Spawn Location Reform

Ideas for changes to monster generation:

  • Generation should be affected by level type 1625349
    • Levels with a lot of water get higher chances for amphibians, oozy monsters, ice beasts, etc
    • Levels with lava get higher chances for firedrakes, dragons, efreets
    • Levels with room-like structure get higher chances for humanoids
    • Cavernous levels get higher chances for bats, unseen horrors, 'natural' monsters, etc
  • Not just level type, but specific features placed on a level — b0rsuk 2009-12-12 08:59
    • Shops “generate” humanoids.
    • Plants “generate” natural monsters, especially herbivores like yaks, killer bees.
  • Monsters are placed using floodfill algorithm based on their method of travel. That is, amphibians could be generated in all places on the level which have a walking/swimming path to water. Dragons would also consider flying. Teleporters may spawn anywhere. — b0rsuk 2009-12-12 09:09
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