0.9 Plan

This is a preliminary and incomplete planning. Devs, feel free to add things you'd like to see in 0.9 or from your personal todo list. — galehar 2011-05-06 17:05


Those changes have a big impact on balance. We should do them as soon as possible so we have time to play-test and balance them.

Outstanding bugs

  • Lots of the spellcasting code was recently refactored, keep an eye out for bugs this introduces.
  • Open crash bugs.
    • 4216 seems to be related to using Step from Time when being attacked by a reaching weapon?
    • 4197 fixed.
    • 4339 fixed.
    • Wand identification failure: 4306.
  • Wget requirement for building on Windows: 4335. Not a bug.


  • Remove berserk rage. Done.
  • Remove or rework Crusader. Done - Skalds are now in.
  • Move silence to hexes. Done - weapon brands remain as charms.


  • Update tutorials for 0.9-specific changes: 4351. Done, but there's still room for improvements so I'm leaving the Mantis issue open.


  • Update the changelog. Done.
  • Check manual for out-of-date information.
    • Wiki reST document has been been updated by elliptic and added to the build, needs to have the text and html documents built from reST.


  • Fix shaft exploits (3200).
  • Disable feature mimics (with new feature mimics possible for later versions). Done.


  • Implicit butchering. Done.
  • (D)rop last picked up. Done.
  • Tiles: fix halos not displaying correctly, missing information compared to console versions (3998).


  • Webtiles: some bugfixes still need to be merged. Done, from edlothiol's merge request.

Future versions

Proposed features and changes that have been deferred to 0.10 or later.

God wrath

  • Use a formula based on XP gained and exploration (instead of time) for expiration. No waiting out in the temple. Maybe also use it for scaling the strength of the wrath.


  • Scale Abyss difficulty with time passed there. Pan will come later.


  • Nerf spellcasting by removing its effect on spell power (both for manual skill training and charms nerf).
    • dubious, considered a bad idea by a good part of people
  • Make cloud effects dependent on spell power. Cap mephitic at 100 and evap at 50. Make mutagenic clouds resistible.
    • Another nerf for MC is to relate number of cloud glyphs to power (plus randomisation, perhaps).
  • Make the spell power affect the effectiveness of charm spells, not only the duration. For some spells (rmsl and dmsl for example), make charms only affect duration and the secondary school affect effectiveness, like ozocubu's armour.
  • Make hexes more usable by temporarily reducing MR (monster only or also on the player?).


  • Toggle autopickup of individual item types from the known item screen 4238.
  • Tiles: better map mode (full screen with minimap in the corner, buttons for stairs and portals, zoomable).


  • Make distilled mutation potions unstable (degrade into a random bad potion after a while). Also reduce mutagenic corpse drop. Done.
  • Allow player in the arena. Give it a save file and the player is controlled with autofight. Will help with future fighting balance.
  • Add the possibility to translate the game easily (I would make an german translation file, if possible). — ToBeFree 2011-06-05 16:26
    • This would be a massive project, but doable. There's a preliminary plan. Note that unlike most programs and graphical games, Crawl operates mostly in text (even in tiles), and there's a lot of grammar, which is nowhere as easy to translate as static messages.
  • Solve bubbles connectivity by generating inter-level when falling through a shaft?


  • Polish ranged AI.
  • Take into account damage from clouds when pathfinding.


  • Octopodes?
    • Not for 0.9, although we might have it in 0.9 trunk (Shoals-like).
  • Demons branch (tweaks to demon tiers and abilities, abjuration, monster summoning).
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