The Minotaur has been accused of being bland despite its monstrous nature. Discuss possible changes to the species here.

Dungeon Roaming Minotaur

As dedicated dungeon-dwelling creatures, minotaurs could stand to gain flavor with abilities and aptitudes that aid dungeon-dwelling. I propose any of the following changes along this line:

1. Intrinsic dungeon mapping, as a deep dwarf. It's flavorful, complements labyrinth mapping, and isn't too powerful.

2. Lower defenses, with higher stealth, stabbing and T&D skill. As a creature known to stalk labyrinths, it would make sense for minotaurs to be good at stalking things. A dungeon creature should know how to avoid traps, a common feature of their natural habitat.

3. Saprovore. Minotaurs could be scavengers. This will help Minotaur berserkers a bit. — File200 2011-10-31 05:08

Angry Minotaur

(Idea from several people)

When you think of a bull, you think of the damage they could potentially wreak in a small area filled with fragile trinkets. You might also think of angry bulls charging at things. To that end, I have a suggestion to minotaurs more like “Angry, charging bulls.”

New Mutation: Focused Anger: Under certain conditions, such as high tension or low health, this ability will randomly trigger. The minotaur gains a boost to strength (+5 or less) damage (+1d3 or less) and move speed (+1 level of speed). This ability may have a downside, such as food use or exhaustion, but it will not be as severe as berserk.

I have already tested berserkitis:1 minotaur. It is not fun. Do not suggest this unless you have a well-tested solution to the downsides of this mutation. — File200 2011-10-31 05:08

Minotaur / troll merge

(Make minotaurs into the bestial unarmed specialist the name evokes…)

You are large, with the usual armor restrictions and large weapon options.

You start with horns 2. Every three levels, you gain a rank of horns, hooves, or tough skin, eventually reaching horns 3, hooves 3, tough skin 3.

You have saporavore 2, fast metabolism 1.

  • You have good aptitude for dodging, fighting, and UC.
  • You have mediocre aptitude for throwing, maces, and staves, and armor. (Blunt trauma forms the limit of your technological prowess.)
  • You have poor aptitude at fighting with other tools.
  • You have bad magic aptituides across the board

Random flavor brainstorms, not necessarily good, none core to any particular concept

Target fixation: Higher-tension enemies have a chance of mesmerizing you. While mesmerised, you gain swiftness and might. Clarity mitigates as usual.

Abomination: Zin considers you unclean and refuses your worship. (Monster minotaurs also become chaotic.)

Leader of the herd: You passively cause a Tame Beasts effect on unintelligent mammals. (Effectively rules out Okawaru worship.)

Player Minotaur Request

I just realized yesterday that (as a Minotaur player) I have the UN-documented ability of auto-attacking any enemy that attacks me (in melee). This reminds me of the 2 months I spent oblivious to the fact that Merfolk get attack bonuses (or at least lower penalties) for fighting in shallow water.

Could all you nice people working on this great project PLEASE document these special abilities (and any others I still don't know about) under Player Abilities (Shift-a) of DCSS?

Many thanks, and Merry Christmas (and Merry-whatever to whoever!) — Andy 2011-12-06 21:43

Done. — KiloByte 2011-12-06 22:19
Thanks! — Andy 2011-12-07 20:15
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