Metabolic Englaciation

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This spell is useless. It's hard to cast, but if a single enemy makes his saving throw, he will shout and wakes up all the others. So it ends up being much less useful than the easier mass confusion and alistair's intoxication. I think monsters put to sleep with this spell should be much harder to wake up. They should stay asleep for at least 3-5 rounds, and then gradually become more and more easier to awake. Spell power should also be factored in. — galehar 2010-07-14 14:12

It does have an use: unlike EH, it suffers from no power cap, and thus if you can cast it well, it will have a decent chance to actually affect things like draconians. Although indeed, it has the downside of hibernating all at once, so you get only 1-2 stabs. — kilobyte 2010-07-14 14:42
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