Mutations Feedback and Proposals

For Demonspawn mutations, see Demonspawn Mutations.

Accepted mutations


“You occasionally/sometimes/frequently give off clouds of thick fumes.”
Scroll of fog type effect at random intervals, more often with level. Will not stop travel if it works like a scroll of fog.

done 3f1271563brendan 2013-08-27 07:04

Malignant aura

“You radiate a [strong/extremely strong] malignant aura.”
When wearing/wielding an item, there is a (mutation level)/3 chance that it gets cursed.
Can be used as Ashenzari wrath effect (start at level 3 and work down, would've to be immune to !CM though).
Suggested by Lemuel in 2340309. elliptic points out that that effects on picking up are generally undesirable.


You have a hard time gulping down liquids.
Level 1: drinking takes 15 aut. At level 2: 20 aut. At level 3: 30 aut.

Bodily fluxional confusion

Potions interact [very] strangely with your metabolism., Your body is an alchemist's nightmare.
5%, 10%, 20% chance of a random potion being substituted whenever you quaff a potion. The list of possible potion effects has to be chosen carefully (if it contains paralysis, then quaffing turns into a very bad action, for example).

If the random effects include strategically useful effects such as restore abilities or cure mutation, or even brilliance for memorizing from dangerous books (a bit of a stretch) this is scummable with fulsome distillation and potions of water (or bad potions with the appropriate resistance). Tactical good effects such as might and haste would be okay. Also I think a higher chance can be used, especially if good effects are included. 5% sounds hardly relevant, quaffing is not done that often. — galefury 2011-10-17 11:53

Magic costs hit points

Casting spells sometimes draws your life force.
Casting a spell has a (mutation level)/3 chance of paying half of the cost with HP instead: You pay first 50%+1 of the MP cost with HP (never going below 1), and the rest with MP.

Slower teleports

You need more time to translocate.
Longer duration until teleports kick in.

Extra legs

“You have an extra pair of legs.”
Centaur only. Gives a slightly greater movement speed increase, and increased chance of kicking when attacking in melee.

Blurry vision

Currently makes scrolls hard to read (may lose a turn without anything happening).
elliptic: Sometimes near edge of vision just tell people that there is a monster there (use the same glyph/tile you get for antennae) and nothing more. Anything else seems difficult to make work right simultaneously with tiles and console (large/small would work but distinguishing between them would be problematic).

Ambivalent mutations (need discussion)

Mutually Exclusive Scales

Currently a player can have multiple “Scales” mutations (e.g. Brown, Green, Metallic etc.). Should they be restricted to one at a time?

You are already capped at 3 levels of scales-type mutations. For example, if you get 3 levels of brown scales, or 2 levels of brown scales and 1 level of green scales, you can't get any more scales unless you lose your existing scales. — minmay 2013-03-07 3:40

Susceptible to poison

“You are somewhat/highly susceptible to poison.”
Poison damage increased by 50%, doubled or tripled. Ideally, one level of poison resistance would cancel out one level of this mutation and vice versa, creating situations where players wanted multiple sources of PR.
elliptic: I don't think that mutations that are cancelled out by a common property of equipment are very interesting, since this means that the mutations are often unnoticeable. I'd prefer it if multiple sources of rPois still don't help you with this mutation any more than a single one does, at least.

I think we should have this, if only as a Spider Form drawback. — evktalo 2011-10-19 16:28

Spines for everyone

elliptic: We have a spines mutation now for DS, and we could just open it up to everyone if we wanted.


“You are losing your mind”, “You are mentally ill”, “You are stark raving mad”.
Confusion effect at random intervals, frequency similar to teleportitis; clarity prevents.

Weapon speed penalty

“Your reflexes are slow”, “Your reflexes are very slow”, “Your reflexes are arthritically slow”. +1, +2, +3 weapon speed.

Increased carrying capacity

“Your [very] sturdy bones can support extra weight”/“Your massive back can support great weight.”
+10%/25%/50% carrying capacity.

Decreased carrying capacity

“Your weak/very weak/paper-thin bones can't support much weight.”
Carrying capacity reduced by 10%/25%/50%.

Reduced item slots

You are restricted to 48 / 46 / 38 item slots. When you get the mutation, randomly drop non-wielded/worn items until you meet the new cap. Petro: This isn't very flavorful and seems like it would just encourage scummy loot stashing behavior. I would find it extremely frustrating more than anything.

Paper skin

Paper Skin: reduces any scales you have, or else drops your AC below even normal levels


“You are noisy”, “You are very noisy”, “You are loud and stinky.”
-40, -80, -120 to stealth.


You have a chance of losing some time and causing noise when hasted, confused, burdened, climbing stairs (+ damage).


You occasionally/(no adjective)/often insult the gods.
Causes penance (probably only for your current god) every now and then, at random. Possibly should be linked to tension. I'm not entirely sure what this should do with respect to Xom, but it probably doesn't matter.
elliptic: Some wrath effects are too harsh for this mutation to be feasible at the moment (it would randomly kill Trog worshippers, for instance), but this is an interesting idea to keep in mind if wrath effects are ever made scalable.

Healing bonus

Healing magic is more / significantly more / extremely effective on you.
Healing potions, spells, and invocations restore 15 / 30 / 45% more hp.
dpeg: This could be interesting. Probably best to link this in some way to “metabolism” so it's clear that a property like this is special to healing.
kilobyte: What about a double-sided mutation that makes both healing and poisons doubled?

Stealth bonus

“You move quietly”,”You move very quietly”, “You move with perfect silence.”
+30, +60, +90 to stealth.

Faster mana regeneration

“Your magical energy returns quickly”, “Your magical energy returns very quickly”, “Your magical energy returns extremely quickly”.
Whenever you would regain MP, there is a 25/50/100% chance you gain an additional one.


dpeg: The teleportitis mutation should sometimes announce teleports. This would allow players to react. Here are some figures: Teleportitis 1 announces 80% chance, teleportitis 2 with 50%, teleportitis 3 never.

Interesting ideas for something other than mutations

Spells from books only

Sif Muna wrath effect (other gods gifting spells/books would work as well).
Can only cast spells which are in books currently carried.


DS mutation
“You are somewhat / very / incredibly sticky.”
This is lifted from my idea for slugs/snails. You body secretes a sticky substance that also gets on your equipment. When there is contact between you and another monster, you can get stuck together. This hinders both of your movement. And if one of you moves, it can drag the other one along with it. This can help you if you are slow and trying to melee something that is quick. Potentially you could also get some harmless creatures stuck to you as a buffer. The sticking mechanism could take weights of you and the other things into account… very small things like moths might get extremely stuck on you. You could drag them easily but they wouldn't be able to drag you. Besides killing them, going into water could help unstick things. Perhaps you can also sometimes get stuck to walls or random objects, dragging them around. The highest level might also give you difficulty if you try to take off armor or unwield a weapon, and make it hard to drop items (% failure, losing the turn… instead you stand there trying to shake off the item). Though perhaps sticky surfaces would effectively provide extra inventory space. Again, water could help cancel the effects. — tigen 2010-10-10
elliptic: Sounds a bit too complicated and play-changing to me for a simple mutation that anyone can get… something like this could be interesting as a DS mutation maybe though.

Long arms (reaching)

DS mutation
“You have long, gangly arms”
Any melee weapon you wield is treated as though having the “reach” brand, allowing you to strike monsters an extra square away. On the other hand, your attacks are less accurate.
elliptic: We have a ton of reaching weapons now that all polearms have reaching, so adding a level 1 mutation that gives more reaching doesn't seem great to me. Reaching could be a good effect as level 3 of a mutation (maybe a DS mutation), though.

Mutations that won't make it in

Allergic to water

“You are [highly] allergic to water”/“Water burns you like acid.”
0-2/1-4/1-10 points of damage from walking through shallow water; double from drinking a potion of water or from a fountain.
dpeg: Allergic to water: just an annoyance; I would not use it.
Minced: Water already slows players and can kill them if they move while confused. I don't think extra damage is the way to go.

Craving for brains

“You have a strange/strong/overwhelming craving for brains.”
75%/50%/25% nutrition from all food except corpses of intelligent creatures.
elliptic: Herbivore/carnivore is plenty of eating mutations and we don't really need another one.

Slower movement (in game)

“Your legs are twisted/severely twisted/crippled and deformed.”
Movement speed penalty of 1/1/2. (The second level has no additional effect.)
It is currently in the game, does +20% movement delay per level (usually 2/4/6). Nagas start with level 2.
dpeg: I don't think there should be a slower movement speed mutation.
kilobyte:Yeah, agree with dpeg, it's pretty nasty for non-nagas.

Animate Dead

Your tainted aura [occasionally, sometimes, frequently] reanimates the dead.
Whenever this kicks in, any corpses within sight are raised as hostile zombies. This annoys the good gods (or maybe just Zin), as though the player was wielding the sword of Zonguldrok.
bobbens: No need to nerf TSO/Zin. Having a mutation that causes penance would be a bitch.
doublep: Zin could instead simply cure this mutation for you, maybe after some delay. As if he tried to tolerate it, but couldn't, yet still understood it wasn't exactly your fault — therefore not penance. I think such small things could make gods look more lively. Player should lose some piety for this, but get rid of a bad mutation for free otherwise.

Radiation Sensibility

Glow kicks in much faster depending on the mutation level.
elliptic: I don't know what this means… Mutation-causing glow levels try to give you mutations more frequently? Regardless it doesn't seem very interesting to me… many chars never see much glow currently, so it wouldn't matter much.


“You tire easily”, “You tired very easily”, “You tire constantly”.
Slow effect at random intervals, frequencies similar to maprot. Resist Slowing prevents.
elliptic: This would interrupt autoexplore a lot and make you rest off the slow… not good unless it can be tied to tension, and then it would probably be too cruel.

Decreased accuracy

“You have poor aim,” “you have lousy aim”, “You have terrible aim”.
-3, -7, -12 to hit with ranged weapons.
kilobyte: I'd apply the penalty to everything, like amulet of inaccuracy.

Afraid of traps

“You are irrationally/deathly afraid of traps.”
When attempting to move onto a known trap, there is a 50/90% - (10x T&D skill) chance the move fails and the turn is lost.
elliptic: This doesn't sound like a mutation to me… some players are already afraid of walking onto traps, we don't need to make their characters afraid too.

Slowed mana regeneration

“Your magical energy returns slowly”, “Your magical energy returns very slowly”, “Your magical energy returns with glacial slowness.”
Whenever you would regain an MP, there is a 25/50/75% chance that the turn's recovery is reduced by one.
elliptic: Like slow healing 1 and 2, this mutation would mainly just mean more time spent resting.

Elemental vulnerability

“You are vulnerable to fire/cold”, “You are very vulnerable to fire/cold”, “You are extremely vulnerable to fire/cold”.
Up to three levels of susceptibility.
elliptic: My comments about the rPois- mutation apply here too — being completely canceled out by lots of items is really boring as mutations go.

Attracting insects

“You attract swarms of insects”, “You often attract swarms of insects”, “You constantly attract swarms of insects”.
Periodically summon hostile insects, with frequency similar to statrot or teleportitis. Numbers depend on character level, average insect HD depends on depth.
elliptic: This just sounds like an annoying exploration-breaker (unless you are so weak that the insects kill you on their own, which isn't great either).

Susceptible to electricity

“You are [highly] attractive to electricity”/“You are a living lightning rod.”
-5/-10/-20 EV penalty, vs. electric attacks only.
dpeg: against. This might work with potions of resistance, but it only pinpoints the presence/lack of insulation.


“You are [very/extremely] nearsighted.”
At level one, monsters at max visibility range are displayed on only half of turns (at random); at level two, monsters at max range are displayed only 1/4 turns and monsters at max-1 range are displayed only 1/2 turns; and at level 3 monsters at max range are displayed only 1/10 turns and monsters at max-1 range are displayed only 1/4 turns.
dpeg: no. If we restrict sight, it should be both ways (can be used in branches or portal vaults). This mutation is death once yaktaurs are around.
kilobyte: Berserkitis is far more crippling that being pelted with bolts from outside LOS. It would be a pretty bad mutation, but no worse than slow healing, slow movement or deformed body on AC chars.
elliptic: Having asymmetric sight like this leads to a lot of situations where you get hit by a ranged attack from a monster, and you know which direction the attack came from only if you happened to be paying attention to the animation of the beam at the time… not good. kilobyte: Now that we show low-power invis as disturbances, we could do this for enemies on the edge of LOS: you'd see “something” without knowing its identity.

Dropping weapons

“Your hands are [very/extremely] slick and clumsy.”
Small chance, increasing with level, of dropping wielded item each turn.
dpeg: out of the question, an interface nightmare.

Accuracy bonus

“You have good aim”, “You have excellent aim”, “You have perfect aim”.
+3, +6, +10 to hit with ranged weapons.
elliptic: Ranged weapons already have such good accuracy after the first couple of levels that this wouldn't do much.

Quick reflexes

“Your reflexes are quick”, “Your reflexes are very quick”, “Your reflexes are lightning-quick”.
-1, -2, -3 weapon speed, subject to the usual limits. [If this is too strong could make it -1/-1/-2 instead.]

Loss of (bad) mutations

Your body very slowly / slowly / (no adjective) restores its genetic purity.
Periodically, there is a chance that a level of a mutation will vanish. At the fastest rate, the rate of dismutation is similar to the rate of stat restoration.
dpeg: Too metagamey for my tastes. Yes, locking mutations mutation is also metagamey.

Taming monsters

You instinctively know how to tame (foo).
As a special ability, the player can do the equivalent of casting “tame beasts,” restricted to one class of animal.
dpeg: Too weak in most cases. Probably not interesting enough in general.
ayakov: Hmm, why not make it with code from Beogh, like - you see hydra (or death yak, or some grey snake), you roll dice, and - voila, its your pet! Beogh is fun, why some 'chaos veterinarian' wouldt't be?

Mephitic cloud

You occasionally / can emit a cloud of noxious fumes.
At the first level, the player periodically emits a mephitic cloud, centered on themselves. At the second, the player can also do so voluntarily.
dpeg: Against. Extremely annoying when not poison resistant; also annoying when using non-poison resistant friendlies (orcs, anyone?). I like the basic idea of it, though, and I could imagine 'leave a trail of (fire/poison/steam' mutations.


A mutation with three levels. Good in that they provide auxiliary unarmed attacks with special effects, bad in that they deform your body in some way, either granting some level of the deformed body mutation or removing a body slot.
Level 1: “Lithe, muscular tentacles protrude from your body!” This level of the mutation merely provides a new unarmed auxiliary attack, allowing the player to trunk slap an opponent.
Level 2: “Your tentacles sprout thousands of tiny, glutinous suckers!” Thematically, this level of the mutation allows the player to use the suckers on their tentacles to hold the enemy in place. Mechanically, this simply means that any enemy struck by a tentacle auxiliary attack gets a penalty to EV for the following turn. If we're feeling generous, it might also prevent the enemy from moving away as per constriction.
Level 3: “Your tentacles are tipped with wickedly sharp claws!” This could just be a flat boost to damage, but it would be more interesting if it had some sort of secondary effect, such as poison application on hit.
Obviously this mutation would be just as effective as a normal auxiliary attack mutation without any extra effects, but there's plenty of normal auxiliary attack mutations already and I'd rather see a powerful mutation with large drawbacks than see more of the same. Deformed body would work well as a drawback, and this mutation might also deny a cloak slot at level 3, or even deny the chest slot altogether. Furthermore, tentacles could be lopped off any time the player is hit with a bladed weapon, causing the player to lose the benefits of the tentacles until they have had a chance to regrow. — wensleydale 2010-10-09 21:14
elliptic: Tentacles are already in and I believe the plan is to give them constriction; I don't think they need anything else.

Slow Healing

rob: Apparently “slow healing 3” (no healing) was disabled as a random mutation because it was “too bad”. I disagree with this. There's plenty of ways to deal with it (curing + all we know from deep dwarves, in particular taking up an appropriate god), and there's plenty of warning before, since it's a third level. I personally had a very entertaining 0.5 game where I got slow healing 3 early in Pan and proceeded to collect the orb and all but the golden rune, switching to Elyvilon temporarily and otherwise healing with demons (
dpeg: I would think the same. But there was some pressure against slow healing as a mutation. We could give it the “damage shaving”, too?
lemuel: I agree with Robert. Enable it, straight-up. There are lots of ways to get rid of bad mutations (and to function without healing). You need a few crippling mutations in there – that's the whole point of a late-game switch to Zin or Jiyva.
rob: The code giving bad mutations is in need of a rewrite to heed the mutation probabilities. It appears that currently, bad mutations each have the same probability, while the “rare” bad mutations are quite hard to cure.
timbermaw: I think slow healing and slow metabolism should be merged into one mutation. Why? So it really is a double edged sword: you have to eat less, but regenerate slower. Just like i think faster healing should go with fast metabolism. Slow metabolism characters have to avoid damage, while faster healing ones can charge into battle and quickly be patched up. The rate at which you heal should always be faster than the rate at which you digest food tho. No idea why, just that recovering hp shouldn't have you hunting for food all the time. If you think spriggans will suck like this, give them a mut called photossynthesis (lol) which doesn't change how they are now: they absorb nutrients from the ground (less food consumption). Or “plant metabolism”.
elliptic: Making slow/fast healing/metabolism double-edged is a good idea but I'm dubious about getting this to work right with racial mutations.


This mutation would give you the ability to roar, rallying your allies and striking fear into your enemies. It should replace the talk option for shouting, directly affecting your ability to do so (and the shout mutation would cause you to roar on occasion). The fear effect should depend on your level, the monster's HD, and the level of the mutation (so a third level Roar would be more effective). Potentially, to prevent players from using this every turn, it perhaps should count as a breath weapon (though it should still replace the Shout action).

Transmutations skill governing mutation resistance

Suggested by anonymous in 2828460:

Having high transmutation skill should protect you from bad mutations,
increase the maximum limit of mutations you can have, make more mutations
occur when mutating, and decrease the chance of good mutations getting

Comment by poop:

This FR is starting down a slippery slope indeed, but I still like it so
long as the boost isn't too powerful. Transmutation skill 27 granting all
good mutations, for instance, would be very very broken. If, instead,
high-level transmuters got 50% good/50% bad mutations from neqoxecs and 70%
good mutations from the potion, I'd strongly prefer this scheme to the
onerous alter self spell. This way you don't have to grind alter self and
you're stuck with the bad mutations you get.

Comment by OP:

It would not adjust the good/bad mutation chance, it would act like resist
mutation that only applies to bad mutations. You'd try to resist getting
polymorphed almost every time because it gives bad mutations almost every
time. The good mutation protection would be similar. If you have a lot of
good mutations and 1 bad mutation, drinking a potion of cure mutation would
have the same chance of removing the bad mutation as if you had 0
transmutation skill.

Comment by dploog:

I am somewhat skeptical but I second poop's comment.

Comment by kotk:

About chances of good and bad mutations i am not sure where it leads.
Transmuter may gain some innate control over things. He should lose it
again depending how far from normal he is. Unreliable and chance-based
mechanics (chances under several affects) are quite hard to make
transparent. I would also hate some easy and straight way to have 15+ good
mutations so it has to stay chance-based for most cases.

Comment by OP:

That's one of the reasons behind this suggestion. Enchantments give magic
resistance so why shouldn't transmutations give mutation resistance?
Mutation resistance isn't always good, and that's why it should only apply
the resistance when it would result in a bad mutation or the removal of a
good mutation.

Comment by tromboneandrew:

It's doesn't necessarily follow that mutations are a form of transmutation.
It could be a totally different form of “magic” and thus transmutation
skill would have no effect.

Plus, this proposal would automatically make “alter self” more powerful,
as only people with high transmutation skill use it anyway.

Comment by Brickman:

Don't forget that transmuters can turn every mutagenic corpse in the game into a potion of mutation if they want using just their starting level 1 spell, never mind Alter Self. Making normally-balanced mutation sources favor good mutations means farming mutations even if you take out Alter Self, they'd just have to wait for the abyss if they want to do it indefinitely (there's still a lot of Ugly Things in the game even without farming though).
If we were to add a mutation-y benefit to transmutations skill, it should only be active when wielding a (hypothetical) “staff of transmutations”, like the MR boost from staff of enchantment. I don't really think we need this though. — elliptic 2011-10-16 21:52

Comment by slitherrr:

I have no idea where else to put this, but Shoutitis should increase Trog piety.

Mutation System and Evolution

dolphin 2011-15-01 18:57 GMT

In evolution, the mutations that are passed on aren't usually strictly good or bad; instead they allow a different function, which is worse in some circumstances and better in others, so that mutants tend to occupy a different niche than the original animal. The famous example here is the differentiation of Darwin's finches, some with thick beaks for crush hard-shelled seeds, some with longer, thinner beaks for catching insects, so each finch is tweaked to be specialized for it's current niche. (Yes, I know that mutations that don't get passed on tend to be deleterious, so it could be argued that 99% of game mutations should be strictly bad, but I think that would be kind of boring. [This is actually kind of a misunderstanding. The vast majority of mutations are ambivalent in effect, or simply “deleterious” in the sense that they consume very slightly more energy than no mutation])

I think the same idea be applied to the mutation system of Crawl. I'm not saying to get rid of strictly bad mutations like Deterioration or Frailty or like Lou Gehrigs or Cystic Fibrosis, but rather emphasize that getting a mutation means occupying a different niche, rather than emphasizing a good/bad duality. While implementing this idea could mean coming up with more 'double-edged mutations' would be necessary, it might also be possible to pair up existing mutations from the good and bad pools into a single mutation to effect a tweak in play style. Clearly some combinations would be more conducive to a certain play style than others, like spines but lowered MP would benefit a more fightery play style. However, since many mutations don't seem to me to drastically change the play style right from level one, an abundance of level one random tweaks might be dull. If so, it might be better to slightly weight mutations to go to completion rather than adding a new mutation.

I also think the Alter Self spell might also benefit from a shift away from good/bad mutations. If the natural tendency of the spell was to give you a certain number of “tweaking” mutations, a number beyond which strictly bad mutations would become increasingly likely. The number could also be dependent on power, so that at low levels, you could get one or two “tweaks”, and at high power, you could get five or so, in addition to a good mutation. Of course, to significantly alter the player, each new mutation should be weighted to continue an existing mutation until completion significantly more than the standard weight. This would set Alter Self apart from a potion of mutation, which could have something like a 33% of each good, bad, or tweaking mutation.

Blurry Vision

Currently, a large fraction of the time this mutation is simply annoying. If you're reading a scroll outside of combat, e.g. any scroll other than teleportion, blinking, and the odd holy word scroll, the mutation poses no actual danger, but is a fairly annoying interface screw. Therefore, I suggest it be changed as such: Instead of randomly making you fail at reading a scroll, it randomly makes reading scrolls interruptibly take longer. The chances should correspond to the current chances that reading a scroll would take 2, 3, or 4 turns (longer is unnecessary, since it's pretty unlikely). So, at level 1 of the mutation (.2 chance of failure), you would have an 80% chance to read it in one turn, a 16% chance to read it in two, a 3.2% chance to read it in 3, and a .8% chance to read it in 4. Since this is interruptible, in combat it would behave exactly as it does now. Outside of combat, though, it would just invisibly take more turns, without making you occasionally read the scroll twice, which currently is just annoying with no redeeming effect outside of combat. -IonFrigate

Sounds good to me. — evktalo 2011-11-08 17:29
This sounds good. There is another problem with blurry vision however: it was recently pointed out to me that the main effect of this mutation is actually not the reading failures but that it disables passive scanning for traps and gives a T&D malus. Passive scanning is completely stopped at the first mutation level. This is a very strong malus for a first mutation level, and maybe should be scaled back a little (passive scanning half as often as usual with blurry vision 1?). Also I didn't know about this at all, I noticed stumbling into a lot more traps, but didn't make the connection. I think the messages when triggering or discovering a trap should mention bad eyesight if the blurry vision mutation is present.

Potion of Evolution

Potions of mutation have problems: they usually screw you over (so do potions of poison, but they don't have a permanent effect) and they are scummable (distill them, then drink until you get a set you like). Essentially they are a gamble not worth taking, until you have enough of them to gamble until you get something good. Replacing potions of mutation with potions of evolution, which simply give one level of the evolution mutation, would fix both of these problems.

Evolution differs in several ways from !mut:

  • The mutations are weighted to be positive (50/50 random/positive). Note that the chance for evolution to screw you over is still significant, just lower than for !mut.
  • They are delayed. They cant be simply waited out as the delay is tied to earning exp. Hopefully this would make them less scummable
  • You don't get a choice when to stop mutating. Permanently wearing rMut will slow down the mutation rate, but wont make evolution go away any faster thanks to a recent fix.

In short: less scumming, fewer nobrainers, less screwing people who drink a potion of mutation early on. This last one is actually a side effect on the ID minigame, I haven't thought about whether this is good or bad.

Changing !mut to !evo would probably require tweaks to spawn rate and distillation due to the different average number of mutations and being weighted towards good. Also the evolution mutation might need to be changed. And the effects on the identification minigame might be nontrivial. Nevertheless I think this would be worth pursuing.

I made a patch that adds potions of evolution to crawl.

Potion of good mutation

Tangentially related to the above potion of evolution idea: I think that potions of gain strength/intelligence/dexterity should be replaced by a potion that gives a random “good” mutation. This would give cool mutations like wild magic more exposure (currently, good players getting random mutations is extremely rare), and also make the potions more exciting from a psychological standpoint. It would possibly lead to more interesting decisions whether to quaff them, too. — minmay 2012-02-08 18:34

Implemented to replace potions of gain stat. — brendan 2013-04-03 08:09

Demonspawn Spines

Opening up the Spines mutation to all player races may be problematic. My concern is that Minotaur players occasionally auto-attack NPC attackers, and the Demonspawn Spines mutation is similar (reflect damage on attacker.) If Spines is made available to everyone as a general mutation, will there be sufficient differences between the innate Minotaur ability and the Demonspawn-specific forms from the general Spine mutation? One way is to ensure Minotaur revenge is slightly more powerful than the general Spine mutation, and possibly allow Demonspawn to launch their Spines or something. — andy 2011-12-08 19:48

Streamlining a few of the mutations

After doing some testing back and forth with mutations, these were my conclusions: (1) some of the scales mutations, namely the resistance ones, are much worse than the others and (2) there is quite a lot of mutations all in all, maybe too many.

What I propose is the molten/icy blue/thin metallic scales be combined with the fire/cold/electric resistance mutations. The scales would now additionally provide a + to their respective resistance on every level, while the fire/cold/electric mutations would be removed from the game. Perhaps the magic resistance mutation could be combined with a nerfed iridescent scales mutation, or maybe a new type of scales. The acid resis scales could also possibly be brought more in line with the others. — Woopdeedoo 2012-04-10 20:28

There is currently a difference between scale and intrinsic mutations though: the latter will be suppressed for a thirsty vampire, while the former won't. -IonFrigate
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