Win

Clans are ranked by the lowest turncount win of any of their members.

Fastest Real Time Win

Clans are ranked by the fastest realtime win of any of their members.

Ziggurat Diving

Clans are ranked in this category based on the Ziggurat Dive of their best player.

Banner Score

Clans are awarded banner points based on all of the members' banners. Banner points are awarded in the same way as the individual banner points based on the highest banner tier earned by the clan's members for each banner.


Banners give points in the individual & clan banner categories described above. Banner tiers are worth 1, 2, and 4 points for tiers one, two, and three respectively.


  1. All contestants acknowledge an obligation not to commit misconduct in relation to their participation. Misconduct is any act that is a breach of good manners, a breach of good sportsmanship, or unethical behavior. Participating servers may have their own codes of conduct; breach of server-specific codes of conduct is also considered misconduct for tournament purposes. Misconduct will result in disqualification without recourse, with any relevant games being deleted from the scoring database. Severe misconduct will lead to exclusion from future crawl tournaments.
  2. Please do not do anything that would give you an unfair competitive advantage over other players or clans. This includes things like scumming crash-on-demand bugs, using alt accounts to inflate the score of your main account, or using bots or input macros on your account to gain an advantage for speedrun points – just remember that the objective here is to have fun. We generally do not monitor games or RC files and hold players to the honor system. In extreme cases that come to our attention, we may, at our discretion, disqualify users and remove their games from the scoring database. Ignorance and negligence are not excuses for poor behavior.
  3. Don't use account names, clan names, or chat messages to send spam or advertisements for unrelated commercial content.


This tournament exists thanks to the work of many people, but two people were especially pivotal. ebering designed a new scoring system for this tournament, based on broad consultation with players and other devs over several months. Then he coded up the back end (which required rewriting almost all of the scoring code) in a matter of weeks. Thank you, ebering! chequers matched ebering's dedicated back-end work with an overhaul and modern re-design of the front-end display pages. The tournament would still be using its old display format without his work. Thank you, chequers!

Thank you to all the artists whose work is used on this tournament website! All artwork used is released under CC0 or with explicit permission from the artist.

If you are interested in contributing artwork to DCSS, please release your work under CC0 and submit to the DCSS dev team!

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