Development Planning Template

Use this page as a template when making the plans for a new release

This page is for managing short and middle term development planning.
Features on this page are considered major or significant improvements. General bugfixing does not need to go here although major bugs could end up in a “tasks for completion” section once we near a release.
Features are divided into sections based on their stage of completion or planning.
Each feature should have the names of any devs who are actively working on, planning, or responsible for the feature and who realistically think they'll be able to finish it in time for the release date.

See the Future Versions and previous stable release planning pages for ideas, moving entries here as necessary.

General todo

This is a list of tasks that generally need to be completed for any release to happen.

  • Release schedule
  • Mac nightlies
  • Mantis administration - closing and/or fixing hundreds of old bugs and FRs

Tasks for completion

Testing and feedback

These are features which have been implemented in some fashion and are in trunk builds for testing / feedback / polishing. They are likely to be included in the release if they are ready by that stage.

Under Consideration

These features are not yet in trunk but are being actively worked on or considered by one or more devs (but still may not make it into the next release or any release for that matter).

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