Missing Tiles (Wizlabs)

All of these are considered “nice to have”. Tiles that are essential for 0.8 can be found at Missing Tiles (v0.8).

  • Tukima's Studio
    • Possibly improved versions of the “strange machine” monster (robot-like, steampunkish) and “strange machine” feature (steampunk-y cogs and wheels and brass).
  • Erinya's Garden
    • Still needs vine-covered statue (non-monster, version of the centaur statue)
    • Centaurs and centaur warriors with a “woodsy” theme. Vines and branches, tinted green perhaps?
    • Rose-covered archway (based on the current stone arch)
  • Doroklohe's Tomb
    • Still needs hieroglyph-covered yellow stone wall (preferably using wall_stone_gray instead of dngn_stone_wall as its base, example: http://www.multimedia-publishing.com/t304159a.jpg blue and reds on yellow; doesn't have to be very detailed)
    • “Rough” floor would be nice, but utterly not essential (uneven, as though it were made of badly paved stones)
  • Cigotuvi's Fleshworks
    • A better door tile would be nice (see the fleshy_orifice set of tiles). Something similar, but not quite as ugly.
    • A tentacled, sewn-together Frankenstein-esque monster (Cigotuvi's Monster)
  • Wucad Mu's Mortuary
    • Special statue tiles for the central chamber, described as “strange and alien”.
  • Cloud Mages' Chambers
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