Race Specific Spells

Name Race Specific Spells
Summary A list of race modified spells; current and for future consideration
Further information Inspired by the new Dragonform interaction with Draconians
Added by Vandal
Added on 2010-11-15 18:37
Vandal 2013-07-11 05:14 Dragon Form no longer has race specific properties, so this concept is no longer a part of Crawl. If someone wants to revisit it feel free, but I don't think it is a good approach any longer.

With the ability to have a spell behave radically differently based on the race casting it, but still be learned by the same methods as all other races, many opportunities for further distinguishing existing races from each other further are gained. While this could certainly be taken too far and cause a lot of confusion when one spell behaves in 5 different ways depending on who cast it, if used with restraint it could provide a great deal of fun and spice up the business of spell casting without needing to create more spells and books to clutter the master spell list. ===== Dragonform ===== [12:33] <MarvinPA> and dragonform <3
[12:33] <Vandal> ?
[12:33] <Vandal> The spell?
[12:33] <MarvinPA> for draconians, it's only tmut now instead of tmut/fire
[12:33] <Vandal> Really, they can alter spells based on race?
[12:33] <Vandal> well damn, that could make for some really interesting stuff
[12:34] <MarvinPA> and it transforms them into whichever dragon their colour is and doubles their breath weapon power
[12:34] <Vandal> haha awesome
[12:34] <Vandal> But they learn it like anyone else learns Dragonform?
[12:34] <MarvinPA> yeah
==== Analysis ==== This conversation is an example of why using this feature more can be good for the game. Any 2 people with experience in playing Crawl can immediately see the appeal of a spell behaving (appropriately) differently when cast by a certain race with a special affinity for it.

… pushing Crawl further into the lands of specialists, damning humans and demigods for eternity. DCSS is set to become a game like StarCraft, where all the strategy and planning happens before the game, and the rest is according to the script. — b0rsuk 2010-11-20 20:59
Good point b0rsuk. This is off-topic, but I can't see anywhere else for it; how about making humans & demigods more interesting? Possibly humans could acquire occasional useful skill aptitudes as they level. Demigods can't worship; but classically they should be plagued by positive & negative attention from gods. To start with, neither you nor the gods can remember who your divine parent was. As you play, you would build up/lose piety with each god, until one notices a family resemblance and a second one that they hate your guts. Cue blessings and curses, which you can affect by working on piety for each of your two gods. Possibly the total piety for the two ought to be zero, or some other constant? Might be too hard to program (He he; that should get the developers interested). Feel free to move this, or delete it if no-one likes it — nubinia 2010-11-21 09:19
Making dragonform of reasonable difficulty for draconians is good, but placing the spell within reach of *other* races would be much better (pure tmut for all races) - draconians will still have a wizardry bonus to cast dragonform anyway. I feel like making spells race-specific is a little too esoteric. — Minced
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