Monster Spells & Magic

Issues with existing spells

  • Major demons summoning minor demons should be a free action 1846064
  • Polymorph Other 1856570
    • Kirke's Porkelator partially addresses this

Also, several monster spells can affect the player, but not other monsters; it would be nice if this were fixed:

  • Gaze attacks from giant eyeballs, eyes of draining, etc 1864335
  • Brain worms 1864335
  • Orange crystal statues 1864335

Monster Versions of Existing Spells

Control Undead

See 1727196. Similar mechanics to abjuration, except turns friendly undead temporarily hostile.

New Spells

Spectral Revenge

Create spectral versions of recently killed monsters. See 1972596.

Invisible Other

I think it would create distinct tactical challenges - otherwise predictable monsters could become dangerous. Put it on Ogre Mage (some would spawn with Haste Other, others with Invisible Other) b0rsuk

Excellent idea. — evktalo 2010-04-12 20:35

Summon Boring Beetle

A spell which monsters should use to dig the player out of the corridors. A corridor-camping player will eventually face several beetles at once, and once the beetles have been dealt with, the position is now ruined defence-wise.

Should be given to players too I think. The Boring beetle will carve away with the drawback being it wakes up the entire level. — studiomk 2010-07-27 02:32
It would be a tedious Dig spell, which is going to get removed in itself. — evktalo 2010-08-07 16:26

Summon Rock Worm

Another monster summon to drive the player out of the corridors. The player will need to move into the open to combat/avoid them effectively.

Shouldn't be a player spell: the monster AI can't handle invulnerability inside the walls. — evktalo

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