• Nomes (which will probably be gnomes again by the time anyone reads this)

Accepted Bad Ideas

  • The Mighty Gastronok, though he has been unjustly deprived of his 150 damage.
  • Nomes, who are not garden-variety.
  • Ashenzari, an imprisoned god who only manifests through curses.
  • tukima the Spectral Dancer (crafted dialogue): wants you to dance with her in the worst way possible.
  • ein_deep_elf_archer (dialogue): is a jerk with a longbow.
  • xom_worshipper (name, dialogue): Mudgeley is an ex-plaything of Xom who apologizes for having nothing witty to say.
  • Exalted Trishulas: proposed moniker for blessed demon tridents, pulled from Hindu mythology.

Bad Ideas

Feedback on bad ideas is greatly appreciated! After all, what if I accidentally slipped a *good* idea in the mix?

  • iron-blood_okawaru_minced: a god worshipped by weapons and armour. Imagine a party hosted by the Singing Sword, with every one of the sword's dysfunctional, neurotic relatives over to visit. Now imagine that you walk in, only to find that your hat and fancy randart boots are invited, but you're just the caterer…
  • fey species: daredevils with glowing skin - and blood - that cast spells via self-injury. The crazy great-grandaddies of the elves.
  • Phantom species: sight range 5, tracks enemies after eating their shadows.
  • Lodestone weapon brand: a magnetic weapon that makes your character more attractive! (at weapons)
  • Feyblood weapon brand: because the Fey are crazy enough to enchant weapons with their own blood. (at weapons)
  • ereghas_modification_of_daedalus_proposal Ereghas (unique): A con-artist who sells dungeon junk to impressionable surface-dwellers.

Worse Ideas

These probably don't need feedback except of the “pointing and laughing” variety.

  • Bloodshed weapon brand: acts like Nethack's “ring of conflict.” Probably overpowered, despite only working on nearby (two square radius) monsters.
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