Lava Orc


Lava orcs are actually mostly coded! Please try them out on - use the “Erocrawl” branch.


Please provide your feedback below:


  • basic race setup
  • beogh compatibility
  • aptitudes
  • restricted/banned roles
  • temperature calculation
  • temperature display
  • stoneskin
  • lava blood
  • passive heat
  • earth/lava/fire magic boosts
  • heat halo
  • better tension calculation
  • better temperature change formula
  • temperature effect screen
  • canceling icy effects at high temperature
  • lava swimming
  • lava temperature changes
  • berserk temperature changes


  • temperature change from hot/cold damage
  • balance
  • ???
Apparently Lava Orcs' natural stoneskin is based on earth skill; this is a bit weird. — mrmistermonkey 2011-03-30 06:06
Changed this to XL replacing earth skill for LO with Stoneskin. They won't be able to cast the actual spell - either they're already stone, or are too hot to be stone. — eronarn 2011-03-30 16:29
Hardly ever was hot in the game. When I was, the heat aura certainly helped (going berserk against several hydras, V:8). Should somehow retain heat better imo.
Formula change but it's probably still not great. This will need heavy testing.

Lava bleeding was never activated.

It probably won't be very often; you have to splatter blood into a square an enemy is in to do this.

rF+++ is really overpowered - maybe no rF at low temperatures and only rF+++ at max temp (which they are constantly if moving in lava).

This is changed to rF+ always; rF+++ at very high temperature only.
Mere rF+++ looks like a serious bug to me: if you can swim in lava, something that's merely slightly hot should never hurt you. A flaming arrow is nothing compared to lava's temperature – you should take solely physical damage.
Their low-tension state is no different: if they are capable of taking fire damage from weak sources, being dunked in lava should seriously hurt them. You can't have immunity to lava but vulnerability to clouds or flame. — kilobyte 2011-04-01 18:52

(it says below that apts are 150! which should just be 150). -4 apts are a bit odd on weapon skills, perhaps make polearms -2. (this will make no difference). Interesting synergy with very low spellcasting and high earth/fire; will be interesting to see how that plays: imo maybe make spellcasting -4 and earth, fire +4, with tmut +2. This would mean they could only really go into a few schools successfully - but this is based on no experience, my win was a berserker.

Apts unchanged for right now.

Oh, and the bar and my stoneskin boost disappeared sometimes, the stoneskin boost at 0 temperature sometimes as well.

Should both be fixed on the server now.

casmith789 2011-03-31 16:45

I don't think tying temperature to tension works very well. It tends to not calculate actual tension very well - this is not a huge problem for things like demonic guardian, but here it has an effect almost all the time. Walking away from Terence while he's many squares away is considered worse than fighting a snake, for example. — minmay 2011-04-08 02:22



Lava orcs are tall (~7'), muscular humanoids strongly in tune with the elemental forces of fire and earth. Their stony skin ranges from silky sleek obsidian to rough grey granite sparkling with quartz inclusions. They are possessed of passionate hearts, and their inner temperature is closely linked to their psyche. Bored, lazy, relaxed, or sleeping lava orcs may be mistaken for statues, while enraged lava orcs bathe their surroundings in waves of hellish heat.


The Dungeon sits on top of a vast magma chamber that rivals any ocean in size, splendor, and propensity to conceal entire humanoid civilizations. The lava orcs have never known another home, nor have they ever known a time when they were not the masters of this fiery realm. Only the mighty salamanders have been able to resist their dominance, but the creatures lay eggs that take years to hatch. Over the decades they've been reduced to a fraction of their number and driven away from the orcish homelands.

Only the uppermost regions of this lake of fire are connected to the surface world. A few lava orc explorers and scouts have traveled that far, but almost all vents occur in the hearts of volcanoes, and so they've only seen bare rock and cool pools of lava. Only lava creatures can live in such a place, but to the orcs, these beasts were stunted specimens clearly harmed by insufficient exposure to heat. Fearing the same would happen to them, they wrote the surface off as uninhabitable and returned to the depths.

Recently, a lava orc priest of Beogh had a vision of a strange world beyond the magma tides. He and his followers fought their way through the salamander tunnels and wound up surfacing inside of the Dungeon. He realized then why his god had sent him to this place: it was cold, but it was not dead. Indeed, it was teeming with strange new forms of life for orckind to conquer, and strange new forms of orckind to fight alongside.


Lava Swimming

Lava orcs can swim in lava (normal speed, no bonuses for doing so). Their items are fine, but this instantly raises them to maximum temperature which means they get the temperature penalties (such as inability to read scrolls).

Equipment Restrictions

Lava orcs have fireproof backpacks. They're highly resistant to having their equipment damaged by fire, regardless of source. However, at high temperatures or while swimming in lava, lava orcs can't use scrolls at all.


Lava orcs change in temperature based on their surroundings, their emotions, and their cast spells. This is a somewhat “sticky” variable; it likes to stay where it is and has inertia. It is a lagging indicator: it takes, say, 2-4 turns from entering a “hot” situation to your temperature starting to rise.

Raises Temperature

  • Being in high tension situations
  • Taking large amounts of damage
  • Being hit by fire attacks
  • Entering lava
  • Seeing your allies die
  • Entering berserk
  • Casting fire spells

Lowers Temperature

  • Low tension
  • Eating
  • Entering water
  • Being hit by water or ice attacks
  • Coming out of berserk
  • Casting ice spells
  • Casting earthy self-transformations
  • Being mesmerized (?)

Random change?

  • Confusion
                              Temperature Effects

  --------    Maximum temperature!
  |      |    
  |      |    Burn surroundings; cannot read books or scrolls.
  |      |    
  |      |    rF+++; fire magic boost; burn attackers; cold vulnerability.
  |      |    
  |      |    rF++; lava magic boost; lava bleeding; lose stoneskin.
  |      |    
  |      |    
  |      |    
  |      |    
  |      |    
  |      |    
  |      |    
  --------    Minimum temperature; always rF+.

You get hot in tense situations, when berserking, when you're hit by fire
damage, or when you enter lava. You cool down when your rage ends, when
you're hit by cold damage, or when you enter water.

Press '!' to toggle between mutations and properties depending on your


             Current aptitudes:
             HO: Air: -2, Armour: 1, Axes: 2!, Bows: -1, Charms: -1, Conj: 0, Xbows: -1, Dodge: -2, Earth: 0, Evo: 0, 
                 Exp: 100!, Fighting: 2!, Fire: 0, Hexes: 0, Ice: 0, Inv: 0, Long: 1, Maces: 1, Nec: 0, Poison: -1, 
                 Polearms: 1, Shields: 1, Short: 0, Slings: -1, Splcast: -3, Stab: 2, Staves: -1, Stealth: -2, Summ: 0, 
                 Throw: 0, Tloc: -2, Tmut: -3, Traps: 0, Unarmed: 1!
             MD: Air: -2, Armour: 3!, Axes: 2!, Bows: -2, Charms: -2, Conj: -1, Xbows: 1, Dodge: -1, Earth: 2, Evo: 1, 
                 Exp: 130, Fighting: 2!, Fire: 2!, Hexes: -2, Ice: -2, Inv: 0, Long: 0, Maces: 2!, Nec: -3*, Poison: -2, 
                 Polearms: -1, Shields: 2!, Short: 1, Slings: -1, Splcast: -3, Stab: -2, Staves: -1, Stealth: -3, Summ: -2, 
                 Throw: -1, Tloc: -2, Tmut: -1, Traps: 1, Unarmed: 0
             Aptitude options:
             LO: Air: -4, Armour: 1, Axes: 2!, Bows: -4, Charms: -1, Conj: 0, Xbows: -4, Dodge: -2, Earth: 3!, Evo: 0, 
                 Exp: 150, Fighting: 2!, Fire: 3!, Hexes: 0, Ice: -4, Inv: 0, Long: 1, Maces: 1, Nec: 0, Poison: -1, 
                 Polearms: -4, Shields: 1, Short: 0, Slings: -4, Splcast: -3, Stab: 2, Staves: -4, Stealth: -4, Summ: 0, 
                 Throw: -4, Tloc: -2, Tmut: 0, Traps: 0, Unarmed: 1!

             Lava orcs are excellent at earth and fire magic. Also, their malleable nature makes them adequate transmuters.
             They are terrible at ranged weaponry, stealth, air and ice magic, and pole weapons.
             (add yours here)

Misc Commentary

  • Can't say as I really like the concept/theme (I'd rather not have them be orcs specifically, but rather generic “Magmen” or something), but if they go in, they should really be added to the Volcano monster sets. — jeffqyzt 2011-03-29 23:38
    • Agree, as a racial selection something along the line of a gender neutral Magman would be preferable to Lava Orc, It would be more flavorful than an orc variant. Hmmm, what to name them… — porkchop 2011-03-31 18:54
      • We could name them Lava Orcs. — eronarn 2011-04-08 00:41
    • I don't agree - lava orc is a fine species name, and it has ready flavour attached; I find the possibility of worshiping Beogh especially funny. — evktalo 2011-03-31 19:28
    • I love both the concept, the theme, and the name. ” — due 2011-04-15 20:59
    • There are major problems with Beogh, both with theme and game mechanics. The former is subjective, but for the latter, the main Lava Orc power, free Tornado at xl 1 with no cost, kills your whole flock in a couple turns the moment you get heated up or step into lava. In the current implementation, Beogh even doesn't give you penance for that. — kilobyte 2011-04-16 14:34
      • Even if no Lava Orc ever actually successfully worships Beogh, I think it adds depth to the Crawl world to have another orc species he'll accept. And how much fun will the Orcish Lava Mines branch be?! — pepperfez 2011-5-17
      • The fact that current lava orcs nuke normal orc followers is readily fixed. Add lava orc monsters to the game; normal orc priests of Beogh can only acquire normal orc followers, lava orc priests can only acquire lava orcs. Even though they worship the same God, racial differences would lead to a de facto sectarian split. This neatly mirrors how the real world sometimes works. — happylisk 2011-5-23
        • Except “normal” player orcs are hill orcs and “normal” monster orcs are cave orcs, so Beogh is already working across racial lines. The possibility of a united orcish nation, as compared to the irreconcilable differences among dwarves and elves, seems especially charming. — pepperfez 2011-6-19
        • Maybe the orcish nations need not be united, but followers don't care about the race of the player because s/he's seen as a prophet? — Psiweapon 2012-05-26 22:39
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