I went to the trouble of implementing Tukima (proposed at tukima). Feedback on the design and intended flavor is greatly appreciated, as are opinions on whether the patch is worthy of incorporation into Crawl. Patch is at https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=2778 for those interested.

Intended Flavor

I want Tukima to be creepy. She's a perpetually dancing ghost who happily prances about as her coterie of dancing weapons disembowels your character. She also wants your soul as a spectral dancing partner.

I also want to reinforce Tukima's connection to dance and song. In the current implementation, she casts spells via ballet movements and has a dance-flavored cantrip. I probably butchered this dialogue, since I don't know anything about ballet, so help is appreciated.


A master enchantress in life, Tukima's spirit chose perpetual motion over the repose of the grave. So long as she dances, her spirit lives on to 
spread joy amongst both the dead and the living. She desires nothing but ever-more sublime dance movements, an appreciative audience, and a
fellow spectre to dance alongside her. On that note, she seems unduly interested in your soul... 

Sample Dialogue

+Tukima cast
+Tukima weaves a pattern with her spectral knives.
+Tukima jumps to perform a pas de chat.
+Tukima leaps into a pas de poisson!
+Tukima performs a soubresaut!
+@The_monster@ exclaims, "I never get tired of watching this."
+@The_monster@ asks, "Have you ever felt haunted by the need to dance?"
+@The_monster@ explains, "If I could tell you what I felt, there would be no point in dancing it..."
+@The_monster@ chuckles, "Your body is so clumsy! Shall I rid you of it?"
+@The_monster@ calls, "Will you, won't you, will you join the dance?"
+@The_monster@ asks, "Would you care for a dance?"
+@The_monster@ wistfully exclaims, "I've searched so long for a dance partner..."
+@The_monster@ pleads, "Your soul could dance with me forever!"
+Tukima killed
+@The_monster@ whispers, "I'll be waiting for you..."


  • Tukima's dance party: temporarily animates weapons on the ground. Her trademark spell, very deadly.
  • corona: Seems a little weak for such a powerful character.
  • blink: fitting of a dancer.
  • haste: Probably will give her haste and weaken her attacks.
  • deflect missiles: almost mandatory for an enchanter.
  • cantrip: makes your character want to dance(!)

From what I've heard, the Tarantella has an irresistible dancing attack, which would likely be fitting for Tukima but would drastically up her danger level.


Tukima comes with a mix of phantoms and dancing weapons. I'd like to make the phantoms “dancing spirits” or something instead, and/or guarantee that one of the weapons doesn't suck.

This unique should be a disciple or something, it'd be better for flavor than fighting a “story” character and wouldn't be asking to get dispelled. Also, why does it need a weapon band when it could just spawn in Blade? — og17 2010-11-04 23:17
Hmm, not sure what you mean by a “disciple” (of whom?) or a “story character.” Could you clarify? — Minced
Of Tukima, surprisingly enough. It's pretty weird to kill guys like Iskenderun or Ozocubu or Olgreb or whatever, I'd think they're supposed to be bigger than that. Having this sort of character exist only in a larger-than-life sense through spells, labs, and items is better than having it be another schmuck that you knife for his robe.

This specific Tukima flavor is good and all, but it's unlikely that it'd remain an isolated case and I really don't want the game to end up full of wandering archmages that guest-star in their own wizlabs. — og17 2010-11-05 01:20
Since many of spellbooks are “ancient artefacts”, it doesn't make sense for them to contain spells authored by people who are still alive. Liches and ghosts are ok, though. — kilobyte 2010-11-05 12:13
Tukima is indeed a ghost. If she's still too auspicious to be a mere unique, the ghost could be a *fragment* of Tukima, lending her even more mystique. — Minced
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