Blood and souls for Makhleb!
Henzell says...
  1. An old wiki (with lots of out of date and incorrect info; enter at your own risk): There is an interesting essay about the relevance of the Chaosforge wiki located here:
  2. "Freeze, the first spell [in Frost], is not the best. it's [sic] damage is decent, and it slows cold-blooded enemies, but it can only hit adjacent enemies, and unlike Flame Tongue, it's [sic] range does not increase with spell power."
  3. "Azrael and his fire elementals all trail fire, you can use that to fence in other enemies nearby, if there are enemies."
  4. Beware of the food cost!
  6. recommendations include: ddne of chei, spen of tso, abandoning makhleb in the midgame (because his power dips).
  7. Mountain Dwarf Fighter of Cheibriados (strategy guide): A wrecking ball
  8. My power is increasing. I can feel Vehumet's pride and ice in my veins as I stride forward, destruction filling my mind. This lair will prove no more difficult than fighting an angry child.
  9. Volcano - "To fully explore it, you'll need a reliable means of levitation to cross the lava, which is rare at this point in the game."
  10. Draining weapons are devastating at any point in the game
  11. More...

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