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Summary Ideas for new uniques, let's have them!
Added by evktalo
Added on 2010-01-15 19:11

New uniques are also interesting for the very early or late game; they should have personality (usually via speech, but ideally from behaviour as well); they can be awkward; they should be able to create interesting tactical situations.



I actually think of TukimaTerpsichore as a “she,” and an actual dancer - fits with the elegance of “her” spells.” Pan lord/lich seem too monstrous. So here's my take: she's an enchanter who somehow danced into immortality (undead)! She just wants to dance with you, in her own terrifying fashion.

Tukima never died. She simply dances in tune to eternity. Unfortunately, she fancies your soul as a dancing partner…


“I never get tired of watching this.”

“Have you ever felt haunted by the need to dance?”

“If I could tell you what I felt, there would be no point in dancing it…”

“Your body is so clumsy! Let me rid you of it.”

Spells: Tukima's dance, apportation, blink. As a dancer, very very high evasion. Animating a player's inventory is too cruel IMHO.

She's coded, but there are problems: she is a killer in some cases (like, Orc after fighting a bunch of orc knight parties) and a pushover everywhere else. The player can easily make sure she is a pushover by doing some legwork and removing all weapons she can animate, running away if she reaches them first. — kilobyte 2011-04-28 15:04
Beef her up a bit, give her a Recall-equivalent for her minion weapons, and make her appear exclusively in the Tukima's Studio wizlab. It's currently one of the less-interesting wizlabs because the weapons are sparse and you can hedge them out with doors, so having a unique gathering them up and chasing you in a mob would make the tactical situation more interesting. Also, she would have access to a more consistent quantity and quality of minions that she does in normal levels. — KoboldLord 2012-02-28 20:49
It'd still be trivial to apport and pick up/sac all weapons you defeat. That's why the wizlab creates new ones instead of reanimating. — KiloByte 2012-02-28 21:13


A Shadow draconian

A very unique draconian. The coolness factor is increased by the unavailablity of “shadow” colouring for player draconians or other monster draconians.

Uses draining breath. Has a wraith posse, or possibly uses Haunt.

  • Actually, shadow draconians are very common. They are called “player ghosts”. :p — jpeg 2010 -01-16 02:08

Abby, The Holy

Alternative titles: the Clean, the Pure.

Humanoid, wears random armor, wields a random holy mace/flail. Spells: Abjuration, Dispel Undead.

Description: A crazed zealot, devoted to cleansing all those deemed unclean. Interesting quirk: If the player is undead, demonspawn, or has levels in necromancy or summoning, Abby will try to kill them. However, if they don't, Abby will be neutral to the player. When hostile: “You are unclean!” “You must be purged!” “The world is full of filth!” “Return from whence you came!”

Kyrris: “Whence” means “from where”, so “from whence” makes as much sense as “ATM machine”.

incomp: while that is true, “from whence” is in common usage and is accepted as standard english, to the point where “return whence you came!” sounds silly despite the fact it is redundant.

There is a FR here: https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=3286 to have a unique with Ignite Poison. Perhaps she could hate poison too? — jeffqyzt 2012-01-18 13:51

Air mage

An exceptionally powerful air elementalist, appearing in the late or extended game. She is uninterested in lightning bolts, preferring to focus on actual air. She can fly and has high speed, and uses the spells Airstrike, Deflect Missiles, and Tornado. Obviously the most interesting part of this unique would be Tornado, but note the spell set would specifically make her difficult to attack: Tornado makes melee very hazardous but DMsl makes ranged attacks very ineffective, Airstrike keeps you from hiding behind something and smiting. Needs a name and species, high elf seems appropriate. — minmay 2011-01-29 00:38

Just sayin' that a djinn could make a cool unique and a logical one for an air mage — coolio 2011-01-29 01:06
While a djinn would be great (and maybe should go in separately, since I think a djinn should have at least some smoke/cloud spells too), I think a Kenku would be also appropriate. — jeffqyzt 2011-01-29 04:19
We can't have sylph players since they would be nearly redundant to Kenku (flying, low hp, great Air apt, …), they'd be fine for monsters. I'd prefer a djinn, though. Clouds are provided by tornado. — kilobyte 2011-03-26 20:13


Lower-Lair hybrid archer/enchanter with themed summons.

“A powerful woodland lord who has devoted himself to the hunt. He's calling up his pack, and you're prey.”

The lower Lair fits his flavour best. He tries to disable the player with hexes, then summons up his wolves/wargs/etc. and… arches. Hass a great sword and (ego: magic resistance?) leather armor. At range, he'll use a longbow, and portal projectile to fire over his pack. Instead of summoning, he could be given a wolf pack, but that overlaps too strongly with Grum IMHO, and it's part flavour that he calls up his pack instead of having them around permanently. Could have SInv (he's a magical hunter) and bracers of archery, as a nice reward for killing him.

Spellset: Confuse(Paralyze?), Slow, Portal Projectile, Call Canine Familiar/Summon Wolves

If Canine Familiar can give reliable war dogs, wolves and wargs at max power, then it's fine. If it's calling jackals half the time, then an explicit Summon Wolves spell would be needed.


“You'll make a great addition to my collection!”

“Your head will look nice above my mantelpiece.”

“Are you seriously trying to hunt me?”

“The pack looks hungry today.”

If he isn't powerful enough for that depth, move him higher up in Lair, or play around with his stats (I have no suggestion, except good EV and high DEX, duh).— Tarp 2012-12-14 10:03

Amalric, leprous deep elf

'The exiled king of the elves, cursed with leprosy by a treacherous mage. He is swathed in bandages and bears a tarnished crown. Now he wanders the dungeon with his loyal retainers musing on former glories.' A regular deep elf priest but slow moving and with a low attack (leprosy!). Wears a cursed robe. Generated with 3-4 deep elf soldiers. He is an early-game unique for the main dungeon (or possibly orcish mines). Touch by Amalric may confer the deteriation mutation (only level 1).

Animated singing sword

Sometimes generate the singing sword as a dancing weapon. Very talkative, very noisy.

Axe face

Unique human zombie with an axe embedded in his face. Drops an axe when killed, which has a high chance of being branded and of good or better quality.


* “My face hurts.”

This guy should spawn an animated hand axe on death. Also he shouldn't be undead. — og17 2010- 08-13 13:58
Simple as it sounds I really love this idea. Nice way to spice up the early game. — brickman 2011-04-28 16:34

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga: Baba is never generated randomly, but her hut (another unique) is. When you “kill” her hut it leaves a portal vault entrance behind, showing the the hut is standing still so you can enter it. Entering the hut takes you to a portal vault for the hut's inside, where you confront a pissed-off Baba Yaga.

Problem: what if the player kills the hut but doesn't enter? Wouldn't Baba Yaga come after the player anyways?

You could be sucked into the hut as soon as you kill it. The hut could be a unique “shop” mimic. — t0d 2011-05-24 13:33

Banded Sea Snake

The most poisonous snake known to exist.

A unique snake for the Shoals or swamp. Stats around Aizul's, maybe a little more AC. It would have 20 speed. Its venom would be unique in that it would poison you regardless of your poison resistance (like poison arrow). When it was in the water it would attack you without surfacing, kind of like an invisible creature. You could still hit it, just it would be a lot harder to. When it was only moderately damaged it would run away until it was in the water.

It wouldn't have any lines, but it would “Make and ominous slithering noise”.

I made a PNG for it, just in case you consider the idea, email me.

DoubleG96 2011-08-12 19:14

+1 for it being a rare regular monster, -1 for being an unique. — kilobyte 2011-08-13 01:58

Bowie, The Labyrinth Lord

Unique human who has a chance to appear in Labyrinths. Taunts the PC with song and his codpiece. Should be a bit more threatening than a minotaur, maybe beef him up with some enchantments. Could either be a minotaur replacement or a Labyrinth denizen, in which case he should sing to attract PC attention.

“A fey looking man in rather tight leather trousers. He looks smug.”

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091369/ Labyrinth (1986) Enough said. — dpeg 2010-09-23 09:55


Late game unique female human (untaken color @)


“A devout acolyte of Nemelex Xobeh, confident that her god has placed its bet against you winning this particular bout. Shoots dice carved from demon bones to wager for your death.”

Suggested stats

Speed: 12 | HD: 14 | Health: 150 | AC/EV: 0/10 | Damage: 25 | Flags: see invisible | Resistances: magic(100)

XP: ~3000


“Let's play!”


Rather than magical decks of cards, she was gifted by chaotic Nemelex with a unique evocable item, a pair of “Magic Dice,” for which she has a very high evocations skill. This is a practical measure gameplay-wise, given the limit on items able to be held by monsters. Nemelex Xobeh is exalted by her worship because of her extremely risky play style (unlike cards, it is impossible to modify/peek at dice rolls in any way, save for the situation in which they are chosen to be rolled). She also comes equipped with a large stack of darts of dispersal, her primary damage dealer, along with a high throwing aptitude. Her evocation of the dice leads to a number of randomly generated (though already familiar) effects. There are six outcomes: two good, two bad and two situational:

  1. Confusion - Bad enchantment. This used to be Slow, but then I realized Slow and Haste would just cancel each other out repeatedly.
  2. Lose 1/2 HP (torment that only affects one) - Bad HP effect
  3. Uncontrolled Blink - Situational translocation (bad for melee, good for ranged, thus good for Celitryth)
  4. Uncontrolled Teleport Self - Situational translocation (good if your low on HP, bad if she's low on HP)
  5. Potion of healing - Good HP effect
  6. Haste - Good enchantment

Celitryth would evoke the dice and then smite-target you with them. Then two RNG dice would be rolled with outcomes calculated independently and instantaneously, one affecting her and one affecting you. Thus, if she rolled a 1 and then a 6, she would be confused and you would be hasted. If she rolled a 4 and then a 2, she would be teleported and you would lose half of your HP. She would intermingle dice rolls with throwing darts at you in order to actually have a chance of killing you. One possible addendum to this could be if she rolled snake eyes, in which case you would both be confused and then additionally banished to the Abyss to continue your fight there (or not).

As a prize, you could obtain the Magic Dice from her, or this item could be destroyed immediately by Nemelex in anger at the loss of his beloved disciple (or out of sheepishness, if you yourself are a Nemelexite).


Vaults or some other late-game location in which there are numerous enemies, as she is somewhat weak on her own.

straydusk 2010-05-26 00:05

I like the idea, but I'd take out uncontrolled teleport. At first glance it feels like it should be a part of a set of random effects like this, but with two dice every time she rolls them there'd be a one in four chance of teleporting (unless you save, so maybe slightly less than one in four). If she uses the dice very often at all, fighting her when one or the other of you isn't much stronger than the other would thus be a potentially endless, or at least very annoying, stalemate. — brickman 2010-09-21 08:37
I like it. However, rather than simple smiting, if she “rolls” an attack, it should be like she evokes a Tome of Destruction; any of those effects, plus maybe some from the deck of war/destruction. Simple smiting sounds unexciting, but with varied effects she becomes quite the gamble. — Tarp 2012-12-14 10:03

Centaur Paladin

In reversal of the usual workflow, we already have a tile featuring a Centaur Paladin, and now require a personality to fill him with life. He should be somewhat of the opposite of Nessos (evil Centaur unique), come with a halo and worshipping TSO, maybe accompanied by a Daeva or Angel, and should probably use the same chances of becoming neutral for worshippers of the good gods as (other) holy beings.

I suggest the name “Cyllarus,” after a centaur from Greek mythology. From Wikipedia: “He was handsome and valiant, and dearly loved his centaur wife Hylonome. He participated in the battle against the Lapiths and was fatally wounded by a spear. He died in the arms of his beloved wife, who then took her own life shortly afterwards to join him.” — Minced 2010-04-14 04:08

If he's a counterpart to Nessos, then give him arrows/bow with holy wrath if possible, if not, bolts of cleansing flame would be interesting. Say he's searching for The Shining One's next great champion, and wants to put you to the test. Much like the mythical centaur Chiron who trained heroes. — Tarp 2012-12-14 09:54
Since we're starting with the sprite, his equipment should match what we see, ie heavily armored & wielding a sword. — Speleothing 2014-06-03 21:07

Daedalus, artificer

Artificer Unique roaming the dungeon in search of powerful arcane items. Spawns with 3-4 wands, each with 2-3 charges. The wands should be dangerous and/or annoying, such as polymorph other, draining, paralysis, lightning, etc. Should spawn around D10-D12. I suggest 2-3 charges per wand and never any great wands like haste or healing so killing him isn't too rewarding, and so that he cycles between attacks are he empties his wands. I'm not sure if a monster can have more than one wand at a time, so this might not be feasible.

  • Currently, no, monster inventory is very limited. — jpeg 2010-01-16 14:49


Extended lategame unique human, maybe a deep blue @, like Donald.


“A mighty crusader, searching for the love of his life.”

Suggested stats

Speed: 11 | HD: 25 | Health: 300 | AC/EV: 0/20 | Damage: 50, 25 | Flags: see invisible, spellcaster | Resistances: magic(250), fire++, cold++, elec++, poison, hellfire(?). | Sp: Haste, Swiftness, Flight, Controlled Blink, Teleport Self.

XP: ~12000

-insert speech here-


He is basically a terror in melee, hitting like a ton of bricks, wielding a nicely enchanted polearm or a big axe, with a speed brand, and getting lots of AC from a GDA(?). He casts swiftfly and haste as soon as he sees you, then he proceeds to beat you up. He uses teleport self if he needs to. You shouldn't be able to run away from him, since he has cBlink, swiftfly, haste and a base speed of 11. Either you hit him hard and kill him fast, or teleport away from him as soon as you see him. Extended lategame Sigmund. Actually i don't know if swiftfly works in monsters. If it doesn't, maybe you could raise his base speed a bit.


He should be found in a hell other than the one with the Serpent. Maybe in the 7th level.

I had the idea for Dante from a learnDB entry. Also, i feel a lack of uniques in the extended lategame. Other than the pan/hell lords, there's only the Serpent and Ignacio. — nomi 2011-07-10 20:33

Deathrattle, unique naga

Naga (lightgrey N). A mercenary who comes from the tribes of desert nagas that inhabit the surface world, who are frail but fast hunters (primarily going into the forests and meadows to hunt spriggans).

High EV, high speed, low HP/AC. No poison spit, but the unarmed attack is a poisonous bite. She is lithe and fast, and uses nets and a powerful constricting grapple (like Beheld status, but adjacent-only, resistible by EV instead of AC, and her attack messages change in description during rounds when it is in effect). Her rattle should be intermittent and level-wide.

  • Best to wait with Deathrattle until Nagas can constrict; see FR 2139547. (dpeg)
Nagas can constrict now… — hayenne 2013-01-25 19:09

Death Yaktaur

A Yaktaur Captain who is a Death Knight. It is a pun on Death Yaks, so extra-high MR. Maybe a guaranteed MR+ item? Should show up in Vaults or Crypt; may be a little too squishy for Depths. Would be scarier if he often showed up with either a Yaktaur Pack (to give him friends to reanimate) or a bunch of Yred-gift undead (ghouls and death cobs), but that's not really necessary.

Would have the standard DK (monster) spell list to go along with his/her branded crossbow. Maybe give Blink as well.

Speleothing 2014-06-03 21:07

Ein, deep elf archer

A talented deep elf archer, who has decided that perhaps magic has something to it after all.

Ein is as powerful as a deep elf master archer, but casts spells, too, some enchantments and some air spells. Casts Deflect Missiles, Silence, Haste, Flight, Blink. Casts Static Discharge if you get close, which probably does less damage than his arrows. Ein shouldn't just show up in Elf, but in most later areas.


“Hi. Bye.”

“Shush. You're distracting me.”

“Let me fill that space between your ears with arrows.”

“The wind's always favorable for me.”


“I was aiming for your brain. It's a very small target.”

If silenced:

Ein rolls his eyes.

  • Further consideration has made me conclude that giving Ein haste is silly (drastically ups his danger level without really being in-theme). He might want a slight nerf compared to regular DEMAs (Act: 80%, perhaps) as well. — nrook 2010-01-24 06:23

Ereghas (modification of Daedalus proposal)

Why not give the artificer unique continuously evocable items rather than wands? A single rod as a reward for his death would be reasonable gain, and the fan/lamp/stone summoning items are already common enough. Here's a modification of the proposal: the unique is a con-artist who collects dungeon valuables for sale, explaining his interest in magical items and his lack of combat prowess.

Ereghas, the dwarven artificer:

“A dwarven shyster who sells junk from the dungeon floor to impressionable adventurers on the surface, Ereghas will happily auction your equipment (and corpse) to the highest bidder.” Comes with one continuously evocable item such as a fan, lamp, or stone of earth elementals, and a rod of destruction of a random type. Uses rod as melee weapon with heavy armour, so is weak in melee. — I love this idea coolio 2010-05-17 22:22

“Young adventurer, do you really plan on fighting with that pitiful weapon?”

“Freshly repossessed armour and weapons available from your smoldering corpse!”

“You'd be surprised how few people can tell smoked adventurer from beef jerky.”

“Now stand that-away, I'd rather not shoot a hole in your armour.”

“Ninety-day money back guarantee if my wares don't get you killed first!”

Minced 2010-04-21 13:49

Although artificer is usually a dwarf class, his personality sounds more appropriate for a human. Also, as long as you give the other a more serious personality I don't think it'd be unreasonable to have both Daedalus and Ereghas, though that of course assumes that it was first made feasible to implement Daedalus (which it isn't) and both were deemed good enough on their own merits. — brickman 2010-09-21 08:46


Originally posted as patch 2853789, but not all of these ideas were implemented, and it could possibly use a rewrite.

A unique shapeshifter who mimics other uniques. If he appears, he has killed a unique and taken their place, appearing to the player as that unique, speaking and fighting (and perhaps casting spells) as if he were them.

Like other shapeshifters, he can polymorph to regain health, but he can't do this too soon, as he'll blow his cover. But he can polymorph into other uniques of similar level and stature when he chooses to do so, even polymorphing his equipment to match (except for what he stole off his victim, his equipment is actually a part of him). Polymorphing into other uniques does have hazards, though. The player will realize it's Gregor. Allies should stop being loyal, perhaps even becoming hostile. In the case of Dowan and Duvessa, if he polymorphs away from being one of them, the other should be so upset as to target Gregor over the player.

Potentially, in an effort to get away from his enemies, he could polymorph into a fast nonunique and run.


It is a monstrous unique, found in occasionally in swamp. Has a natural reaching attack. Swims. If you kill Grendel, you get an ominous message of some sort. The next time an unique is generated, it will be Grendel's mom, who should be a nasty, top tier type unique (on level with Boris, Xtahua etc.)

Grendel's mom should never be generated otherwise.


A half clad savage, the self-proclaimed defender of the Lair's denizens. Only found in the lower levels of the Lair. He carries a dagger but in melee he'll also grapple and constrict. When seriously wounded Greystoke will call the beasts to his aid (best would be summon elephant herd, but maybe just shadow creatures for typical creatures).


“I speak for the beasts, for the beasts have no tongue.”

“Me Greystoke, you dead!”


“Leave the yaks alone!”

“Don't feed the bears.”

HD/GE/Gn trio

Three uniques that show up together in the vein of Dowan and Duvessa. One is a Hill Dwarf, one is a Grey Elf, and one is a Gnome.

The hill dwarf wields a lochaber axe and worships Okawaru, who grants minor healing and life saving. It makes a show of praying before trying to kill you.

The grey elf is probably some sort of hybrid. It uses glamour on the player, and throws poison needles at you. It also has Silence that doesn't decay.

The gnome is an earth mage. It casts Lehudib's Crystal Spear at full range, uses Tomb of Doroklohe when injured, and wields a staff of earth that ignores your AC. It worships Vehumet and casts a cantrip flavoured as channeling mana.

tgw 2010-07-28 00:52

The good news is that this is in, but the bad news is that it's already removed. — og17 2010-08 -13 14:15

Mytins the Felid Lich

A felich who couldn't make her phylactery (paws…), so she can rely only on her cat lives. And she's on the eighth already.

She's ancient (lich…), having branched into necromancy after seeing her grandma Iskenderun die of old age. The latter's race is known: in RL, this was the name of the first swimming cat brought to Europe and the first umpteen pages of Google don't show a single other living being by that name. A non-sentient cat wouldn't be able to become the most famous conjurer, so Iskenderun being a felid is obvious.

Pink h, with an obviously themed tile. Killing her makes her immediately respawn in a safe place on the level, once. — KiloByte 2012-02-28 13:48

Headless Huntsman, the

A classic, the hunter cursed to continue hunting eternally, while carrying his head under his arm and accompanied by a bunch of ghostly hounds. To tell the truth, I'm just really fond of the hound skeleton tile and would love to see a unique coming with a band of them. :) Seeing how skeletons can't change levels and hounds appear early on anyway, I guess this only makes sense for the early dungeon. The hunter himself should have the same speed as his hounds and animating corpses to join the hunt would fit the spirit of the idea, though not my depth suggestion. Hmm… — jpeg 2010-08-12 22:54

This really needs something to make it more than a weaker faster Grum, I think. — og17 2010-08- 13 13:55

Humphrey, the Boggart

e: Alright, tweaked around with this even though the chances of a unique boggart based on Humphrey Bogart getting in the game are close to zero.

He is basically a boggart, except tougher and spawning many levels before boggarts normally appear. He should be physically strong enough to take a few hits and also to give back some to the player.

Spells: Same as a boggart

Description and possible quotes: e: Re-done Humphrey's speech. He speaks weird pseudo-1940's gangster slang interspersed with a few Humphrey Bogart quotes.

Description: A hard-boiled boggart who reeks of old booze and tobacco smoke. He has been tasked to find the orb by a mysterious dame.


Terms used for players: Shamus, gumshoe, flatfoot, flattie, wise guy, elephant ears, elbow

* I've knocked off bigger goons than you, %player%
* You're in a real jam now, %player%
* Time to put the screws on you
* Scram out, %player%
* Your goose is cooked
* I've got the bulge on you now!
* You're gonna sleep with the fishes
* You'd better dust out, %player%, before I pop ya
* Here's looking at you, kid.

Melee attacks:

* Time for the ol' one-two
* Bam! Straight in the beezer! / kisser! / pan! / schnozzle!
* This'll cool ya!
* I'll paste 'ya in the pan, palooka
* It's lights out for you, %player%
* When you're slapped, you'll take it and like it.

Casts spell:

* This here's the bee's knees / cat's meow / cat's pajamas
* This is the stuff that dreams are made of.


* Better fade 'til this gets outta hand
* Time for me to split this joint
* If you kill me, how are you gonna get the orb?

There is no boggart unique in the game, so why not add one?

His dialogue needs to be more cohesive and actually be directed towards the player. However, I will say that “this is the stuff that dreams are made of” is particularly appropriate for casting Shadow Creatures. =) — Minced

Ibrahim, late-game spellcaster

'A ragged adventurer and scholar, covered in arcane symbols and brands, who explored the abyss and came back 'altered''. Late-game unique. Casts fireball and occasionally firestorm, and can banish player to the abyss. Carries a random staff or stave. Will change into a tentacled monstrosity if damaged too much in close combat. 'Dont make me angry. You wont like me when im angry.', 'I have seen horrors you could barely imagine.', 'Im beautiful just the way I am'.

Iscarot, the twisted

Humanoid, wears random armor, wields a random weapon that is always of distortion. Spells: Blink, Teleport Other, Banishment. Description: Space seems to distort around this hunched figure. “Lugonu is my master!” “The Abyss awaits!”

Minced: Here's some more potential dialogue for Iscarot. I've tried to preserve his generally crazy, twisted feel:

“I'm sending you to a better place! aHAHaaHAA just kidding!” (upon successful banishment)

“Time for you to go back to the place you will be from…”

If you're a Lugonite he is still hostile but has some additional dialogue:

“Lugonu keeps the demons very, very well fed!”

“Lugonu scares me almost as much as I do!”

Furthermore, he should momentarily reappear if the player banishes him =).

Kyllon, centaur scout

An experienced centaur scout. Scout explains why he comes alone (similar to the lone centaur you often see by D:5). I'd like to make Kyllon not necessarily more deadly (in particular, no offensive enchantments), but rather much better at escaping. Uses faster regeneration, teleport (emergency), blink (emergency), flees early (say with hp down to 2/3 or less). “You aren't a threat to the tribe.”, “Another slow footed and witted loner.” (if not Sp or Ce), “Traitor!” (if Ce), mutters “two|some snakes [1] and one [player race], nothing to write home about.” [1] = some monsters that are not player species, “I've seen dragons|armies in my life.”, “Reconnaissance is the most important part of warfare.”, “Know your enemies and know yourself.” (Sun Tzu).

Larissa, merfolk water mage

“Most say the devastating water magic of the merfolk has been lost to the ages. Larissa respectfully disagrees…”

As a merfolk, she's got a spiffy polearm, perhaps a good demon trident, glaive, or bardiche. She has three spells: 1. blood-boil: “You feel your blood boiling within your veins!” does fire damage and has 50% chance of sending player berserk. Only cast in melee range, so ranged characters are at a (slight) advantage. 2. geyser: “A pool of water springs up beneath you!” Creates some shallow water under (and around) your feet. You want levitation before facing her. 3. water cannon: “A torrent of water slams into you!” shoots a narrow torrent of water. Does physical impact damage and pushes your character back. In other words, if you're not levitating, it may push you into deep water and kill you. If you *are* levitating and are using a melee attack, it's just annoying.

  • We now have merfolk water mages, aquamancers. — jpeg 2010-01-16 14:49


Based on an idea I had for a monster 'Brute', I think the mechanics might be better suited for a unique.

Mungo is a giant, big and dumb. He is also really strong. So, he ends up destroying everything in his path. Mungo does not “open doors”, he walks through them - or he might not even find the door and might just bust through the wall.

To add to the destructive nature of Mungo, he is able to wreck dungeon features that are normally untouchable, like stores or altars.

His punches knock back the player and he is strong enough to occasionally punch the player through the floor.


  • 'It CLOBBERIN' time!'
  • 'Mungo CRUSH!'


Late game unique Deep Dwarf Hunter (an untaken color @)


“A Deep Dwarf, silent and gaunt, wearing darkly tinted goggles and bearing an elaborate, scoped crossbow. Scorch marks run up his hands and arms. He is consumed with grim determination.”

Suggested stats (note that these are extremely speculative/guesswork on my part)

Speed: 7 | HD: 14 | Health: 120 | AC/EV: 6/6 Damage: 30 | Resistances: magic(128) | XP: ~2000 |


::upon encountering player::

“Beware, a blazing nightmare blunders and rages here. Let me help you.”

::moving throughout the level::

“Move slowly, I sense that it is near.” (emphasizes the innate mapping ability unique to Deep Dwarves)

::upon seeing Phosphignis::

“For all my slain brethren!”

::fighting Phosphignis::

“Dare not approach it!”

::upon death of Phosphignis::

“And so I am revenged…”

Battle Mechanics

Always found on the same level where Phosphignis is generated near a staircase leading upward, with the goal of the pc meeting him before encountering the creature. Crossbow bears a permanent frost brand. Will never leave this level/vault with you. One of the few surviving members of the Deep Dwarf colony/borehole project annihilated by Phosphignis, bent on revenge. I like the idea of this concept because it adds flavour as to why there are so few non-pc Dwarves encountered in DCSS. Always starts allied with pc in order to destroy the monster. Either dies during this attempt or joins pc permanently upon success (as in, now able to leave the level with the pc). If this reward is too unusual/broken, he could instead disappear up a staircase after giving the pc a present (or not).

straydusk 2010-06-04 09:47

Phosphignis (golem)

Late game unique golem, “Magma Golem” (light red 8). Modified from an earlier submission; see revision history for Phosphignis (dragon).


“A colossus of animated molten lava given form by an unknown power. Deep Dwarven excavators dug it out from its earthen stasis within the dungeon's mantle, resulting in the sundering of their entire colony. Its churning visage radiates a blinding glare hot enough to melt even the most enchanted of metals.”

Suggested stats (note that these are extremely speculative/guesswork on my part)

Speed: 10 | HD: 18 | Health: 160 | AC/EV: 10/20 | Damage: 40 | Flags: non-living, see invisible | Resistances: magic(192), fire+++, elec+++, poison+++ | Vulnerabilities: cold

XP: ~8000 | Spells: Bolt of Magma (3d27).



Battle Mechanics

Phosphignis is completely encircled by numerous clouds of flame/fire vortices populating a wide radius around it. If the player is hit by any of these, in addition to regular damage, the weapons and armor of the player have a chance of experiencing permanent -1 debuffs akin to Elyvilon's dulling or corrosion from an acid splash. This is to represent them melting from the incredible heat Phosphignis emanates. This could alternatively be done within an unseen radius around the golem, but I don't like the idea of such a debilitating side effect being unseen to the player being thus affected.

Phosphignis changes the tile it is on (and indeed, all of the tiles it has previously been on, those now found in its wake) into lava (the golem is so hot it melts the floor it is on; it would therefore have to be able to be submerged in lava without experiencing harm. It would also be awkward if there was water present on the level it generates on). These lava tiles reform back into normal ones over time once Phosphignis is destroyed, as a result of them cooling down and resolidifying. As Phosphignis is essentially animated lava assuming a humanoid form, and would always be found within lava, perhaps there could also be an intrinsic regeneration factor at work, but this might make the monster overpowered.

Phosphignis also exerts a halo effect on nearby enemies equivalent to The Shining One's ability, representing how bright it is. It has a high EV value due to its extraordinary brightness, which blinds attackers. Alternatively, this high dodge rate could be implemented by having a minus to-hit debuff always present on the player while they are within a certain radius of Phosphignis. This sounds more difficult to implement, however.

Finally, on the deathblow, as per http://crawl.akrasiac.org/learndb.html#ideas #22, “its circulation can't keep it from overheating and it EXPLODES IN A HUGE FIREBALL.”

Some comments :
  • A giant radioactive earth dragon would be awesome.
  • However, Crawl's already a bit crowded on the unique dragon front with Xhathua and the Serpent of Hell.
  • There has been discussion of adding thematic “guardians” for the Hell Branches, much like the Serpent, so Phosphignis would be great for guarding Dis!
  • If Phosphignis indeed is accepted as a hell guardian, there could be a 50% chance of its dwarven adversary generating somewhere in Dis:7 (much like Murray in the vestibule).

> — Minced 6/03/10

I really appreciate your helpful comments here! I've modified the original idea in light of the fact that the previous dragon concept was, I agree, completely redundant when Xtahua is taken into consideration (which I did not; see the revision history for this article stub for the history of the Phosphignis concept). Currently, there are no unique golems in DCSS, so this current incarnation of the monster might fit better within the game by being (relatively) more original. Basically, I like most the idea of a very bright and very hot earth creature that is surrounded by a debuffing heat and blinds the player. The intent is to make the creature very hard to melee, and also to create a unique situation in the game in which you have a temporary ally to help you fight something. Whatever form this combination of ideas ends up taking is less significant to me than are the actual mechanics behind the fight. — straydusk 2010-06-04 09:36

Proteus, shape shifter

Proteus = Greek god of shape shifting.

As a Shape Shifter, Proteus should be in human form when you approach him (so you know it's him), but as soon as he notices you he begins shifting. He should change faster than most shifters, and be more likely to change into something dangerous than something wimpy like a yak.

Screaming Sword, the

Meeting a unique dancing weapon would be fun, but the Singing Sword has too sunny a disposition for my taste. Instead, the player could battle the Singing Sword's errant brother, the Screaming Sword - a cursed weapon with a bark far worse than its bite.

“A monstrous blade of black steel, softly raving about the exquisite taste of blood. Those who sought to possess its power have become nothing but its possessions, an entourage of scarred human cattle the sword tends to slake its bloodlust.”

When the Screaming Sword screams, it drains all nearby monsters - including you - of a small amount of HP (much like Yred's mass vamp draining). It comes with an entourage of humans to use for HP fodder.

Minced 2010-7-21

Rat King, the

From wikipedia: “Rat kings are phenomena said to arise when a number of rats become intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, excrement or simply knotted.”

The Rat King would be an early-game unique, kind of like a land-bound kraken, which has rats instead of tentacles. It inflicts disease on anyone that comes in contact with it, maybe even poisoning them as well. As long as the 'head' is alive, it is able to spawn new 'tentacles'.

There should be a sewer vault that has the rat king waiting at the end.

Schrödinger's Cat

A early/mid-game unique felid wizard. It is notable for having a Mara-/Rakshasa-like ability to summon illusionary duplicates of itself. Ideally the duplicates would die if hit (1 hp, 0 AC, same EV as original), but could deal damage like their master. As a felid has low attack by nature, this should not be too powerful. Killing Schrödinger's Cat would also destroy all its duplicates.

Both Schrödinger's Cat and its duplicates can blink, ideally at the same time (would require a special spell). Possibly it could silently swap positions with a non-adjacent duplicate. Schrödinger's Cat should also be able to cast Mephetic Cloud.

Possible stats:

Existing Felid (0.11): Speed: 11 | HD: 5 | Health: 10-25 | AC/EV: 2/18 | Damage: 10 | Resistances: magic(40)

Don't look at these, the existing monster is merely a dummy so show_player_species can be defined.

Schrödinger's Cat: Speed: 11 | HD: 8 | Health: 40 | AC/EV: 2/25 | Damage: 15 | Resistances: magic(100)


Early game unique Female Vampire (grey b –> grey V)


“A stealthy and cunning vampiress who braves the light of the upper dungeon to sup on the youthful blood of the brash and untested.”

Suggested stats (representative of if she is found early in the game)

Speed: 10 | HD: 3 | Health: 25 | AC/EV: 0/10 | Damage: 6(vampiric) | Flags: undead, evil, spellcaster, see invisible | Resistances: magic(35), cold, poison

XP: ~120 | Spells: Invisibility, Ensorcelled Hibernation


“Such a long road ahead of you, why not just forget about it all…”

“Sleep, and dream of me…”

“The cruelty of aging does not befit you. Let's remember you as you are…”


Player encounters an unlabeled Giant Bat. This Giant Bat is not distinct in any way from the ones ordinarily populating the dungeon. When the bat is killed, however, instead of leaving a corpse it transforms into a vampire, Threnodora. I like the idea of this mechanic because it will surprise the player with a strong (yet not overpowered) unique monster at an unexpected time early in the game (where more uniques are needed). Players can avoid generating her by not killing Giant Bats, but this will most likely be ignored strategically as they are easy prey and a reliable provider of uncontaminated meat. If this concept is liked, but it is felt that she appears too early, she could be moved to the mid-game, albeit with her stats modified to make her a more difficult enemy accordingly.


Found anywhere in the dungeon where there are already Giant Bats, though perhaps excluding certain levels (1- 3, etc.) depending upon where she is felt to be most appropriate difficulty wise.

straydusk 2010-05-25 21:37

Though I like the idea, I'm not quite sure of some of the motivation. First, given the number of occasions where I have greeted Duvessa, Dowan, Sigmund, and Pikel on the same floor, I think Crawl has plenty of early uniques at the moment. Second, giant bats are a real threat to early-game spellcasters and other EV-based characters, especially in conjunction with other monsters. Finally, hibernation and high speed give Threnodora significant thematic overlap with Aizul, and her dialogue seems highly reminiscent of Illusiw's.
Minced 2010-06-03
This was really helpful feedback for me, thank you! The motivation behind her early appearance was entirely in response to the statement at the top of this wiki page that more uniques were interesting for the early game. If this is no longer felt, instead of being generated upon the death of a Giant Bat, Threnodora could instead spawn upon the death of a higher-level Insubstantial Wisp, Wolf or Rat genus creature (tying her more in with a Bram Stoker concept of a vampire, given these additional forms assumed). Thematically, her suite of abilities could also change to better reflect this while also making her more unique gameplay-wise. Maybe replacing what is currently above with either Phase Shift, Paralyze, Confusing Touch (she would be unarmed), or Summon Small Mammals? I agree that her dialogue should also change, ideally after determining what playing against her would be like. Basically, there is currently no unique Vampire monster in DCSS, which is what I wanted to create here. I’d ideally preserve her vampirism, her name and the fact that she starts off as another monster genus and surprises the player. — straydusk 2010-06-04 10:11
Just push her down to spawn on DL 5-8 or so, by which point even the squishiest of casters will no longer consider bats a threat. I like the idea of a “surprise” unique like this early in the game. Hibernation might be a bad idea though–it'd be fair if you fought her on her own, but if there's the possibility that she'll pop up out of nowhere in the middle of a situation involving other enemies (which she can) she shouldn't have an ability that'd paralyze you even briefly. Invisibility is fine, and perhaps slow as a second spell. Uniques with spells intended to prevent you from fleeing themselves is one thing, but she's already got one gimmick and doesn't need another. Perhaps it would be interesting to give her access to spammals like normal vampires, since I don't think there are currently any early-game summoners (make her use it only once every dozen turns or so, though). — brickman 2010-09-21 08:34


Topsy the zombie air magic Dire Elephant.
Based off the elephant Thomas Edison electrocuted in 1903 to demontrate the perils of alternate current.
Should spawn at the end of the lair to spice things up.
May move in bursts much like a Sixfirhy and cast low to mid level air magic.
Flavor may be something like: A long dead elephant, seems to be animated by some electric charge still lingering in her body rather than necromancy.

Unique imps

Kleofas the Mad Painter

Kleofas is an unique Imp roaming the Abyss with a paintbrush and a bucket(buckets?) of paint. He paints walls to random colors. He takes credit for the way Abyss looks and talks to himself. He's not agressive but will retaliate if provoked (or if player comes too close). erisdiscordia suggests he should be easier to leave alone than to kill. — b0rsuk 2011-05-30 20:44

Wethe the Imp

Wethe is an otherwise normal imp, but is usually generated with an unenchanted one-handed weapon, and can cast blink, throw flame, fire brand, and flame tongue. He can pop up in levels where other imps can.

Thewe the white imp

Thewe is an otherwise normal white imp, but is usually generated with an unenchanted one-handed weapon, and can cast Blink, Ozocubu's Armor, Freezing Aura, Condensation Shield, Ensorcelled Hibernation, Throw Frost, and Freeze. He can pop up in levels where other white imps can.

Zeel the shadow imp

Zeel is an otherwise normal shadow imp, but is usually generated with an unenchanted one-handed weapon, and can cast Blink, Pain, Vampiric Draining, Regeneration, and Animate Dead. He's a resourceful little bastard.


There is a very small chance of one of these named imps being summoned with the Summon Imp spell (if they haven't already been killed), and if they are, are highly likely to be hostile.

Anyway, this is a thought to “spice up” the demonic summoning idea, as in traditional mythology it IS supposed to be rather dangerous. There could be named demons of the more powerful summons which are also much more likely to be hostile as well. This could also add a subtle play difference between characters who summon demons versus characters who summon animals, as animals wouldn't have the more hostile named monsters and would be “safer.”

Description: A [flavor] imp which looks particularly devious.

Comment by Eino:

I'm not sure if the possibility of hostile summons (and powerful ones at that) fits Call Imp balance-wise. It's already not that great a spell (there's a plan to improve it with giving the blinking regular imps ranged weaponry/ammo, so after that it might fit).

That said, I really like the flavour (unpredictable demons), it fits and I wouldn't mind a bit of pain involved in all the demon-summoning spells, although it has to be balanced carefully.
I'm working on something that combines a few of the ideas above with more in the way of interesting speech, flavour, and backstory. Have been discussing it with dpeg, so these might be implemented, but in a slightly different way too what's described here. — due 2010-01-16 23:39


Vanessa, the Yaktaur Captain Who Would be Queen.

tavern thread: https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8551

“A yaktaur captain with dreams of ruling all of her kind. Not content with merely leading her pack, Vanessa has sought out magics normally outside the ken of her people. She leads her yaktaur pack through the dungeon, looking for victims to test out her new found translocational powers. you'll do.”

Vanessa is a unique Yaktaur Captain who uses translocation spells to better leverage the strengths of a yaktaur pack. By using spells and items to blink the player away and force them to keep distance, she and her yaktaur charges are more likely to stick with what they are good at: ranged attacking. In theory the appearance of the tile would be a female armored yaktaur captain wearing the horned helmet of a would-be warlord.

With Disjunction and Blink Other Away she will bounce the player away from her (and the pack by extension) allowing them to continue to fire their bolts. Using dispersal bolts (possibly via portal projectile to always ensure clear LOS) will also keep the player off balance, potentially blinking them away (or toward) from escape routes. Disjunction should in theory mean that any blinks closer to Vanessa might end up with the player getting a shove backwards anyway. Repel Missiles on Vanessa is a possibility, but might be a bit much with a tenaciously ranged threat.

“A pack needs a good captain, and I'm the best!”

You might be thinking, “Oh god another yaktaur. I will get you” but hear me out. It adds a bit of color to what are otherwise rote Yaktaur pack encounters, provides plenty of opportunities for tactical planning as you try to deal with an ever shifting battlefield (or wear stasis). In theory she would spawn anywhere a Yaktaur pack could, with perhaps with two(+?) more depth so her pack isn't likely to be the first you find.

“I just need my personal space.”

HP 120~ (A fair bit more than a normal captain) |HD 16 ?? (a bit more.) |Speed 10AC 5EV 5MR 64 (a bit more)Attack1 30 (hit: plain) (a bit more) most everything else is like normal yaktaur captain, save 'is a spellcaster'.

“How about a long-distance relationship?”

Spell set Slot1 Disjunction Slot2 Blink Other Away Slot3 Blink (ideally only when the enemy is in melee) Slot4 (Portal Projectile? Would this work with a mob?) Slot5 (Repel Missiles? Might be too much, and out of theme with translocations.) Slot6

Always comes equipped with a sometimes-branded crossbow, dispersal branded ammo (even though bolts normally cannot be dispersal branded) and a spiked or winged helmet that has a decent chance to be magical. Vanessa is always accompanied by a pack of normal yaktaurs armed like a normal yaktaur pack.

“Personal Space! Personal Space!”


A Vampire unique found in Crypt. Appears as a weak giant bat. If you attack him, he'll turn into his natural form (very powerful) but otherwise, will just bat around as bats do. When in normal form, he is immobile. His attacks come in the form of eye effects (staring at you), this balanced by the fact that he cannot move and that his bat form is very weak. He can mesmerise the player and vampire summon (thus it will be difficult for the player to know which is him and which isn't). His eye effect can sleep you and, if he sleeps you, he will perform a les vampire kiss to heal the damage you have done to him (and damage you by that amount). Possibly have these abilities irresistable (the vampire kiss will only heal the damage done to him, thus he cannot kill you unless you severely wound him). His normal form is also invisible, and he cannot be silenced.

The idea is that the player first sees a random bat flying around and decides to carelessly attack it. This will provoke Vlad to normal form and all that irresistable sleep will hit you. Initially, the player should run away, since Vlad is likely to summon spammals before attempting to sleep you and also, since he is immobile in normal form. Once the player leaves LOS, Vlad returns to bat form but the player will be aware of his presence. As attacking him will just increase the damage of his kiss when he sleeps you, the player will need to think of alternative methods of disposal, ideally killing him when he is in bat form. Attacks with very high accuracy will do the trick here. — studiomk 2010-09-10 01:07

You pretty much have to give his bat form a lot of extra HP; it'd be very very easy for the average player to accidentally kill a bat in one turn by that point in the game. Possibly make it extra dodgy too. Also, aren't hostile spammals a bit weak by the crypt? At least upgrade him to imps or something. — brickman 2011-04-28 16:30

Will o' the wisp

A unique wisp that resides in the swamp, it lures helpless travellers to an untimely death. Basically, it is a wisp with the ability to mesmerize characters. Just seems appropriate.

Comment by poop:

Hmmm, mesmerization would actually be NASTY if there were plenty of insubstantial wisps around it. I'd also make it cast confuse since confusion is so deadly in Swamp.
As for a monster description, I'd suggest:
“A substantially less insubstantial wisp.”

Anonymous comment:

As it stands now the best tactic to use versus will o' is to stand still, confusion just makes it more so, just wait until will o' closes in and then kill him, but what if we add the sirens ability into the mix (to move the player one step closer to the monster and to a watery death), combined with the wisps natural movement algorythm…. now that would be an interesting encounter. :D

Of course it might be a bit too deadly, for a docile, peaceful place like the swamp.

Comment by Ero:

Perhaps more interesting: Will not follow you out of Swamp (but will follow within levels of Swamp). Uses Mesmerize as in FR. Follows you around, flying and staying above deep water, but it will not approach closer than P..@ (2 squares). If you're 1 or less squares from it, it will attempt to blink to a visible-to-you deep water square on the other side of it from you. Thus it draws you deeper and deeper into the swamp - and while it doesn't attack, it moans eerily and may bring more threats to you.

This may sound crippling, but there are ways to deal with it: scrolls of fog are a great candidate thanks to blocking LOS, but you can also teleport or blink, or use summons that can reach it.

Suggested description:

What seems to be a flickering lamp in the distance, to learn more about it, you need to be closer.

Escape spell: teleport self

Xom worshipper

A unique that used to be a worshipper of Xom, but Xom threw away as being boring. The mutations caused by Xom would be implemented as a random list of innate spells, plus random modifications to the monsters AC, EV and speed (plus random resistances and vulnerabilities if that's possible). Also has a slightly bigger than normal chance of having good equipment, god gifts it got from Xom.

Proposed name: Mudgely.

“Any surviving ex-plaything of Xom was either too strong for Xom to break or too boring for Xom to bother with. Mudgely fits both criteria.”

His dialogue reinforces that he's a total bore. ;-)

“Sorry, I can't think of anything witty to say right now.”

“Do you see my nose anywhere? I can't find it under all these scales.”

“You remind me of this wart on my back. It talks like you do.”

“I breathe fire, but I just don't feel like it right now.”

“Xom always said he wanted a 'teddy bear.' What's a teddy bear?”

Xoms (bodypart)

Lore: Xom during his/her many antics lost his/her left toe to a bear trap while visiting the human world and it now jumps between dimensions spreading havoc and chaos to anyone in it's path. Well basically xom in some way lost a body part and it's running wild.

The “toe” would be a high speed, high resistance, high AC/EV monster, it would be confused like a butterfly and have blink/teleport(perhaps). It would have no melee attacks or any conjurations and it can't tell friend or foe apart, everything that is in it's LOS is it's plaything. So basically it would be like worshipping xom but a xom that acts alooooooot faster. This would include being able to gift items, or not if too scummy but I've made some ideas for how to avoid it being broken.

Xoms bodypart would act like a timed portal vault, once you enter a level where it has spawned you will get a message, and after a period of time it would jump planes, leaving the human realm. With the possibility of coming back in the abyss/hell for example, unless you've killed it ofcourse then it can never come back in the current game.

I'm thinking that for xoms bodypart to be happy/interested in you, the higher tension level the better. So to be able to abuse him in chance of getting items or perma friendlies you would have to put yourself in danger.

Other monsters would be able to attack the bodypart incase it stands in it's path trying to get to you. And anything that attacks the bodypart (including you) suffers from xom's wrath. So if you're lucky the bodypart could find that stone giant hostile and summon something to kill it, cast slow on it or whatever. If you're unlucky it might zerk/haste that stone giant that is attacking you or polymorph everything in sight turning does slime creatures into something nasty.

Well I'm not that knowledgable of what xom actually does but I think this unique would add alot to the game, it's very different from the other uniques/monster that exists in this game and it would fit thematically to the game aswell. — rkd 2011-08-30 20:57

Xom's Teddy Bear

A large bear with chaos branded attacks. When in combat, carries a chance that Xom acts.

Smarter than the average bear.

Xom thinks this is hilarious.


A merfolk death knight of Yredelemnul who has enslaved another (enslavable) unique or player as part of his posse, which should otherwise be pretty small or weak (eg. some flying skulls, not a pack of bone dragons).

Equipment: polearm (potentially ego), leather armour. If his enslaved soul has chain lightning, he should have a source of relec (like a ring, or his leather armour). (Or maybe just always have a source of relec?)
Spells: Based on the DK invocations: Animate Dead, Injury Mirror, Vampiric Draining, Enslave Soul

The enslaved unique is a spectral copy of the unique, as if a player DK had enslaved them, but must not have previously appeared. For balance (and flavor) reasons, the enslaved unique should have been able to appear previously, but did not. They will also not reappear later.

The enslave soul spell Ystrom has is mostly flavor. It can only be cast on the player (kind of boring if he enslaves a pet and it replaces his unique), if the player is of a living species, and if the player is killed in the appropriate number of turns, they get a slightly different death message: “Your soul now belongs to Ystrom.” Further, this is recorded in the bones file; when the player ghost could be placed, instead it would be placed as a spectral version of the player accompanying Ystrom as his enslaved soul.

If you kill Ystrom before his enslaved soul, the enslaved soul is dismissed (eg. “Erica's soul is freed.”) and you get no milestone. (This can mean that no milestone is generated for some player ghost appearances, but that's already true if they just avoid the ghost altogether.) If you kill the enslaved soul first, you get the milestone.

(tavern thread created in an effort to get more feedback)

Fedhas Wolves

Fedhas wolves are made out of stick a leaves and travel in a pack of 5.They turn into trees, when they die.After 10 turns,if the other pack members are still alive it will turn back into a wolf at half health.

This is not a unique… — Zannick 2013-08-17 20:26


Unique ettin berserker-wizard, whose two heads were never able to agree on their goal. Karl became a berserker and thus this unique will go berserk on sight and try to beat you to death with a great mace of giant spiked club. But Albert was more into a magic and he is a skilled wizard, being capable of spellcating even when his other head is berserked. Albert sometimes wield some magic staff and he will try to ruin you with his spells on the same time as Karl will beat you. Karl-Albert could wear na amulet of berserker rage to explain his berserekering without 'Trog hates spellcasters' problems.

Albert’s spell set:

Lehudib’s Crystal Spear
Bolt of Draining
Minor Healing

red_kangaroo 2013-05-02 21:22

Meowing hydra

Felid spellcaster in permanent hydra form. Essentially, spellcasting hydra with an extra life & jump attack. It may be generated in lair 5-8, ork 4, swamp 1-4, spider nest 1-4, dungeon 12-15 (never on the same level as vaults entance).


Glyph: bright green 'h'.

Examination “Somewhat smallish, unusually cunny sentient hydra. It makes unnatural sounds. Hydras don't have sentience and don't meow. It's probably a magical cat whose experimentations with transmuting magic and mutation potions led to terrible results.”


“If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.” ― Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

Suggested stats

Speed: 10 (move: 80%) | HD: 19 | Health: 90 | AC/EV: 2/18 | Damage: 18 per head | Flags: see invisible, spellcaster, no poly, cold-blooded, regenerates, starting equipment, speaks | Resistances: magic(52), rPois+, rDrown, rWater.

Abilities: Jump attack.

Spell set I: Invisibility, Paralyse, Cantrip (enchanter)

Spell set II: Haste, Haste, Cantrip (charms)

Spell set III: Blink close, Malign gateway, Cantrip (translocations)

XP: ~3500

Upon death it drops a transmutations book and spawns a pacified felid(monster) with same spell set plus Statue Form somewhere else.

Meowing hydra sometimes emits loud bassy meows, identifying its presence on the level, much like Gygahydra's presence may be identified by tree barking. — Kashira 2014-10-10 13:26

the Duck phantasm

Friendly unique who tries to follow you around, hitting you with Mark of Sentinel, making unpleasant noises and excaping from way of monsters who can sense him.

Wears enchanted randart helm. Drops it upon death.


An annoying apparation of a deceased duck. He seems to like you though.


Suggested stats

Spd: 9 | HD: 8 | HP: 54 | AC/EV: 1/12 | Dam: 15 | Evil, Insubstantial, Levitate, Sense invisible, Speaks, Open doors | Res: magic(60), rC+++, rPois+++, rN+++, rTorm, rRot+++, rSticky, rConstr, rDrown, rWater | XP: 0


Enemy-targeted: blink range

Ally-targeted: blink close, mark of sentinel, corona.

Snorts while idle. Effect is the same as yelling.

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