Missing Tiles (v0.11)

If one of them gets added, please mark this by striking it out rather than deleting it.

If you are actively working on a specific tile please add

 --- //[[user:foo]]: working on this//

or something similar. This will keep things in order, and also help gauge progress towards completion of total tile sets.

If you'd like to help out but don't know how to go about it, here's your guide to tiles creation.

Need to have for 0.11

  1. General
    • disco ball for the reflavored pan_disco_hall vault 5385
  2. Walls/floor:
    • walls+floor for the Spider Nest. The layout is highly irregular, more like a natural cave rather than anything worked by humanoids. Many cobwebs, obviously, but relatively minor in size, to allow actual web traps to stand apart.
    • an overlay for floor tiles next to acidic Slime walls
      • maybe some kind of goo oozing to the floor? should make sense with the Slime wall design, so those might have to be touched up as well
    • a gas trap (detected via Traps and Doors; currently a Question Mark) 5385
  3. Monsters:
    • Disturbances caused by invisible monsters. These also currently use the placeholder monster tile. It is somewhat fitting, but could be improved.5385
    • Inept Staircase Mimic (and probably other inept mimics as well)
      • if I was designing these, I'd take whatever it is trying to mimic (staircase) and “do it wrong” if you know what I mean.
      • Could lua or some other part of the engine simply flip a tile horizontally, when displaying it? That would make it look “wrong” and we wouldn't need oodles of new tiles (not that I don't love making tiles). — roctavian 2012-04-20 10:03
      • An idea I had for inept mimic tiles would be to do something similar to existing mimics, with the fanged mouth overlay tile, except for inept mimics the mouth has a goofy expression: the teeth are dull and misaligned, the tongue's hanging out, it's drooling… Instead of a staircase suddenly snarling at you, it's just going “duhhhh”. Edit: Wait, no, the idea of inept mimics is that they look wrong before they attack. Duhh. It's me, I'm the inept mimic. — nicolae 2012-04-20 22:28
    • Arachne: a half-human half-spider. There's a candidate in 5505 but I don't like that one.
  4. Runes:
    • gossamer (or alternatively, cobwebby. Spider branch) – seems to be missing???
  5. Items:
    • ring of the Octopus King – a piece of coral grown and cut into a ring shape
      • with potential for up to 8 rings per game, suggest designing 8 variants, rotated and/or coloured differently.
        • no, they're intentionally identical, and with current code it would be a bit tricky to make them differ
          • attributes could swap, but recommend varying the images per ring as they will certainly get confusing in tiles inventory.
      • candidate in 5198, one of variants provisionally installed
  6. Auras:
    • umbra (Profane Servitor, twinkling darkgrey/darkviolet in console) 5385
      • a makeshift tile is in, should probably twinkle at least somewhat, current one is repetitititive
  7. Player doll:
    • octopode tentacle spike mutation
    • felid horns (too bad, there's 10 felid tiles, with different head sizes and angles…)
  8. Tiles as viewed under Telepathy / Empathy (discovered through deck of dungeons)
    • large abomination
    • phantom
    • tentacled monstrosity
    • flayed ghost

Nice to have, but not required

  1. Further improvement welcome
    • metal wall variants (for large metal vaults, maybe with rust stains etc.)
    • amnesia scroll
    • maybe spell tile for Tornado looking less like a twister or Airstrike
    • tiles for all abilities
    • thin mist (low priority, currently identical to grey smoke)
    • the silence overlay could be improved significantly
      • please explain why it needs improvement
    • a more distinct generic artefact WHIP tile
    • a more distinct generic artefact HAND AXE

Postponed until 0.12, but still nice to have

  1. Homunculus spell
    • Homunculus monster (Google images represents these as small creatures with large hands and large heads. I'd prefer we didn't go with this but instead have a “miniature” creature, like a very small goblin. Homunculi will be on the 'g' glyph and lightcyan.)
    • Soupling monster (A “lumpy” homunculus in white or lightgrey)
    • “Fizzing potion” item overlay. (A small series of bubbles could work; The idea in my head is for an ellipse (shortcut for a “perspective” circle) with “fizzing” bubbles above it, or possible lines to denote the bubbles if bubbles are too small to work with. I'm reminded of a spell from Chrono Trigger, but can't remember the tech name nor find an image of it for demonstration).
    • Transdimensional Hellspider (not hellish, name from a game by Linley Henzell). The guardian of every Spider level No current design, phases back into Abyss every but the last time it is defeated. Possible inspiration: http://angband.pl/tmp/guardian.png
  2. Runes:
    • mossy (Forest)


If you've created any of these (or any other) tiles, please add them as a patch in the Graphics category. Thanks!

Also, if you notice that there are other tiles badly missing (represented by question marks, TODOs or perfunctory place holders) please add them here. Thank you!

Also see Improve the Tiles Build for more tiles we'd like to have, though less urgently, and general improvements to the tiles version. — jpeg 2009-12-19 17:58

Please see also Missing Tiles (Wizlabs) (not necessarily essential) — due 2009-12-11 07:54

Portal vaults can now specify a tile to use, as well as one to use when timed out. It would be nice if we could have special tiles (a set) for each of the portal vaults. — due 2010-01-31 07:33

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