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Usability Projects

This namespace includes pages related to several usability improvement student projects. The courses have been held in the department of Information Processing Science, in Oulu University. The first two ran from late winter 2009 to spring 2010, and the third happened in the spring of 2011. Fourth project ran from late 2011 to spring 2012.

The first 2010 course was a project course, that did heuristic evaluation, user testing and design and implementation of usability related improvements. The team was called “UP team.” The team produced a The Usability Project report and did a Tutorial redesign for 0.7. There's also Template for Usability Project Reports included for posterity.

The other 2010 team was a team in the usability testing course, that did heuristic evaluation and user testing of what was the tutorial at the time (0.6, now hints mode). The team was called “Team Immortal Warwalrus”. They specifically had testers without previous roguelike experience, and had them play the caster then-tutorial.

The team of spring 2011 was also participating on a usability testing course. The did a cognitive walkthrough and user testing on the 0.8 tutorial. The team as called “Dungeon Olms.” They also had testers with gaming background, but no roguelike experience.

The fourth team was again a project course group. The project ran from late 2011 to spring 2012. The group was called KiSS, short of KiviSopan Sekoittajat (meaning “the stirrers of the stone soup”). They did an initial in-team evaluation of mid-development 0.10 usability, two user tests with mid-development 0.10, then revised the tutorial and did four user tests with the revised tutorial.

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