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 +====== Gold Dwarf ======
 +==== Concept ====
 +Gold Dwarves are cousins of Deep Dwarves, known for the metallic hue of their skin. Gold dwarves are naturally attuned to metal, and are partly metallic themselves (making them somewhat vulnerable to LRD). Like their cousins, gold dwarves do not regenerate naturally. Unlike their cousins, they lack innate damage resistance. Gold dwarves are either unable to eat corpses or perma-food, or they gain half nutrition from doing so. Instead, they gain nutrition and small amounts of health by using an ability (with delay) that allows them to eat their own supply of gold. Nutrition and health is based on the amount of gold. Due to their odd metabolism, they only receive half the benefit of potions.
 +Because they are attuned to metal, gold dwarves receive a lower encumbrance penalty while wearing metal armor. This means they can cast spells better and have better stealth and dodging while armored. Being partly unliving, they are immune to rot and start with one level of negative energy protection and resist poison. Gold dwarves are natural workers and tinkerers, and their spellcasting abilities are more inclined toward support rather than destruction. They are good with hexes, charms, and translocations, but bad with conjurations.
 +==== Purpose ====
 +This proposal merges some older proposals for golem-type races with proposals for item-eating races, then wraps it up in a shell of dwarfy flavor. After all, what is Crawl without dwarves?
 +I'm still in love with the idea of tanky casters, though gargoyle now seems to fill the role of tanky conjuror. Therefore, this species will be primarily built around support casting while wearing heavy armor, doing more than just hasting yourself before fights.
 +==== Aptitudes ====
 +  * HP, 1
 +  * MP, 0
 +  * EXP, -1
 +  * FIGHTING, 0
 +  * LONG_BLADES, 0
 +  * AXES, 1
 +  * POLEARMS, -1
 +  * STAVES, -1
 +  * SLINGS, -2
 +  * BOWS, -2
 +  * CROSSBOWS, 1
 +  * THROWING, 0
 +  * ARMOUR, 3
 +  * DODGING, -1
 +  * STEALTH, -1
 +  * SHIELDS, 2
 +  * HEXES, 1
 +  * CHARMS, 1
 +  * SUMMONINGS, -1
 +  * NECROMANCY, -1
 +  * FIRE_MAGIC, 0
 +  * ICE_MAGIC, 0
 +  * AIR_MAGIC, -2
 +  * EARTH_MAGIC, 1
 +  * STR, 10
 +  * INT, 7
 +  * DEX, 7
 +==== Possible Additional Abilities ====
 +I've been brainstorming with a friend, and decided that two questions need to be answered before this is a complete race:
 +1. How does the play style of this race differ from that of existing races in Crawl?
 +2. Do the innate traits of this race create meaningful decisions that impact your play?
 +I'm not sure either question has been answered satisfactorily. For the first one, the desired play style niche is "Tanky supporting caster that primarily uses melee to fight." But this niche can be filled by other races like human, demigod and high elf. Therefore, what differentiates this race from others must come from the answer to question 2.
 +Currently, the innate abilities of the gold dwarf aren't enough to differentiate them from humans. If you have enough gold to heal, then you heal almost all of the time, and the race then becomes like a standard-healing race. You are rewarded for taking less damage in a fight by conserving a permanent resource, but this creates another problem: it's optimal to use this permanent resource for healing, rather than its intended purpose (shopping).
 +To help differentiate this race from others, I'm now proposing a number of possible abilities, both passive and active, to differentiate them:
 +  * "Alchemy:" the ability to convert metal items on the floor in line of site into gold. This gives them more gold than other races, and rewards careful play by making it possible to shop for items if you conserve your health well. This is the most flavorful ability IMO.
 +  * "Costly Alchemy:" sacrifice max HP or MP to convert metal items into gold based on their value. This creates an interesting, but not necessarily fun choice. Usually, when permanent resources are at stake, the question is "If I don't do this, will I die?" If yes, do it. Otherwise, wait.
 +  * "Enemy Alchemy:" gold dwarves can pay a hefty health cost to partly convert enemies in LoS into gold, damaging them and causing them to drop gold when they die. Especially effective against golems and the like. You would only get a positive return when there are enough enemies in range, sort of like Vladimir's (from LoL) Tides of Blood.
 +  * "Jewelry Eating:" instantly convert jewelry into health, based on its store cost.
 +  * "Instant Recovery:" eat a HUGE amount of gold to get instant healing instead of regeneration. This ability would be much less efficient than regular gold-eating. Also serves the role of a mini-borgnjor's, because gold is a permanent resource.
 +  * Innate discount at shops. Gold dwarves are natural merchants. This could also be re-flavored as gaining more gold when they pick it up.
 +  * Innate Midas Touch: attacking an enemy in melee partially turns them or their equipment to gold, causing damage or degrading weapons and armour. This gold is dropped when they die.
 +Note that I'm not suggesting all of these ideas at once, or even implying they're good ideas. Just possible ideas.
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