There are some issues with merfolks' form-changing when going in and out of water, in particular in conjunction with transmutations.

  • The merfolk tail or feet should be implemented as a transformation.
    • It's already treated like this in a number of places.
    • They could change forms normally (2110, 2384).
    • This would help fixing bugs like 1104.
    • Having land form as a transformation is more thematic, while having water form as a transformation would mean they spend most time untransformed.
    • Having slot-based transformations would help: no conflict with blade hands.


I realize that Merfolk HP has been nerfed lately, this is good, they would also do well with a slight nerf to exp aptitude. — Porkchop 2010-09-27 14:39


Personally I wonder why merfolk have +3 to their dodging aptitude. They're fish people! I would give them NEGATIVE dodging aptitude, or at least equal to human - why are they better on their legs than species that live on land? — Lagus 2010-11-25 22:18

Short Blades/Stabbing/Stealth

Merfolk currently are good at short blades, stabbing, and stealth. I have no trouble with the stabbing apptitude, but I think their stealth and short blades should go to 0. Thematically, lowering stealth makes sense because on dry land they're not use to walking around on two legs. To compensate, they could get a stealth bonus when moving through water. Alternatively, you could keep the stealth apt but give them a stealth penalty on dry land.

In terms of their shortblade apt, it seems very odd that Merfolk have good shortblade skills but 0 in throwing - especially since Merfolk Hunters get javenlins and one of the Shoals 5 merfolk specializes in javelins. So, switching the shortblade and throwing aptitude makes sense to me. — Happylisk 2010-12-20 11:10

The same logic that drops land stealth would also drop land dodging, which is much of the race's point. Short blades are thrusting weapons like polearms, so that's thematic. A positive throwing apt seems like common sense, though throwing apts (and all ranged apts) are sort of insane in general. I'd give mf 0 unarmed too, so that SE would have more going for it than necro and some stats. — OG17 2010-12-21 03:59
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