(singular is “djinni”, plural is “djinn”)

The Djinn come from Arabic myths, mentioned in many places in the Koran. We may take some parts from 19th century European interpretations as well (no feet is a new thing), perhaps even a bit of Disney (being blue), definitely no D&D.

The Koran says they are made of “smokeless fire”, although some myths disagree – even to the point of “smoke without fire”.


This is mostly a pile-up of good ideas from other proposals that would provide little meat for a new race on their own; nearly anything can be skipped without much harm.

  • combined HP and MP (moon trolls)
    • MP drain causes monster-like antimagic
    • What's “combined” mean here? Is it like wearing guardian spirit? Do they use HP to cast spells? Both? —minmay 2012-02-27 00:45
      • both – having 100 HMP means you can take a 99 HP blow or cast 11 firestorms in a row. Which can be said to be the equivalent of 1 HP 99 MP + guardian spirit; effects like torment or Borgnjor's price need to be special-cased somehow.
  • angelic/demonic properties, neutral with respect to TSO
    • rN+++, no rTorment (like holies)
  • all human slots except boots
  • levitation at will, without outside aid this causes them to be slowed (hovering takes effort) – all actions, not just movement
  • can't enter lava or water (but will automatically hover), extra damage from aquamancers, can fish items out of shallow water (described as using a tool of some sort, abstracted away)
    • If they can get items out of shallow water while levitating, shouldn't the same tool be able to do the same for items on a regular floor? Seems like it would be mechanically simpler to just give them flight instead of levitation (and still have flavour text for fishing items out of water). — minmay 2012-02-27 00:45
      • Archimedes' law makes fishing from water that much easier, although you have a point.
  • immunity to fire, vulnerability to cold
  • potion conservation, scroll destruction vulnerability (lava orcs get it so backwards!)
  • no hunger
  • nutrition costs cause glow instead
  • less mutations from glow, none at yellow. Sudden bad mutations without warning would be unplayable, we may boost up haste/invis/cblink contamination to compensate.
    • I think it would be better to increase their threshold for yellow glow instead (to 10, say). Otherwise casting invisibility with high hunger would be useless, as it would result in instant or near-instant yellow glow…which completely nullifies invisibility. — minmay 2012-02-27 00:45
      • I consider the warning to be important, also, a level 6 spell is not that hungering.
  • [???] bad agility (low EV), normal speed, smaller armour penalties (due to their mode of movement causing bad maneuverability)
  • apts: awesome Fire, good Air. Terrible Earth and Ice. Good Spellcasting, Long Blades and Polearms. Bad Necromancy. Ok stealth, bad Short Blades, Stabbing, perhaps Axes and M&F.
  • Their unarmed combat is fire branded. - lordhamshire
  • Not able to use scrolls. - lordhamshire
  • Not able use equipment that isn't branded/randart. - lordhamshire

It was pointed out that current glow sucks almost as badly as hunger; perhaps more should be taken from Crawl Light? — kilobyte 2012-02-27 00:52

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