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Gretell says...
oklob plant (P)

A very dangerous plant which fends off predators by spraying corrosive vitriol at them. Even experienced adventurers give oklob plants a wide berth.

Speed: 10 (stationary) | HD: 10 | HP: 46-63 | AC/EV: 10/0 | plant, unbreathing | Resistances: will(40), poison, acid+++, drown, neg+++, torm | XP: 558 | Spells: spit acid (3d7) [!AM, !sil] | Size: small | Intelligence: brainless.
Henzell says...
  1. An immobile plant that spits acid. Can be affected by hexes and doesn't sInv. Generated as hostile monsters by some Lair and Dungeon vaults, or created as allies by Fedhas' {grow oklob} ability.
  2. see {obsidian_axe[3]}
  3. "Your oklob plant has already reached the pinnacle of evolution." (see {fedhas evolution})
  4. !lg pacra 829 -tv
  5. see {oklob_temple}
  6. <Zermako> oklob plant... i'm gonna run up to it and whack it <Sizzell> Zermako the Cudgeler (L6 HOFi), splashed by an oklob plant's acid <Zermako> COME ON

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