This page is a list of issues and how to solve them while running a server for DCSS.

Maintaining dgamelaunch and WebTiles

General Issues

No rcfiles for a specific crawl-version

Check /home/crawl-dev/dgamelaunch-config/chroot/bin/ and /home/craw-dev/dgamelaunch-config/dgamelaunch.conf - the commands[register] and commands[login]-sections.

A given crawl version won't launch (but other versions work)

Possible fixes:

  • Remove cache-folder in DGL/crawl-master/crawl-*/saves/.


Watch-menu not working

As root:

$ ipcs -m

Locate the address of the crawl shared memory segment.

$ ipcrm -M 0xaddress

Adding a New Stable Release

  • Update dgamelaunch-config
  • Run: dgl update-stable 0.xx
    • Update daily cron build script to include the new version
  • Create and chown new inprogress and rcfile directories
    • You can copy rcfiles and macros from trunk to simplify life for your users. However, if you do so, it is best to remove any leftover team comments from old versions. For example:
      • for f in crawl-git/*; do grep -v '^# *TEAM' < "$f" > crawl-0.1X/"$(basename "$f")"; done
  • Run: dgl publish (with --confirm once everything looks good)
  • Create links under meta for logfile, milestones and scores files (normal and sprint)
  • Restart crawl-inotify-dglwhere
  • Update the bot (milestones, logfile, and version command)
  • Restart the WebTiles server
  • Play and quit and least one normal and one sprint game
  • Sequell's and scoring pages source URLs need to be updated to include the new URLs
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