Tukima's Dance

It would be nice if you could identify your weapon bonuses just by watching them fight.

  • If you're skilled in the weapon type, you could identify its bonuses at half the speed (or the chance?) as if you were wielding it.
  • If you don't have any skill, you could still eventually identify its bonuses but it would be much slower. Maybe 4 or 6 times slower as if you were wielding it with 1 skill level. So a pure spellcaster who wishes to use Tukima's Dance a lot and select the best weapons he can find won't have to go beat up plants with every weapon type to raise each weapon skill to 1. — galehar 2010-06-16 23:16

Dancing weapons already follow the player around, so could it automatically return to the player's hand (if empty, or at least the player's inventory) when the Dancing runs out *naturally*? The weapon could still fall to the ground if it is “killed” by an enemy, but:

  • It's repetitive to always have to wait for the weapon's Dance timer to expire, or beat it into submission (painful for the player, too!)
  • When the weapon DOES eventually fall, I then have to backtrack, pick it up, and re-equip it

andy 2011-12-08 19:59

I've been browsing back through some of my old posts, so I thought I'd add a hint for anyone like me when I originally posted this request. To retrieve your weapon without waiting for the spell to end, simply attack your weapon. The hint is how to do this with melee: while holding down the Control button on your keyboard, tap the movement key corresponding to the direction you wish to attack. Since your weapon is a “friendly”, you should get damage bonuses for a surprise attack (especially if you are holding a club or dagger.) WARNING: if you're following a deity that dislikes attacks on allies, you'll be in trouble. Also, if you DON'T “kill” the weapon on the first blow, it will turn hostile. I assume you already know dancing weapons are dangerous, since you are presumably reading this thread because of using Tukima's Dance. — Andy 2013-01-29 19:16

Increasing the scope

It could be interesting if Tukima's Dance could be cast on other objects, not just weapons. Such a spell would be too situational otherwise.

  • Cast on statues, it would animate them into golems
  • Cast on doors, it would turn them into Possessed Door. The door would act as a (fairly weak) creature and attack adjacent monsters until it is destroyed. It would also tell bad “Knock, knock!” jokes. Possessed doors would be useful to delay pursuing monsters.
  • Cast on Plants, it would make them constrict nearby creatures. But these animated plants would have weak attacks and monsters would ignore them.

b0rsuk 2013-05-24 10:00

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