Bring me glory in combat!
Gretell says...
Tiamat (d)

The earthly avatar of Tiamat, deity of dragonkind, here incarnated as a mighty draconian warrior. Her scales seem to shimmer and change colour as you watch.

Speed: 10 | HD: 22 | HP: 380 | AC/EV: 35/10 | Damage: 60, 45 | weapons, items, doors, cold-blooded, see invisible, fly | Resistances: magic(140), poison | Vulnerabilities: silver | XP: 9328 | Spells: b.lightning (3d25) [!AM, !sil, breath] / b.quicksilver (3d20) [!AM, !sil, breath] / chilling breath (3d28) [!AM, !sil, breath] / poisonous cloud (3d13) [!AM, !sil, breath] / searing breath (3d28) [!AM, !sil, breath] / spit acid (3d7) [!AM, !sil, breath] / sticky flame splash (3d8) [!AM, !sil, breath] | Size: Medium | Intelligence: human.
Henzell says...
A unique draconian, found in Zot. Tread carefully. Always has the {dragonskin cloak}, which you should note will grant her various resistances. Enjoys randomly changing her colour (and her breath weapon to match). Comes with a band of draconian pals, and can be tricky to spot among them.

Information based on master branch and the great LearnDB.
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