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Note: Formicids were originally named “Fortress Dwarves” and “Dwants”.

Fortress Dwarves were created because I wanted to see how a species with permanent stasis would play. This is to distinguish them strongly from other melee-oriented races as you cannot use teleport, berserk, or haste and thus need to seek out alternatives. Fortress Dwarves somewhat resemble Forge Dwarves, however they were not used as a reference.

Fortress Dwarves were once Deep Dwarves who became scared of death and so constructed huge defenses around both themselves and their homes. Their massive plates of armour made attacking each other futile and so the dwarves lost interest in fighting.

Innate mutations/abilities:

  • Stasis mutation
  • Clarity mutation (due to heavy drinking)
  • Poison mutation at a XL14 (due to heavy drinking)
  • No armour penalty for Dig, Passwall, Leda's
  • Less armour penalty for Fulsome, Magma bolt
  • Slightly less armour penalty for all spells
  • Fulsome is purely a Tmut spell, Magma bolt is purely Fire/Earth.
  • Can shaft themselves (food cost and is noisy)
  • Magic mapping




Fortress Dwarves gain 1 Str or Dex every 3 levels.

Hp: -1

Mp: 0

The Good

  • Distinct playstyle from Mi and HO.
  • Stalkers make great Fortress Dwarves due to their spells
  • Heavy armour + spells is a lot of fun

The Bad

  • Shaft ability may be overpowered. The easiest balance code-wise would be to increase the noise.
  • Magic mapping may be unnecessary and/or overpowered
  • Haven't playtested very far

The Ugly

  • Having per-spell benefits may seem out of place
  • Shafting ability was hacked in using pre-existing functionality
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