Spread life and death.
Gretell says...
Sigmund (@)

The elder of a pair of brothers who came for the Orb. No one knows what Sigmund saw in the dungeon to drive him mad, but his shrewd magical tactics and wicked scythe now leave little time for his victims to wonder. Despite his reputation as a vicious murderer, his grandiose and dramatic ways have earned him the admiration of many denizens of the dungeon.

Speed: 10 (atk: 150%) | HD: 3 | HP: 23-31 | AC/EV: 2/11 | Damage: 1 | weapons, items, doors, spellcaster | Resistances: will(10) | Corpse | XP: 227 | Spells: magic dart (3d4), throw flame (3d5), confuse, invisibility | Size: Medium | Intelligence: human.
Henzell says...
  1. A yellow @ with a shiny scythe, a magic wand, and a necklace of player skulls. A notoriously lethal early-game unique human wizard. Spells: throw flame, confuse, invisibility, magic dart.
  2. sigmund haters: whoever buffed grinder
  3. Sigmund fan club: ##crawl
  4. Proof that Crawl hates you and wants you to die.

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