My real name is Andrew Minton. I play Crawl very frequently, but usually not online. I submit many vaults, and am working on more almost every day. Coming up with ideas for vaults can be difficult; if you have any, please suggest them in this forum thread.

Design opinions

  • The game mechanics should be much more transparent, perhaps entirely so.
  • Too much emphasis is placed on flavor and it hurts gameplay, especially transparency.
  • I want Square Line-of-Sight (and square ranges, AOE, etc).
  • Areas that prevent the player from leaving them (Pan, Abyss, labyrinths) can be horribly tedious, should come up with a better threat. Abyss is especially bad here since you don't normally enter it voluntarily.
  • Areas that prevent the player from using interface enhancements (Abyss, labyrinths, Shoals) are bad for the same reason.
  • Extra lives (felids) are completely inappropriate for the game and should be removed. Felids themselves are fine in other respects.
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