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 For Demigods (only), the currently useless Amulet of Faith could grant a special ability; perhaps a faster rate of MP (or HP) regeneration. For Demigods (only), the currently useless Amulet of Faith could grant a special ability; perhaps a faster rate of MP (or HP) regeneration.
 +=====Rename demigods to titans or asuras=====
 +As stated in header. 
 +  * Demigods from hystorical religions didn't oppose gods all the time. For example, Nandi got divine status //through// serving Shiva, and Caesar was chief priest in temple of Jupiter.
 +  * Titans, on the other hand, are just like that: mighty jealous warlike materialists, openly challenging and opposing gods. Think Prometheus, Fenris, Ammut, Leto, Eos.
 +  * Technically, at least three other playable races in DCSS are mythological demigods: minotaurs, centaurs and nagae. Some monsters fall into this cathegory too, most extreme example being Dissolution.
 +Titan (monster) can be remade into Valkyrie, and Arachne's type changed to titan. Materialistic gods (Gozag, Jiyva) can be referred as particularly busy titans.
 +Buddhist cosmology gives an especially interesting spin on titans. 
 +''While all the gods are subject to the passions to some degree, the Asuras above all of them have become addicted to them, especially wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, falseness, boasting, and bellicosity.
 +Because of their passions, rebirth as an Asura is considered to be one of the four unhappy births (together with rebirth as an animal, a preta, or a being in Naraka). The state of an Asura reflects the mental state of a human being obsessed with ego, force and violence, always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully.''
 +So - titans are all about anger and impatience. I suggest giving them innate **Berserk 1**, **Scream 3**, **Motormouth** (50% chance that spell will be cast in 0 auts) and **Wild Magic 2** and kicking their stats even higher. This combination would create unique gameplay. Warriors and hybrids could plow through nastier monsters - but they would have to constantly manage risk of passing out next to something dangerous. Mages would enjoy unmatched spellpower - but for price of spell success chance.
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