0.10 planned features

Features planned for 0.10. Code freeze: 12/15/2011, release date: 01/15/2012.


  • Disable for 0.10. (The idea of Hive as a racing portal vault is still valid, we want to see how much the loss of Hive food actually affects games.)
  • For compensation, there is a guaranteed bread ration in the early dungeon and a small beehive later on.
  • Options for later (not 0.10 material):
    • Make =sustenance relative rather than absolute (so that it is more valuable to trolls and centaurs). One ring cuts hunger rate by 1/2, two rings by 1/3, rounding down. Works the same for normal races, much bigger effect on trolls.
    • Add monsters with edible corpses to Hells. (kilobyte does not like this!)
    • Add Hell vaults with tortured (etc.) humans. Can use level sounds to hint players: You hear the moans and screams of the tortured.
    • Early Ziggurat levels could be biased towards food.

Octopodes (?)

  • Constriction (also for Nagas and monsters).
  • Reaching
  • New inherent mutations?
    • Octos should lose their beak, gain constriction, and maybe lose their +1 AC depending on how good constriction is. — Eronarn 2011-09-05 00:03
  • The general goal here should be making them slightly easier in the very early game.
    • Very early is mostly ok, I'd concentrate more at D:4-10, Lair. By that time, you're unlikely to find enough rings to make up for their frailty. — KiloByte 2011-09-05 00:52
  • Merge rings 3 to 8 when transformed.

Golem (?)

There are 2 interesting proposals for a golem species: clay golem and stone golem. And they have been implemented by coffeeOblivion. I briefly looked at the code, and it seems decent. We can either add them both to trunk for testing or merge them right away. My personal opinion is to use clay golem for nutrition, healing and general theme, and stone golem for stats, aptitudes and mutations. Either way, we need someone to review and maintain the code. — galehar 2011-09-13 12:43


Arcane Marksmen

  • Revive the Arcane Marksman class, along with a new hex-based spellbook. Done.
  • New spells?

Spider's Nest

  • Webs Done.
  • Transdimensional Hellspider (?)
  • Branch-end maps (mumra)
  • Improve and add new spider monsters (?)
    • Not most urgent, we might want to see the Hellspider in action before.
  • Swarms (?)
    • Unclear in design and function. Perhaps for later, when the Spider branch is in. — dpeg 2011-09-13 18:50

Rune Lock

The rune lock (Locking Branches) is a bit controversial. Should we experiment it in trunk?

  • Yes. It will always be controversial but only by testing do we see whether the idea could work. Let's do it for trunk and decide later whether to revert or just skip for 0.10. — dpeg 2011-09-26 17:00


  • Casting a buff spell with Z makes it "permanent" (?)
  • Nerf Mephitic Cloud and Evaporate
    • relate number of cloud glyphs to power (plus randomisation). Done.
    • Cap mephitic at 100 and evap at 50. Done.
    • Make cloud effects dependent on spell power? (is it still needed? Let's test the above change).
    • Make mutagenic clouds resistible. (?)
  • Tornado's balance. (elliptic) (marvinPA?)
    • Duration fixed at 60 aut, damage raised by 28.5%, noise reduced. Enough?
  • Make LRD not hit things separated from you by walls unless the explosion actually breaks a path to them. Done.
    • Consider the non-wall square(s) next to the LRD target that are visible to the player.
    • The explosion should only extend to locations that are connected to one of these squares locally (within the explosion radius, after possibly removing the LRD target).
    • Additional LRD changes (not nearly as urgent, but having all changes in one version is good): No damage when targeted on non-brittle monsters (currently there is a tiny amount of damage). Therefore change targeting to only accept (and cycle) walls and brittle monsters. Furthermore, make LRD only work on visible brittle monsters (update spell description to reflect this!).


  • Keep track of disabled skill usage so they don't start at 0% when enabled in auto mode. Done.
  • Remove the need to practise unknown skills and introduce restrictions instead. Done.


  • Abjuration split: lower-level single-target abjuration, and high-level mass abjuration.
  • Demon tier recategorization.
  • Monster summoning tweaks.
    • The demons branch has been merged, with all of the above (still needs keeping an eye on for tweaks and balance). — MarvinPA 2011-09-10 18:48

AI (galehar)

  • Polish ranged AI (improve the code and move into firing position if a monster is in the way, handle reaching).
  • Try to avoid dangerous clouds by using pathfinding 4117 5014 (for advice)
  • monsters with intelligence >= AI_ANIMAL retreat if you attack them and they cannot retaliate. Necessary to limit water abuses with reaching and ranged attacks. Done.
  • Improve how monsters track their target out of LOS 3477


  • Repair feature mimics and re-enable them after their removal from 0.9. Done.
  • Scale stats with depth. (?)
  • Add altar mimics (trivial but needs the above to be done before).


  • Toggle autopickup of individual item types from the known item screen 4238. (?)
  • Smarter default layout (galehar)
  • Show wielded weapon on the monster list? (important information now that all polearms are reaching).


  • Zot Defence and Sprint should be discussed in the manual.
  • Henzell/Gretell should mention the variant in question and the chosen map in milestones, in death messages, and in win messages. 4811 is part of this.
  • Zot Defence needs a God menu for the “make altar” command 4679.


  • Fighting rewrite. (is Cryp71c still working on this?)
  • bmh's new Abyss.
    • Fix the morphing so we can have both a smooth morphing and worley's layout. Done.
    • Scale Abyss difficulty with time passed there.
      • Done for the morphing. Parameters might need some adjustment.
      • Apply to monster generation? (?)
  • Pandemonium/portal vault and Abyss interactions - when exiting the Abyss, return to the Pan floor you were on (prevents losing unique Pan runes).
  • Revamp traps/remove mechanical traps (?)
    • There is no clear plan yet. I overhauled traps but it is not very specific yet. A number of new traps would be a good way to get started. — dpeg 2011-09-05 00:09
  • Make rP only 90% effective (bmh, done)
  • Foundation for translations. (kilobyte)
  • Review tutorial for changes in .10 (evktalo)
  • Vault review: remove abuse opportunities for reaching (dpeg)
  • Vault review: shrink overly large Sewer (and perhaps also Ossuary) maps. (dpeg)
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