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Henzell says...
  1. My 0.20 SpEn guide: SKILLS: Approximate goals are as follows: 1) 5 Short Blades, 8 Stealth. 2) 4 Spellcasting, 8 Hexes. 3) 3 Fighting, 8 Dodging. 4) 8 Short Blades, 12 Stealth. 5) 6 Fighting/Spellcasting, 10 Short Blades/Hexes, 15 Dodging/Stealth. 6) 10 Fighting, 27 Stealth, and whatever spell skills you want.
  2. SPELLS: Use Ensorcelled Hibernation when possible. Use Confuse against rC+ monsters or if you want a higher success chance. Other starting spells are decent but unnecessary. Invisibility is the best spell in the game if you find it. Other good spells include Deflect Missiles, Dispel Undead, Apportation, Blink, Passage of Golubria, Controlled Blink.
  3. GODS: Ideally you want a god who helps with hard-to-stab monsters. Some good choices: Kiku (pain melee, zombies), Dith (shadow step, shadow form), Jiyva (slimify), Lugonu (corruption, disto melee), Makhleb (greater demons), Ashenzari/Vehumet (conjurations).
  4. WEAPONS: Use short blades, stab high-HP monsters with a dagger. For regular melee, early on look for elec, draining, or venom weapons. Later look for a quick blade and/or pain brand a weapon with Kiku. Distortion is nice also. If you can't find a quick blade and want better melee, demon whips are reasonable. Oh, and get a buckler. STATS: Raise Int or Dex.

Information based on master branch and the great LearnDB.
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