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Bugs and Implementation Candidates

The dcss:issue namespace is for specific, coding-ready proposals.

IMPORTANT: Please do not make new pages in this namespace unless there's a corresponding Mantis item!

To state it another way, this namespace is not about coming up with new ideas. It is about further discussion of ideas that are considered strong candidates for implementation. Use the other namespaces to discuss potential additions or changes until you have a specific proposal that is clear, useful, and covers new ground. At that point, submit it as a Mantis issue.

If you feel that discussion of an issue is too difficult to continue on Mantis, click the Wiki link of the Mantis issue and fill in the template. Then leave a comment on the corresponding Mantis item so that other users know to transition the discussion on the Wiki. Likewise, if there is a comment on Mantis mentioning a transition to the Wiki, please pay attention to it! You wouldn't want your input to be ignored, would you?

Note that the above usage guideline applies primarily to conceptual discussion. Coders and devs should feel free to carry on technical or implementation discussions over Mantis.


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