Please use the issue tracker for feature requests and bug reports and change control requests and support requests. This is a nice list but cumbersome to argue in.

I just added the important stuff from here as tickets on Mantis — doy 2009-11-27 23:16

  • Since we use indexes for most things, there often aren't explicit links to pages… would be nice if there was a button you could click to create a new page — doy 2009-11-24 18:59
    • This functionality can be achieved by typing the new page name into the search box at the top-right and click “Search”. If the page doesn't exist yet the result will show a “Create page” button in the top-left. Not sure a single button is necessary or useful since a further text-box would be use up precious space and a javascript popup would give us a lot of negative attention, I think ;-) — Napkin 2009-11-27 10:06
      • The issue is just that it's not really obvious how to create new pages currently (dpeg was confused at least)… searching for a nonexistent page in order to create it isn't very intuitive I think. — doy 2009-11-27 20:29
      • Not to mention the question of what namespace the page gets created in! You really want landing pages (not just the indices) where people can create pages in the way advised by the DocuWiki helpfiles: by creating the link in the page, and jumping to it. These pages would also be a hint of “put (e.g.) item issues here”, and the page source can advise how to put the page in the “current” namespace. The current system was nearly impenetrable to me, and I've been an active contributor to several other Wikis. — Mental Mouse 2011-09-03 14:40
  • Could there be a way to list all wiki pages you're subscribed to? — doy 2009-11-24 19:11
  • Recent changes only lists recently changed pages… would be nice to have an option to actually list all recent changes — doy 2009-11-24 20:05
    • After clicking “Recent changes” a new link shows up called view the recent changes of the whole wiki. Is that want you meant? Additionally you can click “Old revisions” in the top-left to see all changes to the page you are currently viewing. — Napkin 2009-11-27 10:06
      • I meant that if a page was updated multiple times, it would show up multiple times in the 'Recent Changes' list (similar to MediaWiki). — doy 2009-11-27 20:29
  • It would be nice to have IRC and wiki be more integrated. Possibilities:
    • An IRC command that gives more playtesting info than Henzell currently provides. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
    • IRC notice if there's heavy activity on the wiki within the past few minutes. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
    • Ability to read IRC chatlogs on the wiki. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
    • An IRC command to “catch” conversations as being important. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
  • There are links from Mantis issues to Wiki pages, but not vice versa. This can be fixed with templates, but I'm just including it as a reminder. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
  • It would be really cool to have, at minimum, a syntax highlighter for .des files. With a bit of work, this could be expanded to allow for the display of a vault as it would appear in-game. — Eronarn 2009-11-26 06:21
  • It would be nice to have a link at the top of the page to 'switch to mantis' so that you can quickly move between wiki and personal account/feature-bug tracker without scrolling down to the bottom of current screen. — Porkchop 2010-01-13 17:25
  • Some wiki pages have really long revisions lists now and if I want to see the diff I'm usually only interested in the last 10 or so changes and then have to scroll to the bottom of the page to “show the differences”. It would be great if either the button were shown at the top of the page (too) or I could hide the not so recent changes (using number or timestamp). — jpeg 2010-01-14 01:33
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