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 ===== Orphans ===== ===== Orphans =====
 +Orphans are pages that have nothing linking to them.  This **does not** necessarily mean the page is inaccessible.  If it is properly categorized, it will appear in the list for the containing category.
  ~~ORPHANSWANTED:orphans~~  ~~ORPHANSWANTED:orphans~~
 ===== Wanted ===== ===== Wanted =====
- ~~ORPHANSWANTED:wanted~~+Wanted are pages that are referenced by other pages.  They are in order of reference count.  User namespace is excluded.  If a page is listed here, then it should either be created or the link removed. 
 + ~~ORPHANSWANTED:wanted!user~~
 ===== Valid ===== ===== Valid =====
- ~~ORPHANSWANTED:valid~~    +Valid are pages that are neither orphans or wanted; they have content and are referenced by others.
-===== All ===== + ~~ORPHANSWANTED:valid~~    
- ~~ORPHANSWANTED:all~~   +
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