Missing Tiles (v0.14)

If one of them gets added, please mark this by striking it out rather than deleting it.

If you are actively working on a specific tile please add

 --- //[[user:foo]]: working on this//

or something similar. This will keep things in order, and also help gauge progress towards completion of total tile sets.

If you'd like to help out but don't know how to go about it, here's your guide to tiles creation.

Need to have for 0.14

  1. Monsters:
    • Snaplasher vines
    • Ancient bear (current tile is a placeholder tileswap at best)
  2. Spell icons
    • Should show these somewhere besides ?/s non-specific searches? See dc-spells.txt.
    • Rods: bolt of inaccuracy, thunderbolt, summon swarm
    • Monster spells and abilities: awaken forest, awaken vines, boltblink, blink close, blink other close, blink range, blink away, blink allies encircling, bolt of energy, call lost soul, call tides, chaos breath, create tentacles, control winds, dimensional anchor, disintegrate, druid's call, ensnare, fire summon, ghostly fireball, ghostly flames, haste plants, holy breath, holy flames, holy light, injury bond, ink cloud, malign offering, malmutate, mesmerize, might, might other, noxious cloud, paralyse, petrifying cloud, primal wave, sentinel mark, silver blast, sleep, strip resistance, summon illusion, summon spectral orcs, sunray, teleport self, thorn volley, tomb of doroklohe, wall of brambles, waterstrike, wind blast, word of recall
    • Other: debugging ray
  3. Tiles as viewed under Telepathy / Empathy (discovered through deck of dungeons)
    • large abomination
    • phantom
    • tentacled monstrosity
    • flayed ghost
    • tentacle

Nice to have, but not required

  1. Further improvement welcome
    • metal wall variants (for large metal vaults, maybe with rust stains etc.)
    • maybe spell tile for Tornado looking less like a twister or Airstrike
    • thin mist (low priority, currently identical to grey smoke)


If you've created any of these (or any other) tiles, please add them as a patch in the Graphics category. Thanks!

Also, if you notice that there are other tiles badly missing (represented by question marks, TODOs or perfunctory place holders) please add them here. Thank you!

Also see Improve the Tiles Build for more tiles we'd like to have, though less urgently, and general improvements to the tiles version. — jpeg 2009-12-19 17:58

Please see also Missing Tiles (Wizlabs) (not necessarily essential) — due 2009-12-11 07:54

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