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-====== Support for higher resolutions ====== +====== @!PAGE@ ====== 
-^ Name| Higher resolutionsHigher resolutions +^ Name| @NS@@PAGE@ 
-^ Summary| Higher resolutions waste lot of window real-estate that could be constructively used For example by making all "tabs" visible at all times.| +^ Summary| Please give brief overview of the @NS@ contentThat is: tell us what you want to change, or add. Put your reasons for wanting it in the main body, not here! Keep it short and sweet.| 
-^ Further information|I'm adding this page per evktalo's request herehttps://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=2586#c8627.| +^ Further information|You might want to link to other relevant Wiki pages, SF FRs, or Mantis items - [[wiki:start|see here for how!]] You can add as many rows of further information as you need.| 
-^ Added by| [[user:wesleyshaver]] | +^ Added by| [[user:@USER@]] | 
-^ Added on| 2010-9-16 |+^ Added on| @DATE@ |
-I've attached a screenshot of a mockup showing how the menus could be expanded I took the screenshot of the crawl window with a desktop resolution of 1920x1200 I think there's enough space that this mockup would work with non-widescreen resolutions as well.  I've always envied the "creature list" in ASCII... this shows how you could see it in tiles without hiding the item list.+Fill in the main body hereYou can change the title aboveYou can use subheadings below if you need them (hit preview to see them in action!):
 +===== Point A =====
 +This can make it easier to read
 +==== Item 1 ====
 +Which is very helpful
 +==== Item 2 ====
 +For conveying your thoughts
 +==== Item 3 ====
 +To busy developers
 +===== Point B =====
 +But it's unnecessary for short feedback posts
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