0.7 Plan

The plan for 0.7 is to have a short release cycle, in time for the August tournament.

stone_soup-0.7 has been branched. The tentative release date for 0.7.0 is July 15.

Major Pending Items

  • Demonspawn revamp balance and stability.

Release Goal

The aims:

  • Improve the balance of the game based on 0.6 feedback
  • Have Sprint playable in the Tournament (this would be why 0.6.x won't do)
  • Improve the interface (drawing on the results of the usability project)

Things that are in already, such as coarser aptitudes, are of course ok. Also it would be great to have the new Demonspawn ready in 0.7, since it is coming along well.

This is a loose list of features planned for implementation in the 0.7 release. Nothing is set in stone yet, and features may move in and out of this list at any time. Each item here should be linked to its discussion page. See also 0.8 Plan.



  • AC/EV adjustments (general consensus is that AC will need a buff and EV will need a nerf, but we can see how things work out).
    • Two changes are in now: Armour training was sped up 0593fab58 and GDR percentage was made independent of armour skill 29c85040c.
    • Playing halflings, it feels as if EV around 30 is obtained early enough to be overpowered. I am not sure we need to nerf EV for 0.7, though. — dpeg 2010-05-04 11:59
    • Some limited analysis with various player setups vs. orb guardian in fsim shows that light armour is better than heavy armour purely in terms of damage reduction. Add to that the fact that armour penalties reduce damage output and prevent spell-casting, and heavy armour is clearly a bad choice. — rob 2010-06-03 09:54
  • Shoals - kraken are too non-threatening. Implementing monster constriction would be good here, even if kraken are the only ones to get it for 0.7.
  • Ranged Combat - probably too powerful now, although increased mulching did just go in. Need to keep an eye on this one.
    • Good ideas for a nerf: Raise skill cost across the board; make ammo enchantment only affect mulching.
  • New gods: is Chei too strong?
    • from Global Balance Concerns: Slouch should probably factor Invocations skill into the damage calculation. — 78291 2010-02-23 01:14
    • The piety cost of Slouch was upped from 5 to 8 in rd97be7234315. — evktalo 2010-04-02 18:44
  • Summoning: is it still too powerful? do we want to implement the rest of the proposed nerf? (cap on number of summons, can't summon into tloc clouds)
  • Monster speed randomization
    • Changed so that act-act doesn't happen; only move-move and move-act does in d448aa9.


  • Bring Demonspawn Mutations into releasable state:
    • the mutation selector is apparently broken, giving high end mutations too quickly (sorear)
    • balance of new mutations
    • round out mutation set (lower priority)
  • Stat death (stat_death) has been removed, but there's open issues:
    • stat zero effects could do with looking over
    • currently there's an invisible timer causing stat death eventually; this should either be removed, or be made explicit, e.g. by starving like paralysis, or by making the stat zero effects more frequent and urgent as you approach this level.


  • Any needed polish
  • CAO currently does not update maps between minor versions (or, after installing a new major version). See 2883179. This should go into 0.7, so that new Sprint maps can be added for the Tournament right before the start.
  • Save files for different game types need to be distinguished. That includes listing the types of existing saves in the start menu, but also not overwriting a Sprint game with a Crawl game if you choose the wrong name.


Obviously, a lot of the open bugs should be fixed. Due to enabling assertions by default, we have a nice pile of open crash bugs.



  • Implicit weapon swapping for butchery 373
  • Additional pickup/drop mode expand_on__in_drop_pickup (done)
    • But see 1455 for additional polish.
  • Starting and selection screens (menus), partially done


  • zombies, about 3/4 done, missing most skeletons and a couple of others


  • Zin (Revised)Allies, Recite, Vitalise, Imprison
  • Unnanounced portals - rob has a proof-of-concept implementation
  • Travel not going near acidic walls (automatic exclusions?)
  • There's one Spider's Nest map. If it's included in 0.7, the weight of the entry portal should be set to 1, so that it is not repetetively common.


  • Slime Pits polish, including some mechanism to fix the royal jelly in tunnel abuse (e.g. Slime Pits acid wall effect). Slimy walls are in. — rob 2010-05-03 19:49
  • Aptitude Reform — staged aptitudes: small number of tiers instead of numbers; design available. (in)
  • Need a way to load different Sprint maps, once we have more than one.
  • Change shop chances depending on branch, 1913201 This is in. — rob 2010-05-03 19:49
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