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Henzell says...
  1. Starting at level three and every six levels after, you gain two points in a stat of your choice. Stats also increase as you level with the rate and randomized stat types depending on your race. See {stat gain[2]} for details. Demigods instead gain four points in a stat of their choice every three levels and have no randomized stat gain.
  2. Random stat gains. 'sid/N' refer which of str/int/dex are possible every N levels: At sid/4 | Ba sid/4 | Co sid/4 | DE i/4 | Dg choose4/3 | Dj id/4 | Dr sid/4 | Ds sid/4 | Fe id/4 | Fo si/4 | Gh s/5 | Gn sid/4 | Gr si/4 | Hu sid/4 | Ko sid/5 | MD si/4 | Mf sid/5 | Mi sd/4 | Mu sid/5 | Na sid/4 | On s/3 | Op sid/5 | Sp id/5 | Te sid/4 | Tr s/3 | Vp id/5 | VS sd/4

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