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Summary Ideas for improving the Tiles' player doll editor. Also bugs.
Further informationAlso see Improve the Tiles Build.
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Added on 2010-01-25 23:32

The Tiles' player doll editor ('-' command) has been re-written in trunk and could stand to be improved further. Ideas go here.


None, currently.

Improvement ideas

Equipment preview

If your current setting is different from SHOW_EQUIP you'll see a preview of the character wearing whatever tile you're looking at. I'd like this to be extended even if your current setting is equipment, but only for the preview: if you don't confirm the choice, the equipment setting should not be overridden.

  • Okay, nowadays using the arrow keys changes from equipment to specific items, and this is saved as you change categories or modes or whatever. Requiring an extra confirmation would probably be more annoying than helpful. — jpeg 2010-02-03 15:28

List of commands

We really need to improve the help list. It's very text-heavy and still commands are missing: such as Ctrl-D/Ctrl-E for easily switching to default, equip. (Maybe those could replace the 'm' command.)

Equipment scroller

Would be nice to include “current equipment” in the equipment scroller, similar to “none”, but obviously displaying the currently appropriate tile instead (nothing, if applicable). This would allow selection of none/equip/index all within the scroller, which in turn might allow us to get rid of special-case commands.

Category choice

Would be nice if the up/down category selection would also include mode (custom/default/equip) and doll index. It's a bit confusing that these cannot be reached except by special commands (m and Shift-arrows, respectively). The command help mentions this, but I hardly ever bother to read it.

Mouse handling

Would be really nice if it were possible to pick equipment via mouse.

Per-species default base tile

Might be interesting to store the player's preferred base tile for each of the species (in particular, Centaur, Naga, Demonspawn and Kenku) and use this for new characters. Problem: How to deal with the LOADING mode that will naturally use the variant specified within the doll? (Unless we use it for the *** setting, that would work.)

Per-character doll file

In the savegame chooser, player dolls are depicted according to the per-character doll file (taking into account their equipment and the doll settings at the time that particular game was saved). When such a character is loaded, the general doll file applies again. Might be interesting to load from the per-character file instead, though that might also be more trouble than it's worth. For this to work, we'd need a way to save the current doll (that might fit none of the equipment/default mode and none of the predefined dolls) into one of the dolls without accidentally overriding it.

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