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Name dcss:brainstorm:skills:evocations
Summary Make the effect of the evocations skill on wands and rods more significant.
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Added by galehar
Added on 2011-05-30 14:04

Currently, the effect of Evocations on the power of wands and rods is quite underwhelming. The formula is:

Wands: 30 + 2d(evoc)
Rods: 5 + evoc + 2d(evoc)

Do we really need to randomise the power? It results in huge variance in damage output, I don't think it's necessary. I suggest we use this:

Low tier wands: 25 + evoc * 2
High tier wands: 15 + evoc * 2.5
Rods: 5 + evoc * 3

Note that it's a nerf to the use of high tier wands at low skill. You need skill level 6 to reach the current unskilled power.
I've made a spreadsheet to compare the result of the new formula with the old. It's shared, feel free to tweak the numbers and experiment.

I've added a page to the spreadsheet comparing the max damage. I've put the damage for flame with both formulas, and it doesn't look like it's really necessary to special case the low tier wands.

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