Future versions

Features which might be considered for future versions but are not realistic targets for the next release. Features from here can be moved to 0.18 plans if interest is shown by devs or after further discussion/planning.


  • Demigod rework (mumra/dpeg)
  • Artificer rework (mumra)


  • Immobile monster redesign: Deal with out-of-LOS attacks / completely safe attrition / completely ignoring almost all uses


  • Spellpower for charms: Make spellpower influence the effectiveness of charm spells, not only the duration. For some spells (rmsl and dmsl for example), make charms only affect duration and the secondary school affect effectiveness, like ozocubu's armour.
  • Make hexes more usable by temporarily reducing MR (monster only or also on the player?).
    • Monster-to-player hexes struggle with certain effects being so undesirable (paralysis, banishment) that more regular hexes get overshadowed with piled-on MR. Possibly try to make hexes more indirect in lethality, and possibly have some side effects for changing
    • Perma-buffs? Alternatively, add more innate downsides to all buffs.


  • Labyrinths need to be more dangerous and less tedious (something has happened here for 0.14 — dpeg 2014-03-19 14:23)
  • Smoothen excessively sharp difficulty jumps between branches and their ends (Shoals, Elf, other branches?)
  • Differentiate D and Vaults monster sets more
  • Ziggurat variety:
    1. Occasionally, scaled with depth, spread out monsters and loot around the border and start in the center to nerf mass-conjurations abuse
    2. increase floor variety, increase other strategy viabilities
    3. glass cage battle stage (ask dpeg)
  • portal vault ideas
    1. Dragons Den portal vault? (nicolae)
    2. early imp/demon portal vault
    3. early ally portal vault (enter to find, or free after small battle, an ally which is noticeably stronger than you; have to support the ally to conquer rest of portal vault)
  • Guarantee one Ziggurat in Depths (done), revisit search for extra Zigs.
  • Finite Pan (why?): re-manage tedium of demonic rune search, dull infinite scumming issues, etc
  • Discuss: move demonic rune (Pan) to elven rune


  • New vaults guide: establish standards and use many more tips to avoid constant mistakes in “first vaults” submittals
  • Cloud generator visibility: Make (almost all?) cloud generators have some visual indicator for origin point (features, walls, other no-damage clouds)
  • Review and reduce collected (over)use in vaults of: traps, fog machines, runed doors, liquids, grates, glass, feature re-tiles/re-colours, vault monsters.
    • Define acceptable and non-acceptable uses? Reduction of one-shot minimal-benefit spoiler bloat as a general goal for editing old vaults and accepting new vaults alike?
  • Dummy adjustments: remove/mark branch entry dummies as extra, centralize differing branch dummies, adjust to higher volume of vaults and improving given branches (Zot minivaults? Elf?).
  • Remove abyss, pan tags and make DEPTH: actually work instead, for inter-branch coding consistency.
  • Adjust vault placement code and level transparency to reduce loading time and levels/given vaults veto'd due to placement code rather than vault design.
  • Full all-vaults review
  • Sprint improvements: several Lua / mapdef features which would enable more interesting Sprint scenarios

Permanent and temporary allies

See ally management interface brainstorming.

  • Smarter handling of missiles.
  • (Beogh) bless allies with random resistances.

Melee balance

  • Nerf all weapon speed to shut down weapon skill magic numbers. They all reach min delay at skill 27.
    • Note that thorough discussion (thread) showed that a lot of careful weapon stat re-balancing would be needed with this to not make two-hand weapons grossly overpower one-handed weapons.
  • Increase the effect of stats
  • Add more special moves

Balance tools

One of the first two is needed before any serious weapon and fighting rebalance. The rest would be convenient.

  • Allow player in the arena. Give it a save file and the player is controlled with autofight.
  • Document the in-game fight simulator. Maybe it's enough for the task but it's hard to use since it's completely undocumented.
  • Allow loading dump file into arena or fightsim (needs copying items, equipment)
  • Edit mode in the skill menu



  • Show relevant resists/vulnerabilities of monsters when targetted (already done for silver missiles with chaotic monsters and Ely's healing with mindless ones).
  • Furthered translations
  • More webtiles improvements
  • More interface improvements for small screens / windows


  • Improve the monster panel by making it similar to the console monster list (done for webtiles, not for local)
  • Dynamically configurable panels
  • Better map mode (full screen with minimap in the corner, buttons for / constant display of stairs and portals, zoomable).
    • Adjust minimap colours to not overlap display of many features, allow more customization Done by Medar in 0.14.


  • Review tutorials based on new features (autofight, automagic) and The Dungeon Olms Report
    • Try to teach tactics in tutorials?


List compiled by dpeg.

  • Minor changes
    • library system instead of book drops for Sif Muna
    • Okawaru gifts: more rarely, better quality (no duds), temporary and duration can be increased (up to permanency) if used properly in battle
    • automated corpse sacrifices for Okawaru, Trog, Lugonu (but not Fedhas or Beogh): upon kill, the god can decide to desire the corpse (no more 'p' pressing)
    • Lugonu piety revamp: give much bonus piety for desecrating altars to other gods (this can replace some of killing and/or corpse piety); wraths to add up
    • Dithmenos: discuss (1) xp gain for spotting monsters and (2) bonus piety for kills with unaware target (stabbing but also conjurations)
  • Major changes (new gods)
    • Spider god is also ready but has lower priority (much smaller scope, even less than Beogh or Jiyva), see 5383
    • smith/equipment god ready to go (see also 11102 and 11197)

Challenge Mode

GDD thread: https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17835


  • Pregenerate all game levels and distribute a modified turn-0 save with this information (“an ordinary save without the chr or you chunks” – |amethyst) (“generate the levels in wizmode, forget all map_knowledge (might need to add a command for that), and then -edit-save in the non-wizmode character” – |amethyst)
  • Generate dungeons with `crawl -generatedungeon -seed x` and load with `crawl -loaddungeon file.sav -seed x`
  • Potential problems: gozag shops, gozag goldgenerated, acquire any level items, portal timers, armour troves for felids (&c),
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