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Henzell says...
  1. telnet termcast.develz.org (and then select the letter for FooTV), or 'http://termcast.develz.org. 'Do not use SSH. Shows games requested using !tv. Request games by adding -tv to !lg or !lm. Cancel games by adding -tv:cancel to the same command-line, clear playlist with !lg * -tv:nuke
  2. Use -tv:<N to start playback approx Nx before the default start (-tv:<3 to start 3x before normal start), and for milestones, -tv:>N to end playback Nx after normal end, -tv:>$ to end playback at end of ttyrec. You can combine both seek options as -tv:<2:>3
  3. For good fooTV, ??embarrassing deaths, ??hilarious deaths, ??amazing games, ??great near misses
  4. If playback looks weird to you in PuTTY, then try setting the translation to UTF-8 under Window->Translation->Received data assumed to be in which character set
  5. <Kyrris> It's how good players laugh at bad ones. <Kyrris> It masquerades as a learning tool for going in the other direction.

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