0.6 Plan

The (adjusted) 0.6 release target date is March 15, 2010.

Please do not add major new features to this list. Do update this list with tasks already committed to for 0.6. Where possible, spell out details for items right here so that this page serves as a quick cheat sheet to look at the work remaining on 0.6.

This page is not intended to replace Mantis for bug and feature tracking. Please also file issues tagged 0.6 target, so we can track whether something still needs to be done. — rob 2009-12-07 08:11

Critical issues (release blockers)

  • Trove bugfixes.
  • iood IOOD balance (after the nerf, the spell seems good enough for release, in both ways)
  • Review and update tutorial
  • Review and update documentation
  • Review character choice recommendations, in particular for Wanderers. (not necessary)

Nice to have (0.6.1?)

  • Review vaults for loot that is no longer findable with magic mapping. Case in point: Cerebov loot. (Quick) solution: Add secret doors.
    • A nicer way to handle this would be some hints that loot is hidden (some writing on walls hinting at great treasures). Technically, something like the scorch-marked statues or doors covered in writing should work. — rob 2010-03-08 16:43
    • I agree. — dpeg 2010-03-08 17:12
  • Wizlab loot balance.


  • shafts: dpeg's proposal 702 is in partially, see also 79
  • mummies and the new anti-scum mechanisms (decreasing spawn rate, ood generation)
  • old, tweaked gods (Vehumet and Kiku, both largely okay, but see 551)
  • shields: new SH display; the new egos, there has been no feedback
  • Amulets Stasis could need a better name, perhaps allow berserk with stasis, but without the haste/slow effects. Amulet of faith could also use a better name, and review of effects on god gifts.


  • message window rewrite needs to be finished up 506 (rob)
  • new targeting 588 (haran)
  • (fedhas is in good shape
  • Rods See here
  • shoals: <del>kraken, layout, compare xp with swamp</del>
  • ranged combat, especially with the new AM 41
  • slime creatures
  • ugly things (finished? Or should they still cause mutation, more so in packs?)
  • a few more glyph remappings (due)
    • elementals are especially problematic, but efreets, rakshasas, and ice beasts could stand looking at too (we can probably ignore I/R until 0.7)
    • also, giant spores should move off of G and stop spawning in Slime
  • targeting interface (Haran)
  • ^O screen (Henry)
  • large clumps of uniques
  • Use autoexplore stoppers for new fog generator vaults (Eino & dpeg)
  • autoexplore should treat submerged monsters (~) like it did fish in 0.5 (can walk/explore with ~ in sight, but don't step next to it)
  • Refinements to Ctrl-O screen:
    • Indicate branch entrance ranges when you've explored within the branch entrance range but haven't discovered the entrance yet. As an example: print the “Temple: D:4-7” (etc.) in darkgrey; collected after the branches you already found.
  • Execute lua after levels have been generated: 2831931
  • Message window and “more” option defaults
  • labyrinth We really should enlighten players entering labyrinths about the rules
  • Make sure the_teleporter and ice_statue_garden_001 look sensible in tiles (Eino)


  • Defense Skill Training Armour, Dodging, Stealth training should no longer depend on heavy/light distinction
  • Demonspawn Mutations (sorear has a plan)
  • noise system overhaul
  • re-add divinations in the form of items/god (removal of spell divinations is already in)
  • implicit weapon swapping for butchery
  • stat death removal
    • I think we can safely postpone this last point until 0.7. — jpeg 2010-01-28 23:43
  • Refinements to Ctrl-O screen:
    • Use colours to differentiate between altars that are reachable to the player and altars that are discovered but unreachable through normal travel. This will need changes to the travel cache to efficiently answer reachability questions for arbitrary points on other levels. [This one is harder any may have to wait.]
  • Further tweaks to Silver, chaos and Zin (keskitalo)
  • there are still various issues involving the change to allow items to survive deep water, this should be looked at (sorear?)
  • Unnerf greater naga. The nerf of the player spell has also hit greater naga, who now do significantly less damage against players with PR. ##crawl-dev proposal: Replace their Venom Bolt with IOOD, after that has been finalized.
    • I am against this: IOOD is extremely powerful and deadly, and this would be a massive buff rather than a simple unnerf. — due 2010-01-31 07:35
      • The idea was to see to IOOD balance first, and then consider it. — rob 2010-01-31 09:13


  • Demonspawn, noise and divinations, already having been started, absolutely need to be done in 0.6, whereas butchery would be nice to have. — jpeg 2010-01-28 23:43
    • They might have already been started, but they aren't really in a position where they are broken in their current form (although demonspawn could probably use a little tweaking). In particular, I don't think there was ever any meaningful progress made with noise, and I think most people have agreed that the game is fine without divinations for now. I don't think a March 1 release would be reasonable if we added these things back in, and it's been quite too long without a release already. — doy 2010-01-28 23:49
    • I don't think a March 1 release is reasonable anyway, what with e.g. the AC changes requiring major testing and tweaking. Lots of tiles stuff still missing, too. Also, I was under the (apparently false) impression that noise had become more important. Most importantly, I don't like delaying the divination items (what about a detect monster scroll?), though I do agree that a new god (even if we get it tomorrow) should be postponed since we already have our plates full with Chei, Jiyva and Fedhas. — jpeg 2010-01-30 00:13
      • Noise was going to become more important with things like the thief god, but that hasn't happened yet. It might still be able to use a bit of testing out for casters and such, but I haven't noticed any serious flaws with it in general. As for divinations, I haven't missed it at all; I'm not really even convinced divination items will ever be necessary (although the god looks like it has the potential to be cool). — doy 2010-01-30 01:18
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