Missing Tiles (v0.9)

We have a few new monsters, items etc. for 0.9 that are still missing tiles to represent them in the graphical version. This page aims to list all the tiles that still need to be added. If one of them gets added, please mark this by striking it out rather than deleting it.

If you are actively working on a specific tile please add

 --- //[[user:foo]]: working on this//

or something similar. This will keep things in order, and also help gauge progress towards completion of total tile sets.

If you'd like to help out but don't know how to go about it, here's your guide to tiles creation.

Need to have for 0.9

  1. General
    • disco ball for the reflavored pan_disco_hall vault
    • Grinder the unique shadow imp without flying (the current tile doesn't match the game)
    • octopode (not 0.9, but there are lots of players on trunk): Eronarn's tile has completely wrong attachment and size of head, mine (KiloByte's) is too ugly to exist. The tile needs to support weapons, shields and hats. Player tile code currently doesn't support shifts but that can be added if needed, I don't see every single hat being re-tiled, so you'd need to let existing hats fit.
  2. Spells
    • Inner Flame: hex that makes people explode on death
      • an icon to mark the monster as enchanted with it, must look different from Sticky Flame
    • Shroud of Golubria: low-level protection against melee that “slightly bends space around you”
  3. Runes:
    • decaying
    • barnacled
    • silver
    • golden
    • slimy
    • demonic (console has random appearance)
    • abyssal
    • (likely 0.10) gossamer
    • (very unlikely) mossy

Nice to have, but not required

  1. Further improvement welcome
    • metal wall variants (for large metal vaults, maybe with rust stains etc.)
    • amnesia scroll
    • maybe spell tile for Tornado looking less like a twister or Airstrike
    • thin mist (low priority, currently identical to grey smoke)
    • the silence overlay could be improved significantly
    • portal to a Ziggurat
    • exit out of Ziggurat

Postponed until 0.10, but still nice to have

  1. Homunculus spell
    • Homunculus monster (Google images represents these as small creatures with large hands and large heads. I'd prefer we didn't go with this but instead have a “miniature” creature, like a very small goblin. Homunculi will be on the 'g' glyph and lightcyan.)
    • Soupling monster (A “lumpy” homunculus in white or lightgrey)
    • “Fizzing potion” item overlay. (A small series of bubbles could work; The idea in my head is for an ellipse (shortcut for a “perspective” circle) with “fizzing” bubbles above it, or possible lines to denote the bubbles if bubbles are too small to work with. I'm reminded of a spell from Chrono Trigger, but can't remember the tech name nor find an image of it for demonstration).


If you've created any of these (or any other) tiles, please add them as a patch in the Graphics category. Thanks!

Also, if you notice that there are other tiles badly missing (represented by question marks, TODOs or perfunctory place holders) please add them here. Thank you!

Also see Improve the Tiles Build for more tiles we'd like to have, though less urgently, and general improvements to the tiles version. — jpeg 2009-12-19 17:58

Please see also Missing Tiles (Wizlabs) (not necessarily essential) — due 2009-12-11 07:54

Portal vaults can now specify a tile to use, as well as one to use when timed out. It would be nice if we could have special tiles (a set) for each of the portal vaults. — due 2010-01-31 07:33

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