Missing Tiles (v0.8)

We have a few new monsters, items etc. for 0.8 that are still missing tiles to represent them in the graphical version. This page aims to list all the tiles that still need to be added. If one of them gets added, please mark this by striking it out rather than deleting it.

If you are actively working on a specific tile please add

 --- //[[user:foo]]: working on this//

or something similar. This will keep things in order, and also help gauge progress towards completion of total tile sets.

If you'd like to help out but don't know how to go about it, here's your guide to tiles creation.

Need to have for 0.8

  1. Command tab tiles
    • autofight (moving towards closest monster and meleeing it, autofight.lua)
    • (a)bility
    • (p)ray (could be sacrifice-specific as that's what it usually is)
    • item knowledge (\)
    • character dump (#)
    • better explore (o)
    • better character status (@)
      • This one's actually okay…
  2. General
    • Terpsichore (Unique Ghost) Bug: 3435 Resolved (dupe): 3475
    • spriggan assassin
    • different tile for level 1 up stairs
    • demigod (single vault, candidates under 2842))
    • statues in the Orb chamber; default ones look really out of place
    • quad damage (sprint)
    • spell tile for Passage of Golubria
    • spell tile for Malign Gateway
    • disco ball for the reflavored pan_disco_hall vault
    • item tile for ring of Charms
    • better tile for amnesia scrolls
    • special tiles for agate snail, snapping turtle, alligator snapping turtle when withdrawn into their shells
    • oklob sapling (ZotDef)
    • better skill and command tab icons
    • raven
    • Jory (new vampire unique, currently using a tile from nethack rltiles (not in trunk yet)) — co: working on this
    • laboratory rat: a mutated rat (fire breathing or covered in spikes or with a snake as a tail, etc).
    • gnoll sergeant (better equipped slightly buffer gnoll) and gnoll shaman (casts buff other and hinderance spells), for the gnoll camp serial vault
    • Leda's Liquefaction spell tile
    • Charms skill tile (in the same style as the rest of the skill tile set!). Charms are about amulets, good luck, self-boosts and warding.
    • Summon Dragon spell tile
    • Summon Hydra spell tile
    • special Statue Form for Felid/Centaur/Naga
    • Pillar of salt (for Zin's new Recite)
    • shadow imp without flying (the current tile doesn't match the game); also Grinder the unique shadow imp
    • fire bat
    • “pressure plate” trap. It is used in a few custom traps (including some still on Mantis).
  3. holyhaul
    • ophan (left thingy on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophan)
    • phoenix
    • apis (holy bull)
    • better tile for shedu
    • cherub (either the 3 wing pairs or 4 faces 2 wing pairs version, the baroque chibi ones don't fit a 13hd monster)
    • silver star (candidate under 2763)
    • blessed toe 2268
    • spirit
    • paladin
    • holy dragon
    • silent spectre
    • sky beast
  4. kraken
    • kraken tentacles now form a chain from the base back to the kraken body
    • tentacle segments have 8-way connectivity
  5. eldritch tentacle
    • both tentacles and tentacle segments
  6. Ashenzari
    • Ashenzari altar (“shattered altar of Ashenzari,” see Ashenzari for appearance), really needs improvement!
    • tiles for unknown detected monsters. Probably should use some symbol rather than a picture, but my makeshift circled number don't look hot (→screenshot). There are four tiers: —co: working on this
      • popcorn you never care about
      • easy (but capable of laying hurt with very good rolls or in a horde)
      • hard but routinely doable
      • badly out of depth (you review all your assets, prepare all buffs, summon several Bros, … – or if sane, run)
  7. dwarven hall (probably not 0.8 stuff, but that's not impossible). Most likely at least basic DDs will be needed for vaults for 0.8, though.
    • Deep dwarves are done, under 3144
      • deep dwarf
      • deep dwarf scion
      • deep dwarf artificer
      • deep dwarf necromancer
      • deep dwarf berserker
      • deep dwarf death knight
      • deep dwarf unborn (undead)
    • nisse (→Wikipedia)
    • greater wraith – done by coolio
  8. Spells and effects
    • Tornado: The spell needs actual code rather than just simple tiles. For comparison, the current look in console (bad, likely to change) is: clouds are coloured with an animated spiral pattern that rotates when the screen is refreshed. If there's an obstruction that makes the spell power diminish to levels which do only negligible damage, the cloud coverage is incomplete, proportional to the power.
      • The tiles version now mimics console's look, which is a huge improvement and probably good enough for 0.8. — jpeg 2011-03-06 21:36
    • Leda's Liquefaction: the ground in a halo around the caster turns to liquid, making it slow to walk through. Requires a way of presenting it coolly in tiles.
      • There's now a base tile for liquefied floor, so at least players have some kind of feedback. Doesn't look that bad, either. — jpeg 2011-03-08 15:01

Uniques with reasonable defaults

It would be nice to have better tiles for these uniques, but they all have reasonable defaults. As tiles puts names above uniques, it's less important to have new tiles here than it is for the “need to have” category above.

  • Iron Giant (stone giant)
  • Mennas (angel) – candidate in 3100

Nice to have, but not required

  1. Further improvement welcome
    • metal wall variants (for large metal vaults, maybe with rust stains etc.)
    • amnesia scroll
    • maybe spell tile for Tornado looking less like a twister or Airstrike
    • thin mist (low priority, currently identical to grey smoke)
    • the silence overlay could be improved significantly

Postponed until 0.9, but still nice to have

  1. “Eldritch” monsters (these aren't in trunk yet but will be eventually)
    • Tentacled starspawn: the baby version of the monster whose tentacles poke through a malign gateway. It is a single monster, but basically tentacles and pockmarked shiny skin.
    • Lurking horror: doesn't have a specific imagery yet, but the flavour is something horrible hiding around the corner, similar to a wandering mushroom. Possibly two eyes in blackness… or lots of eyes in blackness. — co: working on this
    • Thrashing horror: a relative of the lurking horror, this great mound of flesh thrashes about in constant agony. It will crush anything that gets in its way.
    • Starcursed mass: a jelly-like mass of the stuff stars are made of. All shiny, pretty lights and deadly to the touch. ”This otherworldly being is composed of stellar detritus, and glows with all the sickly putrescence of a dying star. It has been given life by some alien process and mutters constantly about the stars not yet being right.
      • “of the stuff stars are made of” – you mean, hot plasma at a tremendous pressure? With the audience of average Crawl players, there's a need to keep the technobabble coherent. Magic and classical elements are ok, giving wrong properties to materials actually existing in RL is not.
    • Ancient zyme: a floating cancer. More specifically, a coalition of sentient cancers, diseases, pestilences, infections, etc. Very blobby and ick.
    • Wretched star: a sinister looking star, aglow with hideous purple fire
  2. Homunculus spell
    • Homunculus monster (Google images represents these as small creatures with large hands and large heads. I'd prefer we didn't go with this but instead have a “miniature” creature, like a very small goblin. Homunculi will be on the 'g' glyph and lightcyan.)
    • Soupling monster (A “lumpy” homunculus in white or lightgrey)
    • Homunculus spell tile (A smaller version of the homunculus sitting inside a flask; could be similar to the evaporation spell tile, but without the “broken” pieces of glass nearby).
    • “Fizzing potion” item overlay. (A small series of bubbles could work; The idea in my head is for an ellipse (shortcut for a “perspective” circle) with “fizzing” bubbles above it, or possible lines to denote the bubbles if bubbles are too small to work with. I'm reminded of a spell from Chrono Trigger, but can't remember the tech name nor find an image of it for demonstration).


If you've created any of these (or any other) tiles, please add them as a patch in the Graphics category. Thanks!

Also, if you notice that there are other tiles badly missing (represented by question marks, TODOs or perfunctory place holders) please add them here. Thank you!

Also see Improve the Tiles Build for more tiles we'd like to have, though less urgently, and general improvements to the tiles version. — jpeg 2009-12-19 17:58

Please see also Missing Tiles (Wizlabs) (not necessarily essential) — due 2009-12-11 07:54

Portal vaults can now specify a tile to use, as well as one to use when timed out. It would be nice if we could have special tiles (a set) for each of the portal vaults. — due 2010-01-31 07:33

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