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0005748 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2012-06-09 18:37 2014-09-29 23:57
Reporter minmay View Status public  
Assigned To wheals
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch 0.11 ancient branch
Summary 0005748: 0-turn berserk
Description  A red film seems to cover your vision as you go berserk!
 You feel yourself moving faster! You feel mighty!
 You are feeling very hungry.
 You are no longer berserk. Trog's vigour flows through your veins.
 You are exhausted.
 You feel yourself slow down.
 You are starving!

Something to do with berserking at a specific hunger level, perhaps? Here's the log: [^]
And the ttyrec: [^]
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st (reporter)
2012-06-09 19:10

this happens a lot with vampires who try to berserk at full too, it sucks.
ion_frigate (reporter)
2012-06-10 00:21

Why not just remove the hunger cost from Trog's berserk ability altogether, and perhaps just increase the hunger consumption of berserk itself to compensate? The fact that you can instantly fall out of berserk like that, while thematic, is spoilerish - you can keep exact or approximate track of how much you've eaten, and know whether or not the berserk will succeed.

Another solution, if people don't want to remove the hunger cost for Trog's berserk invocation, would be to randomize it. But even that doesn't really avert the problem of spoilers, since you can just know the maximum amount of hunger it can cause and only berserk when you have enough.
elliptic (developer)
2012-07-30 03:49

This is fixed now for non-Vp, by letting players berserk down to 100 below top-of-starving instead of just top-of-starving. For Vp I am less sure what to do, if anything. Even removing the hunger cost for the Trog invocation wouldn't help if you are just barely at "Full". The most natural solution might be to only allow Vp to initiate berserk at "Very Full" or higher, but that's not so good because currently Vp "Full" and "Very Full" have the same features. I suppose we could only allow Vp to initiate berserk while "Alive"...
wheals (administrator)
2014-09-21 19:54

elliptic finally did make a decision, and after 0.16-a0-723-g26b6998 vampires can stay berserk until Thirsty, even though they can't go berserk then.

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