Designing Monsters Guide

Let's try to assemble a page of monster design wisdom, with rationale.

Only run away if it matters

Running away should be used sparely. In some cases it causes additional challenges, but mostly headaches.

  • Weak monsters shouldn't run away. They won't be any stronger next time around. Examples: rats, fishes, giant mosquitoes (could spawn on D:1 if it wasn't for their 10 damage).
  • “Bat dance” is ok and doesn't count as running away. I like giant mosquitoes and blowflies. “Bat dance” allows them to offset their poor HP and put their disease attack to good use. Blowflies are reasonably tough so running away makes sense.
  • Fast healing combines well with running away. Combination of fast healing and quite high damage makes Slime Creatures genuinely dangerous.
  • It makes sense to run away for monsters with weakening attacks (disease, poison). I would still count mosquitoes as too weak to run away, though.

b0rsuk 2009-12-12 10:04

b0rsuk is spot on. — dpeg 2009-12-13 03:28

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