Consolidated Spell Proposals

Ideas for new spells.

Currently there are a lot of new spells on this page. Would sorting them be helpful? I'm thinking of sorting according to non-(Conjuration, Charm, Hex, or Transmutation) schools. — dolphin 2011-04-23 16:03
At the very least, actually establishing some organization of spell ideas and details would make this page look much nicer.
Don't create empty placeholder pages if they aren't getting filled. The best way to start a cleanup would be to walk through this page and manually edit each and every spell and categorize them on *this page*. Then determine if there really is a call for separate pages. There are a lot of spells, but there are also a lot of duplicates and a lot of ideas that aren't fleshed out. For example, see what I just did to Elemental Food related spells (strikeout) and Food Extension (below it). I took the idea and all comments and created a consolidated concept based on the discussion. — XuaXua 2012-01-16 15:15

Food-Based Spells

Refrigerate Chunks / Corpse

Concept: euph0ria 2011-08-04 01:00 GMT Comments: squashmonster 2011-08-04 21:02, greepish 2011-12-06 19:14, XuaXua 2012-01-16 15:36

An ice spell to extend the life of meat chunks and corpses. During refrigeration, the rotting process is paused on the chunk, but it cannot be eaten, though it is still a candidate for Sublimation or Simulacrum. After refrigeration expires (thaws), the chunk may be eaten as normal or re-refrigerated. A chunk has a decreasing percentage chance of surviving refrigeration based on actual age.

For corpses, the corpse cannot be animated (dead or skeleton) or turned into chunks until it thaws. This would be a nice spell for necromancers to use for transporting corpses between levels.

Dry Chunks / Corpse

Concept: euph0ria 2011-08-04 01:00 GMT Comments: squashmonster 2011-08-04 21:02, greepish 2011-12-06 19:14, XuaXua 2012-01-16 15:36

A fire (or possibly air) spell to extend the life of meat chunks and corpses by turning them into a form of jerky. After cooking, the rotting process is slowed down, but not eliminated (it does not become permafood). Nutrition is decreased. The chunk can be eaten, and possibly used for Sublimation, but not Simulacrum.

For corpses, the corpse can be turned into a slightly tougher leathery zombie via Animate Dead, or as normal via Animate Skeleton. Or optionally it makes a corpse lighter (by removing fluids), for easier transport, but the resulting zombie is weaker.

May also be used to thaw Refrigerated Chunks/Corpses.

==== Elemental Food related spells. ==== I was thinking it might be helpful to have an Ice skill based spell to refrigerate chunks of flesh. Initially it would freeze the flesh so it could not be eaten for several turns, but it would eventually thaw and allow it to be consumed later. Helpful for those with sufficient Ice skill to prevent starvation in areas with few or no monsters. Also a cook food spell for those with sufficient Fire skill. It would allow a user to further preserve chunks of food by cooking it, possibly with a high risk of outright burning the food. This would extend the preservation of the food. Perhaps this might have a chance of turning the food into perma food perhaps. Foo Jerkey? Also maybe extending the rotting meat by cooking it in the same manner, perhaps with a lower success rate, or successful cooking of rotting meat may simply reduce it's nutritional value significantly as the source was already in partial decay. For Earth, perhaps the option to sprout or grow food at a sufficient level. Vegetarian of course. Small amounts, such as the grapes, strawberries, pears, etc.. found around the dungeon. Air – Perhaps Air could “Dry food” at a sufficient level to attempt to make “Jerkey Foo” small bits of perma food instead of fire. Jerkey taking a long time to eat, however? Maybe a combo of fire/air required to make “jerkey food”, and Ice(water) and Earth to grow bits of food? — euph0ria 2011-08-04 01:00 GMT >Refrigeration is really cool. Growing/creating new permafood on the other hand abuses the food clock. Doing something interesting with food is a good goal, but the chunk hunting and food rationing stuff is the only interesting thing about food right now, so sidestepping those is counter-productive. Refrigeration is still neat though, since it only bends that rule instead of breaking it. — squashmonster 2011-08-04 21:02 »Spells which create permafood would either need to be very high level (effectively making them end game when food is less of a problem) or come with some major limitations (like being a god power with associated piety loss), otherwise they would basically break the current food system. Spells which just extend the shelf life of food, on the other hand, might not be so bad. The freezing food idea is interesting and spell or ability that just slowed down food rotting might not be too over powered since it wouldn't allow you to max out your food counter. Honestly, however, food really isn't that much of a problem to most experienced players unless you are either casting big spells or are one of the high metabolism/restricted diet creatures. I think you'd need to make food more of a problem before these spells would be a good idea. »>Well it's not just for satiation, refrigeration could also be useful in keeping chunks up for sublimation. Perhaps if used on corpses, it could make them rot slower, which would have many purposes. — greepish 2011-12-06 19:14

Equipment-Based Spells

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Concept: ????? Comments: nubinia 2010-10-3 11:00, XuaXua 2012-01-17 16:30

  • Alternate names: Tukima's Ballet / Corps de Tukima / Tukima's Flash Mob
  • A more powerful version of Tukima's Dance which temporarily animates multiple objects (weapons, armor, equipment) in line of sight.
  • Duration + mass or weight of number of items should be the challenge, or each item in line of sight is checked individually.
  • Animated items:
    • weapons will act as animated weapons
    • equipment will block movement paths, like butterflies.
    • Conceptually, this spell could be used to just animate weapons,
    • at near failure, hostile items could be generated
    • cursed items (or alternately negative items, like potions of poison?) should be generated as hostile per Sticks to Snakes rules.
    • objects should be treated as summoned, not raised;
      • * objects will travel between floors.
      • * spell can be used to travel with heavy objects as animated allies
    • corpses, skeletons and chunks (definitely) could be animated, but should act as either butterflies, or neutered equivalent undead.
      • * Rotting should continue during animation.

This midlevel enchanter spell is like Tukima's dance, but it randomly animates objects in LOS. Weapons would be useful - the rest funny :) Some should be hostile I guess? Also good for carrying heavy objects, if your spell level was sufficient - maybe translate spell power to total mass + duration? A more lethal version would just animate weapons (Tukima's Ballet?). — nubinia 2010-10-3 11:00

Air Spells

New Air Spell - Shocking Touch

by Vandal from 242

Venom Mages no longer start with a weapon, which makes having Poison Weapon in their spell book sort of conflicting. Like how Fire Conjurers have Earth in their book, and Frost have Air multiple times, I think since the Young Poisoner's Handbook already has an Air related spell in it. It wouldn't hurt having 1 more. I think the Air Elementalist book could also use this spell as a replacement for Deflect Missiles or one of the other 2 L2 buffs. 3x defensive / utility self buffs and no single target damage spell is awkward, and yes I know all 3 of them are good spells, but players can always get the missing 1 again later from another book.

Shocking Touch would act like Confusing Touch, starting out weak, but gaining power by repeated casting, and unlike CT discharging completely in one touch attack that can't miss, and does 100% Air dmg (fully resistible).

These are just an example numbers, but something like an additive 1d6 per cast at minimum spell power, scaling up to 2d6 at mid power, and capping out at 3d6 at max spell power. Maximum stack, 3 charges (9d6). Disperses completely in 1 touch attack. Also note that 3x casts of Throw Flame or Frost would do 2d9 x 3 or 6d9 dmg, so these example numbers could probably work without breaking the game. Same max potential, but smaller range in exchange for being a melee only spell.

Venom Mage difficulty in the early game goes from good, to completely boring with Mephitic Cloud, to “oh god I'm starving to death from missing with Venom Bolt why can't I kill this imp / giant frog zombie”. This would help smooth out their game play experience in conjunction with an MC nerf. Instead of long periods of MC granted immortality punctuated by 5 minute (tedious) zombie kill attempts, it would be more fun all around with more consistent difficulty.

The spell itself is takes 3 turns of preparation + melee range to fully take advantage of, making it situational, risky, and not an “I WIN” spell like the current Meph, but would help make a major deficiency less crippling and game “un-funning”. A smooth difficulty curve is a good difficulty curve and much more appealing to players, regardless of where the curve starts.

This spell would be grossly overpowered for spriggans: run away, charge up, zap enemy to death. Furthermore, it conflicts with the design goals of the transmutation forms: extra unarmed damage spells should be more flavorful than “charge up your fists with element X.” And no venom = not in poisoner's handbook.

However, I do see some potential for the book of Air. While the book of air is extremely strong, static discharge is a dud. With a little reworking, this spell could be renamed “static discharge,” and could encompass the unpredictability of the former static discharge by discharging towards a monster involuntarily. A player could charge him/herself up, walk into a room full of baddies, and expect to damage the first enemy to enter range quite badly.
Minced 2010-06-15 11:16
Why does the Air Magic need so many lightning themed spells anyway… I reckon Static Discharge should be removed and replaced with an irresistable *air* (not lightning) spell. — studiomk 2010-08-07 12:51

Gale Force - Mid-Level Air Spell

To replace static discharge (need more air spells, rather than lightning, in my opinion) in the book of air.

What it does is cause a blast of wind to blow around the caster. The wind travels in a specific direction (specified by casting direction) and can be stacked for greater power/duration. The spell causes monsters caught in the wind to slow down in the direction against the wind, but speed up if travelling with the wind. The caster is also affected by this. The initial blast also does an amount of damage depending on monster distance to caster.

The wind lasts for a duration equivelent to spell power and the radius of the wind around the caster is also based on spell power. At max power the user can expect to do a fair amount of damage (in the initial blast) to all monsters in LOS, with the wind lasting a considerable duration. Also, at higher power, the wind can be strong enough to significantly slow/speed monsters depending on what direction they travel in. It stacks with swiftness and flight, bringing the player to minimum movement delay. Flying monsters will automatically travel in the direction of the wind even if standing still, so a levitating/flying caster may not want to cast the spell. Obviously since the wind aids everyone, it will not help the player in escaping (other monsters will have the same speed boost) unless the caster is flying.

Implementation wise, each tile is filled with a 'wind' tile. Where a tile is occupied by a wall, a random tile at the outside is chosen until an empty tile is found. This means when casting in a corridor, the spell will have considerably greater range (kind of fits with air magic in the strategic 'bolt bouncing' idea and will aid in slowing monsters enough to get a bunch of bounced bolts in at range). All monsters within a designated 'wind' tile will be affected until leaving the area. When travelling in the wind, the message 'You are caught in a torrent of air!' (or other appropriate message) will be displayed, but obviously the player will not be able to tell what their range is just by examining with the eye.

Repeated casting of the spell will cause more initial blasts and greaten the strength of the wind to the point where everything is blown in its direction. Casting the spell in a different direction will start to negate the initial wind strength.

This would involve some math to implement but it's not too tricky anyway (and I can give guidance on said math if necessary).

Clouds caught in the wind will be blown away but still remain on screen. This means it would be possible for a player to blow meph, freezing clouds, poisonous clouds, or flaming clouds away over monsters that might not even be in the clouds in the first place. It'll give an air player the option to remove themselves from a particularly bad cloud without using blink, but obviously not instantly as the clouds need several turns to traverse. When a blown cloud leaves the range of the spell, it will start to dissipate much much faster.

There could be additional bonuses/penalties to projectiles used under the spell. Projectiles travelling with the wind could gain the velocity brand or simply have their damage multiplied. This applies to all projectiles that *could* be aided by greater velocity (so obviously pain would not receive a bonus but stone arrow would). Projectiles travelling against the wind suffer a reduction in damage.

Additionally, items on the floor could be blown around for flavour. As an example,a max power air elementalist should be able to blow the orb towards himself at max LOS.

I want it to be a multi-function utility spell that has damage properties as well as tactical ones (to have it see much use even late game). The damage is minor and not a viable choice in taking out groups of particularly bad monsters however. It would probably do 1/4th damage of airstrike to monsters next to caster, scaling down to 1/16th at max LOS (flying/levitating monsters take considerably more damage though!). It's main appeal is irresistable slowing (but the player will not be able to run), cloud relocation, a speed boost (when used with one of swiftness or flight), item relocation (although less of an appeal and more of a gimmick). — studiomk 2010-08-07 12:54

Another thing. Since conjure ball lightning is so difficult to control, you could make this spell blow the balls wherever. It would cost a lot of MP but the end result would be a controlled conjuration. or maybe the player sets up the wind in a corridor, kites the monsters, casts the spell and watches the orbs blow into them. And Air Elementals/Insubstantial Wisps/Vortices should be blown away reallly realllly fast (and probably become 'bewildered and confused') since you're pretty much blasting away their substance (much like airstrike). — studiomk 2010-08-07 13:57

Storm Mail enchantment/air 7

It's tornado armour! Gives an evasion bonus and a strong passive damage attack. Come on, how can you not like a spell with a name like storm mail?

Since enchantments are ridiculously overpowered right now, this spell is meant to be a bonus for whichever half of enchantments pairs with air magic after the upcoming enchantment split.


Revamped static discharge

Now this would be the same static discharge but you place it on a square instead and it's activated when a monster steps on the square. This would be more mana efficient in a fight since you could place it beforehand and regen back the mp before luring monsters into it. You should not be able to place more then 1 to 3 static discharges at a time, there should perhaps be a limit on how long the square is activated before the spell dissipates.

A second thought I had about static discharge would be replacing it with “thunder strike”, a smite targeted L4 or L5 (air/conj) spell that does medium damage to it's initial target and then branches out similar to static discharge on nearby targets for less damage then the initial strike. Now it's quite similar to airstrike but can be resisted since it's an electrical attack.

rkd 2011-06-11 16:46

The name “Static” would go well with trap-like spell, and as some people have pointed out it would make Static Discharge something different (and in my opinion, better) than “Chain Lightning's near-useless inferior brother.” My proposition is that Static Discharge act as it is ONLY IF cast when adjacent to monsters. If there are no monsters adjacent to the player, the player's occupied square becomes “statically charged”. Anything other than the caster moving onto (or even adjacent to) the “statically charged” square gets shocked, with the shock capable of jumping from the original victim to adjacent creatures.

andy 2011-06-30 19:10

Fire Spells

Steam shield. Fire\Ice\Conjuration spell. Level ?

Name isn't good but I can't think of something better

Effect: Every tile adjacent to the character is filled with steam, but not the tile were character is standing. With higher power radius of the cloud increases to the maximum of 4

Such spell would be good for offense if surrounded and for defense like scroll of fog, but unlike scroll of fog you can't run through the cloud without damage

Fire magic should increase Damage only Ice magic should increase Radius only Conjurations should increase Duration only

In this way you must have every magic skill high enough to make this spell very powerful and it's not easy strategic decision to have both fire and ice.

Such spell would be unique, and have several strategic uses — strobgpoint 2010-08-07 11:30

Flame Lash

Spell Description In Book:

Create a whip of flames to lash at your enemies! The farther your enemies are, the deeper your lash cuts. For best results, flambe your opponents from 4 spaces away.

Mechanics: The idea here is, a medium range Fire spell that deals more damage the farther a monster is from the caster. Accuracy would ideally be 100% because after every cast the spell will lose 20% power against a monster moving closer to you, or faster if the monster is a fast mover / hasted / blinks. Damage would not ignore AC. The range / power drop off would be -20% per square closer to the caster, so @* is 20% dmg, @.* is 40%, @..* is 60%, @…* is 80%, etc… This -% is applied after the spell power based die roll.

  • Parameters:
  • Spell Level: 2
  • School: Fire
  • Max Range: 5
  • Dmg: 1d4 @ min spell power, 4d4 @ max spell power, before range penalties. Minimum dmg at max range should equal the number of dmg die being rolled, 1 at min power, 4 at max power. Most FE would start with enough Fire skill to have 2d4 immediately or with a little training depending on aptitudes.

Practical Application of the Spell: Possible replacement for the Throw Flame spell. The damage scales well with power and it can be an incredibly mana efficient spell if the caster uses it at the proper range. Vehumet's range buff would extend the 100% dmg range to 5-6 squares instead of just 5.

Comedy / Reference Alternate Name: Belmont's Flame Lash (at max power up in some Castlevania games your whip caught fire)


L2 Fire/Enchantment Reduces the target's resistance to fire by one level (not below zero levels). This would be a method for FE to deal with fire-resistant enemies, since fire mostly lacks options for nonelemental damage. Nicely differentiated from the other elements' answers to such monsters, like TI and Airstrike. — tgw 2010-11-14 03:32

Even if we agreed that every element needs some nonelemental damage this doesn't really solve the problem, because most of the enemies who have two or three levels of fire resistance and thus require non-elemental damage are also effectively immune to a level 2 enchantment. At least late in the game. — brickman 2010-11-14 19:11
Are level 2 spells usually tailored to late game? — tgw 2010-11-14 20:04
As far as I see it, the spell is about making low level fire spells work against opponents who wouldn't be affected otherwise. It should encourage fire casters to pick up Ench. Therefore (as long as schools in multi-school spells work equally), the spell should be Ench only rather than Fire/Ench. — dpeg 2010-11-14 21:05
Fire doesn't have problems with early resistances. If it did, and if there was some desire to have the school kill everything by default, it'd make more sense to remove those monsters' resistances than to add a spell that bypasses them, as if the caster has the ability to approach every enemy in the same way, there's no reason to pretend they're unique in the first place. Of course, in reality the actual course of action would be to learn IMB or similar, which has been working just fine. — og17 2010-11-15 01:51

Oil Splash (Fire/Conj) Lvl 3 or 4

This spell would potentially be a replacement for Sticky Flame and possibly Conjure Flame. Sticky flame was overpowered when it was ranged. However, switching it over to melee ranged attack makes it a bad choice for fire mages who lack defensive abilities. The idea behind this spell is to decrease the rate at which a caster could set enemies on fire. It also gives them a new tactical element and allows them to keep their ranged focus.

Oil splash is a short to medium ranged spell that fires sticky flammable oil at the target but doesn't light the oil. The next fire based attack to hit the target causes to oil to light and inflicts damage like sticky flame. Before igniting, the oil could also have some minor blinding or irritating effect (slightly reduce speed, penalty to hit, reduced LOS, etc).

If you wanted to make the spell more versatile, you could also allow the spell to be targeted at the ground, leaving a oil puddle (like a blood stain). If a fire projectile passes over them, oil puddles would ignite into very short lived (1-3 rounds) clouds of flame. They would also ignite if a neighboring tile contains a cloud of fire, allowing mages to create larger oil traps. When not lit, they could reduce the speed of targets that enter them like shallow water.

A later, more powerful version of this spell could create a bigger splash of oil with a 3×3 radius or fire a bolt of oil that leaves behind lines of oil puddles. — rosetintedglasses 2011-07-05 22:15

I disagree with the premise that short-range spells are bad. Crawl needs more short-ranged spells that are not level1. At the moment range progression is almost completely linear. Better spells invariably have long range. Static Discharge is still bad. Tramsmutations start short-ranged and remain short-ranged. No surprise there. — b0rsuk 2011-07-06 08:20
This isn't true at all, there's a completely non-linear progression of range. For instance Crystal Spear is a high level conjuration with short range. Some transmutations give you a ranged breath weapon. Evaporate has decent range and is low level. Throw Flame / Throw Frost both have long range at level 2. — mumra 2011-07-06 12:44
I agree that having variance in ranged spells makes crawl more interesting, I just don't think short range spells make sense in Fire. Currently Fire doesn't really have much of a theme, it just does damage and makes the most sense at a decent range. Ice has defensive power, air has speed and ranged protection and weird projectiles, earth has area denial, defense, terrain shaping. I designed Oil splash to give some more options to fire while still keeping it ranged and damage focused.
I've played around with Inner Flame and it is a cool addition to Fire. It was another attempt to give the Fire school more interesting spells. However, I don't think it actually works well as an early spell. Getting enough enemies close together to make it worthwhile is hard early on. — rosetintedglasses 2011-07-06 21:22
I think the problem with the oil splash idea is that it's a spell that is completely useless on its own - it requires an additional fire source to actually do anything. The situations I find most interesting and useful are where two different spells that have a purpose on their own actually combine to produce a different and potentially even more useful effect. A good example is the Enslave + Inner Flame combo that Galehar mentioned on the forum. Or Poisonous Cloud + Ignite Poison. My favourite combo to abuse lately has been Apportation + Animate Skeleton + Sublimation which basically lets you keep going in a fight indefinitely. It's great when spells synergise like this, but the components need to stand on their own with an interesting purpose, otherwise they might as well just be rolled into one spell. — mumra 2011-07-07 18:49
Interesting point. I was trying to design it with some other capabilities without an ignition source (slowing, blinding, etc) but I was worried to push those points as otherwise it would be too powerful. I would point out that Oil splash wouldn't be the only spell that relies on another spell. Fullsome Distillation and Evaporate are not really very useful unless you learn both but together make one of the coolest attack concepts because of their versatility. If Oil Splash were included mostly in spell books that contain fire spells, then I don't see the requirement of having one fire spell be much of a problem. Especially given flaming weapons and flaming ammo. I'd love to see recommendations of how it could be made better but still balanced without a fire source. — rosetintedglasses 2011-07-08 23:06
Fulsome Distillation has a couple other uses, whilst fairly minor. Up to the midgame it's incredibly useful to Id all the bad potions (particularly mutation). And it's a reliable source of mutation potions, if you're into gambling. It was also a cheap way to train Tmut/Necromancy (prior to the skills revision). But the Fulsome / Evaporate combo in general gives you a whole variety of effects, whereas Oil Splash is still limited to only one effect. — mumra 2011-07-11 03:16
You may be right that Oil Splash is too limited unless it is implemented with the other capabilities that I mentioned above, like mild incapacitation when unlit and leaving oil puddles that slow and can be turned into fire clouds. Another possible effect would be like greasy hands in Nethack which make target's weapons slip out of their hands. With all (or some) of the abilities I listed, I think it has almost as much flexibility as Evaporate & Distillation. It might also be creeping into overpowered territory so it would be important find limitations. One interesting way of changing the spell would be to have it convert potions to oil and then throw them like Evaporate and have it explode into a 3×3 grid of oil puddles.— rosetintedglasses 2011-07-18 19:33

Translocation Spells

Iterated Blinking (tentative name): mid-level Ench/Tloc

mrmistermonkey 2010-06-15 05:06

Tentative description: This spell infuses the caster with translocational energies, resulting in short translocations as it discharges.

Inspired by blink frogs and imps with blowguns, this spell temporarily grants the effects of the Blink spell every turn or few without consuming player actions; it is intended for ranged combatants with a desire to stay away from their adversaries at the risk of blinking in the wrong direction too many times, and when combined with teleport control, running away from while firing at enemies (I'd imagine it would reduce number of potential hits from executioners)—(or just running away really quickly if used in conjunction with normal blinking, though that's probably overkill for most cases, especially considering glow) at the risk of tons of magical contamination.

Sounds grossly overpowered with tele control, but if it ignores it, I like the idea. — kilobyte 2010-06-15 10:16
Is this fixable by reducing reliability or adding magical contamination of its own such that adding teleport control for the entire duration would commonly to reliably escalate glow to at least yellow? — mrmistermonkey 2010-06-15 18:59
After some thought, I agree that this would be more balanced and interesting ignoring teleport control. — mrmistermonkey 2010-09-09 01:14
If it ignores teleport control, it should probably have a name that forgoes any mention of “blinking” so that people don't assume that ctele has the same effect that it does with normal blinking. Something like “Volatile Translocation” could work. On the other hand, it doesn't have to ignore ctele entirely; say the spell has a chance of blinking you every 1d3 turns, with a 1/3 chance of an uncontrolled blink, 1/3 chance of semicontrolled blink, and 1/3 chance of controlled blink (a volatile spell indeed). — wensleydale 2010-10-05 10:39
What if you don't have teleport control? Is it totally uncontrolled, and thus likely to land you in new territory which adds more monsters to the fight? How about if you have no cTele you have a 2/3 chance of uncontrolled and 1/3 of semicontrolled, and if you have cTele it's 1/3 uncontrolled, 1/3 semi and 1/3 fully controlled?— brickman 2010-10-30 21:56
How about something different? Without teleport control, the spell could blink you randomly. But if you did have teleport control, you could specify an anchor for the spell, and you would blink around within the (broad) edge of this circle. This would allow a caster to completely dominate a lone melee enemy, but it's fun and thematic, and would be completely useless against a ranged foe. — zchris13 2011-05-08 20:09
Try this out for size: With or without teleport control, it blinks you only within 9 squares (that is, a little past LOS) of the square it was originally cast on, and within sight of the previous location. Passing transparent walls is optional. (The area in question should probably be highlighted.) Within that range, cTele gets you a semi-controlled blink. but if that would send you out of the charmed circle, you get an uncontrolled blink within the area. — mental_mouse 2011-09-19 01:16

Evict Soul

Translocations/Necromancy 4-6

Evict Soul removes the caster's soul from their body. When you cast this spell, you are cast out of your body, which you no longer control, and become a mere spirit; the advantages of this are that your body can beat on something while you are casting spells at it.

In mechanical terms, the player assumes a new form, “spirit form,” while his or her body appears as a semi-intelligent ally. The body is constructed much like a player ghost, and cannot cast spells or use ranged attacks, but is a perfectly capable melee fighter. The spirit is controlled by the player, but is completely incapable in physical combat, and sheds its personal belongings: no armour, no weapon, no consumables. Phantom versions of jewellery are probably okay, otherwise the spirit would have no defense. The spirit has only half the HP of the player in life, and the lack of armour means very little AC or SH, but EV is still online. If the body dies, the player dies; if the spirit dies, there is some sort of punitive HP loss, like Borgnjor's Revivification but more so. The split can be ended prematurely (though this takes a turn), in case the body gets into trouble.

Characters who will enjoy this include:

  • Split AC/EV casters. The body will enjoy having high AC, while the spirit will have enough EV to make it at least somewhat survivable. Since the EV is left on the body, the spirit can bust out high-level spells which the player can't cast in corporeal form.
  • Hybrids of any sort. Reavers double their damage output by using melee and conjurations simultaneously. Summoners can fight and summon at the same time. Enchanters can hex enemies. In the optimal case, this spell is just as good as haste, since the character is doubling the number of actions they can do. Crusaders don't appreciate this as much, as the spirit is a pathetic melee fighter.
  • Notably, there is not much synergy with necromancy or translocation. This is why I am looking at the 4-6 range for spell level; characters looking into this spell will often have significant investments in other schools as well.
Sounds like astral projection, but with a moving body. Perhaps you could have a lower level version that just allows a mobile spirit, while the body remains catatonic? The spellcasting benefit would need to be reasonably sizable to offset the risk. Presumably the spirit form would have levitation, which might allow pursuit into otherwise inaccessible areas. — jeffqyzt 2010-12-22


b0rsuk 2010-02-27 14:58

School: Translocation

Level: 4

Places a magical sigil in player's position and starts a timer. Once the timer runs out, player is teleported back to the sigil. Could be very useful for hit&run attacks, looting dangerous vaults etc. Lots of tactical possibilities, against monsters which can't open doors etc, one way passages, prevent running into dead end if you anticipate it… I see no reason to disallow this spell in levels with no teleport control. Amulet of Stasis and -TELE items should stop it one way or another. Limiting the spell in Abyss and Labyrinth doesn't seem necessary.

  • Why should this controlled teleport be allowed in areas that don't allow controlled teleport? — og17 2010-02-27 17:36
    • Why is controlled teleport disallowed in the first place ? Because it can make rune/loot retrieval very easy on some levels. Teleport control is disallowed because the intention is to make player fight the guardians. Because of its nature this spell can only place player in already explored areas, so it doesn't need to be limited in “high security” areas. — b0rsuk 2010-02-27 19:04
      • Stick your head into a vault, snipe a guard or two, automatically escape, guards start wandering, repeat. The problem isn't moving into danger, but out of it. Theme is also a concern, I guess. — og17 2010-02-27 19:17

Precision: like Controlled Blink or scroll of Blink, within radius of 1

Default timer: 10 turns. Player receives status R10, which changes each turn. –More– once Rewind is triggered.

Spell power affects: random timer deviation. Starts with +/- 4 turns, gets to 0 eventually with high skill. For gameplay reasons it might be best to make it one way only, for example 10 turns or up to 4 longer (not shorter). A bit more predictable this way, and prevents frustrating attempts to ambush a monster and retreat (I try to use regular Blink that way and it can be frustrating).

If Rewind is cast while player is standing on the sigil, extra turns are added to the timer. I think this makes the interface simple while still allowing for customizing the timer and daring assaults.

If Rewind is cast with a rewind timer already in progress (and player is not at sigil location), the spell fails.

Optional rules:

  • Telefrag (potential to insta-kill a monster if you Rewind to an occupied square. Could be quite cool. How to prevent cheesy use like casting adjacent to a monster, take 1 step back, wait ? Perhaps max damage depends on Translocation skill ?)
    • I don't like a telefrag mechanic here at all; the school has no similar damaging abilities and this one is both too easy and too awkward. And why wouldn't the much higher-level controlled blink allow telefragging as well? How would you handle non-fatal telefragging, anyway? — og17 2010-02-27 17:31
  • Scroll of Teleportation cancels Rewind status
    • This would have to give glow, as teleport is both castable and evokable. Returning to the sigil would also need to give glow like other controlled teleports, though that might be a given. — og17 2010-02-27 17:43
      • Why ? Glow is used as a balancing measure. Precise teleportation and blink at will is very powerful, that's why it produces glow. Haste is very powerful, so it causes a lot of glow too. There's no reason to believe this spell would be very powerful. Blink and teleport are often used to flee from danger and nasty surprises. Rewind can only do that if you anticipate it (and it's often impossible). — b0rsuk 2010-02-27 19:04
        • How would this not be powerful? Characters that don't need MP for damage output could use it as a reliable safety net, and characters that do need MP would still use it to see what's around any questionable corner, using it as a sloppy divinations replacement. Characters that aren't overly concerned about glow like ghouls, vampires, and perhaps Jiyva followers could likely pull off all sorts of things between this and controlled blinking - this spell is effectively a level-wide (or multi-level?) controlled blink with time constraints. More mundanely, it'd turn kiting most creatures into a joke - shoot at the thing until it's a turn or two away, cast sigil, run down hallway, repeat in the other direction. How exactly do you see this spell being used? — og17 2010-02-27 19:47
          • It can be powerful, but there's certainly difference between this and precise blink (or teleport) at will time after time. First of all, it's timer based, and I see the timer no shorter than 10 turns, so it's not more often than that. Because it would be used once in a while, glow would not build up as quickly as with haste or controlled teleport unless you artificially compensate for less common effect. You bring up cheesy hit&run attacks. No amount of glow is going to prevent that, unless it already starts at mutating level. So the spell can be balanced in other ways. Cheesy/grinding tactics you mention would become seriously hampered if Rewind was balanced with Noise instead of magical contamination. In worst case make it produce loud noise when teleporting back occurs. This way, you could use it once against any vault. Assassinate some targets and steal some loot, and get out. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced noise is the way to go. It wouldn't harm combat use… other than attracting more monsters to the party, which is always fun, right ? You could even make noise level depend on spell power. — b0rsuk 2010-02-27 22:02
  • Could be cast on monsters. If so, should the sigil be placed on monster's or player's position ? I think player's would be more interesting, combo with setting traps etc, but the name would no longer fit the spell.


  • Sounds really cool! I think it should only be castable at the current position (this is nicer on the interface, and avoids issues like using it on immobile monsters, or for controlled blinking). No changing the timer, as you say it's gonna being annoying. I don't think it should be telefragging anything: if occupied, use an adjacent grid instead, or a nearby space, or a random teleport. If you allow teleporting while this takes effect, it would have an effect similar to Chei's Timestep invocation. Not sure if this is bad, seems like an obvious application: cast this spell, teleport away, prepare for combat, get teleported back to your Rewind position. — jpeg 2010-01-28 23:47
  • I'd prefer another name (“sigil?”), as “rewind” suggests that the game state is reverted. Also, while time manipulation flavor might fit a very high-level translocations spell, it's generally Chei's domain. Though actually, I wouldn't be adverse to straight-out replacing Chei's timestep with this, as it'd still serve as an escape mechanism but it'd have many other uses, require more thought than “panic button,” and have abuse limited by piety cost. It seems ridiculously good for a level 4 single-school spell. — og17 2010-02-27 17:30
  • Perhaps at least one cheesy exploit–ranged kiting–could be solved by giving the creation of the sigil a nontrivial casting time, like Passwall. Also, ten turns does not sound like nearly long enough–you'll barely have time to get off one or two actions against the actual enemies before getting yanked back unless you stack it, and demanding that it be stacked to have any effect sounds cruel. I would make the first casting give twice as much duration as the further castings add, and make low spell power cut duration by up to half. If you're using this for hit-and-run, or just about anything else really, and can actually see the duration (which is sure what you made it sound like but maybe that should be put up for debate), longer is always better since you could wait a few turns to enter if your duration is longer than you wanted. — brickman 2010-10-30 23:02

Dimensional Anchor

L5 Tloc.

A spell that causes -TELE in a radius (like silence does) but also prevents abyssal; it can stay at a permanent radius (depending on power, or constant at ~4) or go down over time like silence. This would stop opponents blinking or teleporting away at the end of fights, and could be used by monsters for the same reason to you. It would be mostly be useful for distortion weapon use on enemies, mimics, or uniques/monsters that blink/tele a lot (greater nagas, Nessos) (they don't blink away or go to the abyss) or on yourself to stop yourself being abyssed. It is useful because of this but not broken due to the increased inability of spell removal set to happen for 0.8. — casmith789 2010-10-03 13:18

Making the player just plain immune to banishment may be too powerful, but what about making all translocation effects instead do damage and/or magic contamination? That would make distortion better to use on the non-receiving end, but wouldn't make unwielding it free. — kilobyte 2010-10-03 15:33
The only way unweilding it is going to be not very-nearly-free is if blocking banishment causes damage to max HP. Which for an unprepared character is still better than actually going to the abyss. — brickman 2010-10-30 23:16

“Dimensional Anchor” implemented as a monster spell! Causes -TELE for the duration, used by draconian shifters instead of abyssing. — 2013-07-23

Spatial Strike

L3/4 Tloc

Allows you to make a melee attack against targets 2 to 4 squares away, depending on spell power. I envision this as being similar to Portal Projectile, but instead of throwing something through a small portal, you swing your weapon through a larger portal. Retaining the accuracy boost of Portal Projectile might be too strong, though I confess I don't know the to-hit formula that well. Alternatively, the spell could enchant weapons with Reaching regardless of weapon type (but not allowing it to be permanent on anything but polearms or whips, of course). I'm not too fond of this version, to be honest, because it'd end up being Enchantment/Translocations and I think Enchantment's good enough already (I know about the proposed splitting of Enchantments, but don't have an opinion as to how it should be done), but I felt the thought should be included. — GameKnut 2010-10-04 8:02

A tloc spell that allows one to make a smite-targeted melee attack would be very interesting, as long it's sufficiently differentiated from portal projectile. Some suggestions:
1) Decreased range.
2) Full LOS range, but damage decreases with range, with damage dropoff dependent on spellpower. At low spellpower you'd be doing slightly less damage to enemies two squares away, and basically no damage to enemies at max range; at high spellpower, you'd be doing damage comparable to a normal melee attack even at max range.
3) A minor distortion effect for enemies damaged by the spell (less severe than the distortion brand). More interestingly, there could also be a minor distortion effect for the attacker as well.
One thing to consider is that, assuming that the spell takes normal time to cast, it would be much more effective for slow weapons than fast ones. It would also be interesting to consider the implications for stabbers using this spell to stab at range. — wensleydale 2010-10-04 23:33

Phase Form?

dolphin 2010-10-29 18:35

School: Translocation\Transmutation

Really, this spell just comes from a desire to see a high-level “ultimate” for most schools, akin Necromutation or Ring of Flames or Ice Storm.

I was thinking about Phase Form as a high-end, more encompassing version of Phase Shift, granting the user some whittled down combination of:

  • High EV
  • Stealth
  • Distortion brand for unarmed attacks and unbranded weapons
  • Cheaper controlled blinks and teleports as an ability
  • Passwall as an ability
  • Affinity for Translocation magic
  • Boost in Stabbing?
  • Speed?
  • Synergy with Invisibility? (especially if that Enchantment becomes a Transmutation) (the hex didn't, it won't — Nivim)


  • Inability to interact with items, like Levitate?
  • Non-Tloc magic damping
  • Melding of some appropriate number of slots
  • Extended use causes glowing, rate of glow determined by Tloc skill
  • AND/OR Extended use causes “translocational/distortional glowing” that causes:
    • Banishment (By the point you can cast a 7-8 two-school spell, banishment is either mildly annoying or a good thing. — Nivim)
    • Summoning of Abyssal crowd around player
    • an inability to use Tloc magic (Banish pulls things out of the Abyss, Teleport Self moves you a square or two, Blink places you next to/into crowds, Control Tele deals distortion damage or Banishes you, …)
    • a level or two of teleportitis (Extremely annoying — Nivim)
    • a -TELE mut (Also annoying, but probably the most dangerous/nastiest thing on this list. — Nivim)

Just noticed this is very similar to Soulwarp, by Mu.. (I'm not sure what to do with this section now. Should I move this to a comment under Soulwarp or leave it where it is?)

This might one day make a nice spell, but the consequences aren't very well thought out and the abilities are just a buckshot of stuff that sounded right at the time. Before trying to fix it, think, what niche is this supposed to fill or create in the game? How will it be different from a bunch of other potion/spell buffs? — Nivim

Sympathetic Apportation

Level: 5
School: Translocation/Enchantment

This spell attempts to transport all items in view similar to the one wielded by the caster to the caster's location. Total weight apported would depend on spell power and artefacts would never be affected. Monsters carrying items would have a chance to resist.

Archers/Throwers would primarily use this to recover ammunition but it also could be used to disarm monsters (provided you already had a weapon of the same type).

By the time you can reliably cast a level 5 two-school spell you can probably have one of almost every base weapon in the game in your stash somewhere. The fact that one of those two schools is translocations just makes the scenario more obvious. Thus it is very important that monsters be able to make an enchantments-style resist for their held items, so we don't go around disarming every unique we encounter. That might not even be enough since you only have to succeed once and can teleport away to lick your wounds and try again, so perhaps we instead give each monster TWO resist rolls but take away the enchantments cross-school (I don't see how this is an enchantment anyways) and possibly drop it to level 4. The other major exploit is for packs of centaurs or yaktaurs; as a level five spell it stands a good chance of beating each one's magic resistance and they will all be holding the same weapon AND relying on the same ammo. As a level five two-school spell, though, perhaps we should just consider that a fair and valid use of the spell? It's only one level lower than deflect missiles, and while you can count on disarmed yaktaurs not making a lucky roll through your defense you won't get the whole pack on the first casting (thus giving them a turn or two to fill you with holes). This sounds like a very fun spell, especially for humanoid-heavy branches or for yanking away wands and potions if you know someone has one (I'm picturing it as the ignite poison of the orcish mines, only it's actually useful elsewhere). The part that really cliches it and makes me throw my support behind you, though, is that it implicitly favors large or strong casters with translocations, since they'll be able to hold more weapons in their inventory (maybe enough to disarm everyone in a branch) and keep the stolen stuff from being reclaimed. Since translocations is normally associated with the smaller and squishier races that sounds very cool. There is one more problem though–before this could be meaningfully implemented the code for judging disarmed monsters' damage output would need to be revisited, since it currently doesn't do much, and it would become important to make their AI tolerably good at judging whether it should go for a weapon lying on the ground or just try to punch you (especially in branches like orcs, since there will be corpses with weapons all over the place). — brickman 2010-11-09 00:00
Just about any foe which is most dangerous when using a wielded weapon in melee (as opposed to using other skills and/or magic) is pretty much toothless against a well-equipped mage anyway. The only significant impact on the game I can see this having would be helping to disable 'taur packs. Since that niche is already filled adequately by Repel Missiles and Deflect Missiles, I can't really envision how the game benefits from this spell. — dtsund 2010-11-09 03:20

Returning Brand

Translocations, possibly in combination with Charms, L3-5. Casting this spell gives the caster the temporary status of Return. Any missile thrown or launched from the caster during Return status is treated as though it has been branded with Returning, in addition to any other brand it might have. This would cause the missile (considering non-throwing are not Returning branded at the time of this writing) including Arrows, Bolts and Needles, to return to inventory. Re-casting this spell while still active extends the spell duration.

Translocation (plane shift) or hexes (Hold) L3 spell

Activates 1 square/tile so that when a monster steps on it the monster will be trapped for x turns allowing some time for you to escape. The monster is invulnerable to damage during the time it is trapped and any attack to the monster would just set it free from it's entrapment. The spell should check MR to decide if the spell lands or not, and how long it lasts should probably be based on the size of the monster, the bigger and stronger the faster it can break free. The purpose of the spell is simple, being able to run away from that ogre, orc warrior, hill giant etc.

If it's a hexes spell the spell would only hold the monster into place but the monster would still be able to use spells, ranged weaponry or even melee attack if the player is in range.

If it's a translocation spell it would create a sort of dimensional plane that the monster is in at the same time as it's in our dimension (similar to how phase shift works) and perhaps the monster shouldn't be able to use any spells or attacks.

Now there's no reason why this spell wouldn't be directly used on a monster instead of on a square, I just recently started to think of the idea of spells being used on a single square and being activated by monsters or the player stepping on them. Also if the spell would be made so that nothing, or nothing but melee attacks can break the hold on the monster then players could use it on themselves to get a free turn or two where they are immune to spells etc to heal up or cast teleport.

rkd 2011-06-11 16:46


Hex/Tloc, exchange the place between the player and a target. check MR.

I like it, because it's tactically useful yet demands some creativity. Example uses are: a) when you're stuck in a bad cloud b) when you just want to move out of a swarm c) when you want to attack a spellcaster and there's a strong melee monster next to it. — b0rsuk 2013-07-29 14:44


Inspired by the spell from ToME4. Translocation, level 4-6 ??

Map -1: Demonstration of Wormhole spell

Wormhole generates one virtual portal per X spellpower. Portals are marked with numbers on the map above. Destination squares are placed randomly, and are immediately visible. Monsters can occupy squares with these portals - nothing happens. Once you pick a destination, or after a short time, all portals disappear. Basically it's a “pick best teleport destination out of Y”, but with some catches:

  • Teleportation itself is instant, but you need to physically step into the chosen portal.
  • monsters can occupy these squares, which makes it a worse spell for escaping crowds unless you're not completely surrounded.
  • works best in open areas
  • Teleport Control doesn't work with this spell. The spell is a form of teleport control.
  • It's not a “one point wonder”, you need to invest in spellpower to make the spell good. I think Translocations seriously lack incentives to train.

Because of its synergy with open spaces around the caster, maybe it should be a Translocation/Air spell. — b0rsuk 2013-07-29 14:44

Hexes Spells


Target drops items in handslots (2h weapon, weapon and shield, etc).

Tukima's Firing Range

Level 4/5 Hexes Theoretically, it would be an ideal spell for Arcane Marksmen, but it can also go in the Book of Enchantments.

The spell smite-animates a ranged weapon and/or stack of missiles and then lets the caster shoot said missiles from that point; the damage and attack delay are 60% and 40% dependent on the higher and lower of the spell power and the corresponding weapon skill.

This spell has two main uses: because the missiles are being animated by magic, ranged users avoids penalties and disabilities from armour, shields, forms, or sizes to fire their own ranged weapons or any spare junklaying around, but has to invest into Hexes. Meanwhile, Enchanters gain a more direct offensive option, where their skill with manipulation can make up for their lack of precision with the instrument itself.

Also, like Passage of Golubria, it invites playing around with angles and behaviours, with missiles of penetration, avoiding missiles landing in deep water if they miss, or the clouds of steam generated with fire missiles over water.


Conjures a phantasmal rope that constricts the enemy. Effects as per constriction, with HD replaced by something dependent on spellpower. Size could either be assumed to be the same as enemy size, or normal.

A quick recap: constriction has three effects. It holds the enemy in place (without disabling attacking and casting), reduces EV, and does damage, with damage starting out low and increasing over time until the enemy escapes. The first two effects fit the hexes school, the third one fits conjurations. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with flavor that fits hexes. Could be a level 3-6 pure Conjuration, depending on the desired power level, or Conjurations/Hexes. Possibly an enemy only spell, to replace paralysis in some instances. In that case it should end when the caster dies. It is resisted (and escaped from) by HD, not magic resistance, which could make it quite interesting, but also somewhat overpowered.

Earth Spells

Drill - Earth or Earth\Transmutations level 3-5

Creates a shaft to run away or travel down faster. It's dangerous way to get out of trouble but better than death and I want to have nontranslocation runaway spell — strobgpoint 2010-08-14 19:03

Would nearby or adjacent monsters travel down with you? — ubergeek 2010-11-23 16:56

What about “Cave-In”, “Collapse Cavern”, or “Sinkhole” - cause an area effect damage + drop to next level down? — jeffqyzt 2010-12-20

Earthen Pillar

Level: 4-5 School: Earth

Turns an empty square into a rock wall square; fails if the targeted square is already adjacent to some number of existing walls (I'm thinking: require three or fewer adjacent walls, to prevent trivial blocking of corridors, though I think this restriction could be improved).

This spell would give earth users more control over their terrain, particularly in open levels, where it could be used to make cover and obstruct LOS, and allow the caster to fight fewer enemies at once. Gnomes could also use it to get rock wall at will, lessening the potential tedium of needing to draw enemies to the edges of bigroom levels. If the spell is silent, there could be stabbing synergy with passwall. Proposal is probably imbalanced as-is, though. — dtsund 2010-10-30 23:00

Gravitational Amplification

A mid-to-high level Earth spell (6-8?) which cancels flight/levitation (from all sources) in the immediate area. Of course, it only has an affect over earth (so monsters currently over water/lava are not affected). A levitating or flying player character can not cast the spell. Perhaps it would have a decaying radius like silence. At any rate, it would make shatter a more viable alternative to fire/ice storm for Pan/Ziggs and might have some useful tactical uses (such as hiding behind water from normally flying creatures). Perhaps it could also slow down adjacent monsters, but that seems too powerful. — ubergeek 2010-11-23 16:24

Maxwell's Iron Chains

A level 4 or so Conjuration/Earth spell which traps a single monster (smite targeted) with mystic chains conjured from the earth. Large or 'earthy' creatures will not be held as long as smaller or flying ones. This spell will also pull down any flying creature and make them much easier to hit (-EV), and make them vulnerable to shatter. — ubergeek 2010-11-23 16:24

I like it, kind of like magical throwing net. sealer 2010-12-11 23:52

Conjuration Spells

Anti-magic spell: Magic Anomaly

  • School: Conjuration
  • Level: around 6, so that it is hard for non-dedicated magicians to cast

Conjures sth. like a small storm of free magical energy that follows a single target. Can be cast on self, friendlies, or even on monsters, but in the latter case requires passing MR check.


  • All magical effects have a flat rate (say 60%) of failing before any other checks, regardless of source, i.e. both friendly and hostile. This includes all kinds of enchantments, teleportation, banishment, stat-draining via spells, mutation/polymorphing, petrification, abjuration when cast on summons, striking, and dispel undead when cast on undead. However, it doesn't protect from essentially missile spells like fire bolt where magical part “ends” where the spell is cast.
  • All spellcasting have about the same flat rate of failing, with all costs subtracted, but without miscast effects.
  • Glowing, at least at the rate of hasting.

In short, this spell is meant as a general magic-protection (though far from a foolproof one). Because its powers are very much unparalleled, there are strong downsides. For melee bashers the costs are high, especially since they have little incentive of learning conjurations for other reasons. For spellcasters, downside is significant weakening of your main damage source.

As a twist, it can be used offensively against spellcasting monsters, but then you need really high power to bypass their MR.

It provides some unique resistance, e.g. against striking, which can be very dangerous for low-HP magicians, but if cast on self, you very significantly reduce your spellcasting success rate. Why conjuration? I think otherwise such a spell would be too powerful for summoners as a way of heavily buffing summons against magical opposition. For no-miscasts rule, I guess otherwise around 50% fail rate would be just too high. Simply failing (“Magical anomaly around you interfers with your spell”) is already severe, but at least not suicidal. — doublep 2010-09-05 20:58

The effects of this spell strike me as similar to those of silence. Like silence, the core of the idea is that any magician who hinders magic is removing one of his/her strongest weapons. Unlike silence, it is not perfect, which hurts its theme. Being able to cast on friendlies is cool, though nobody is ever going to both casting it on enemies, when effects like petrify, banish, enslave are so much stronger. Putting it in conjuration is a cool idea, because conjurers are the ones hurt most by the drawbacks of the spell. But on the whole, I think there is not enough new here, and I doubt that there is enough room in Crawl for two medium-level antimagic spells. — nrook 2010-09-08 23:15

Magic Vortex

Another idea shamelessly copied from Master of Magicb0rsuk 2010-10-05 10:13

Level: High.
School: Conjuration ? Summoning ?

Magic vortex is a powerful entity moving over monsters and objects dealing terrible damage. It's not a proper creature, it uses the “cloud” slot. It can't be spawned in or enter areas covered with clouds (interesting drawback?). The caster can barely control it: each turn it moves two squares randomly, and player gets to choose the third move. This means extra micromanagement, so I guess it's best to limit this spell to 1 vortex at a time.

Note the mechanic fits Ball Lighting spell much more than current BL. Not that I have anything against the current Ball Lighting spell, but it would be better named Funky Bomb (Scorched Earth reference).

Alistair's Seeker

Level: 3
School: Conjurations
Book: Party Tricks

Alistair's interpretation of Iskenderun's Orb of Destruction.

When cast the spell will prompt for a target's name (e.g. Boris, Orc Warlord, or Yaktaur Captain). If there's a match in the explored portion of the level an orb will be launched and will head towards the target. Once it hits it creates a loud noise at that location. The orb should either have a normal movement speed or be fast and leave a temporary trail (maybe of smoke).

The main purpose would be to hunt down strong monsters you know are on the level somewhere without having to re-explore the entire place, but with the disadvantage they'll know you're coming for them. It might also be a way to distract monsters, especially if it generated a trail of smoke.

Nice - good for RUNNING AWAY too! — nubinia 2011-02-09 15:50
I don't see why it should be limited to the explored portion of the level; that just limits an already-situational spell further. Just make it look for any part of the level which is connected to the part you're in (no stairs). Heck, I'd even let it phase through unfound secret doors while you're at it; it's not a very abusable thing unless you already know you're looking for a vault AND what should be in it. — brickman 2011-02-10 06:23

Transmutation Spells

Warp Wood (Warp Ammunition)

The idea basically copied from Master Of Magic.b0rsuk 2010-10-02 11:57

Level 2 Transmutation

Twists target's wooden ammunition making it impossible to use. The items are destroyed. Affects arrows, darts, javelins, spears and bolts, but not stones, rocks, manticore ammo. Silver and steel ammo is not affected. I'm unsure if regular crossbow bolts are made of metal, I'd need to check the description, but I don't think the description should be the determining factor. Notes:

  • Power determines amount of ammo destroyed. No chance to save.
  • With restrictions like “no silver” and “no steel”, the spell may feel too quirky. So maybe just make it warp all arrows, darts and bolts.
  • Likely better than Repel Missiles against single targets and in closed spaces, but still usable in the open. Not everyone must learn Enchantment and Air.
In MoM, didn't it render unusable the bow itself rather than arrows? At least that's how I remember it – I may be wrong, it was so many years ago. — kilobyte 2010-10-02 12:59
“Immediately twists and destroys all missile (bow symbol) ammunition of a target normal group. There is no way to prevent the effect of this spell.” Source: . I play MoM almost daily, thanks to the new unnoficial patch which fixes heaps of bugs and significantly improves the AI. — b0rsuk 2010-10-02 18:31
I like the idea of messing up wooden ammo. Why not extend to all wooden weapons and ammo and make the spell a (revamped) Eringya's Surprising Bouquet? It would be a lifesaver versus early ogres with GSCs. — Minced 2010-10-02
I'm not sure if melee damage formulas pay much attention to weapons. Shortly before he was renamed, Wayne would consistently deal ~45 damage per hit with Spriggan's Knife (mighty, hasted; Xom switched our weapons). That was with about 10 AC. — b0rsuk 2010-10-03 08:54

Spider Cling

Level 1 Transmutation Spell

This spell would allow the caster to emulate the cling of a spider, as added in 0.8. Per the blog comment “Spiders can cling to walls which allows them to effectively bypass water and other obstacles.” A player would cast this spell as a severely nerfed Levitate/Spider Form. Alternate name for spell would be Sticky Fingers.


  • This would be a seriously nerf'd Levitate / Spider Form, so the proposal is for Level 1.
  • This would be a Transmutations spell, as it changes the hands/feet.
  • Proximity to wall may add bonus to passive search for secret doors along currently touched wall sections; this could apply to the entire cling mechanic.
  • If cast alongside a normal wall, could be used to bypass traps on the floor, like Levitate.
  • Experience increases duration of spell.


  • Unlike Levitate, player must stay alongside wall when over auto-kill floor type (eg: deep water, lava).
  • Unlike Levitate, spell does not remove encumbrance and create weightlessness.
  • While on a wall over an auto-kill floor type, unless able to withstand that floor type (naga in deep water?) it is assumed the caster is clinging to the wall and therefore no spells may be cast.
  • While on a wall over a floor with an unactivated trap, the trap will activate prior to any spell cast (the caster had to let go and fall to the floor).
In trunk, Spider Form already allows you to cling to walls. Honestly, I don't see a need for another spell. (GameKnut)
The focus is that this is a proposed Level 1 spell, not Level 3, and doesn't do all of the other things Spider Form does. All it is is a suggestion, not a demand. {XuaXua)
What I'd really like is if Spider Form allowed the player to throw webs at targets. Nagas, Draconians, and Dragon Form all get intrinsic ranged bioweapons, but not Spider Form. Heck, the webs wouldn't even have to do damage, just act like a weak throwing net while I run up and bite. Nice bit of flavor, in my opinion, plus the fact that late-game enemies usually just squash me for being annoying (Spider form as a lot of EV bonus last I checked, but all it takes is for a Titan to get one lucky hit…)

andy 2011-06-28 20:32

Morphological Destabilization

Level (5? Possibly higher) Transmutations. Ideally in the Book of Morphology; the book isn't much of a great find on most Transmuters.

Gives three temporary always-good, non-stat-gain, non-colourless-scales mutations, and after a given short moment swaps two of the mutations with new mutations, continuously shifting the caster's mutations until the status is finished.

A wild roulette that amuses Xom and Jiyva, but also intended as a nice trick for Transmuters to get a passive boost outside of each mutually exclusive form, which would be nice if Transmuters indeed lose their Fulsome/Evaporate and Sticks to Snakes as Alchemy plans. Imagine getting an MR mutation in the middle of fighting Rupert, or Clarity as you find some Golden Eyes around the corner in the Abyss; it could be a neat, non-scummable boost.

Shiva Form (Trans) Level <del>2-3</del> 7-8

This spell allows the user to use two and 1 1/2 handed weapons one handed and to wear two extra rings.

This spell is really powerful (probably too much for its level). Two extra artifact rings is a lot extra powers. However, would be pretty annoying to use since you would need to keep reequipping the rings and the shield every time you cast it. If it remembered what you last equipped and reequipped it, that might work. I also suspect that some people may object to the name since it directly refers to an existing diety which isn't done in Crawl I believe. Finally, what about octopodes? Would they go up to 10 rings? — rosetintedglasses 2011-08-14 00:06
Temporary new slots? I'm pretty sure that it isn't going to happen. The current dev opinion on stuff like this has always been that it is a bad idea. For precedent, see Felids casting Statue form. They still can't wear or wield anything. — zchris13 2011-08-14 20:02

Transmute Missile

Transmutations (and maybe Charms), level 2-4. This spell applies the Transmute status to the caster. The base material of any missile launched or thrown by the caster for the duration of the Transmute status is upgraded to steel, or if steel, silver. Once it hits (or misses) a target, the missile reverts to original form. This spell may be re-cast to extend the duration of the spell.

Vile Form

Level 9 Poison Magic / Transmutations.

“This spell calls upon the waste in your body to consume you, converting you temporarily into an elemental being of pure toxicity. Your unarmed attacks splatter your opponent with powerful digestive enzymes, and the tumultuous filth within you occasionally bubbles up and bursts, spreading the foulest gases imaginable.”

You gain: Non-Living, Unbreathing, Poison Immunity, Fast Movement 1, Torment Resistance (50%), Gelatinous Body 3, Deformed Body (50% penalty to body armour base AC), and an Acid-branded Unarmed Combat attack. Every few turns, as the bubbles of filth in your body burst, you'll billow out a cloud of miasma like a defeated plague shambler.

Hated by Fedhas, Yredelemnul, and all the good gods.

ALTERNATIVELY: rRot in place of rTorm? Level 7, lose the rTorment and Fast Movement?

NOTES: The miasma alone is enough to cripple any natural holiness opponents you encounter, and the acid-branded attacks will make you unstoppable in melee with just about anything. It provides nothing in terms of ranged attacks though, and although you get to keep all your existing equipment slots, your defenses will be slightly worse than normal (except vs. torment), so you'll still need to be careful in order to reach the opponent you'll soon be splattering. Also, to make spell power matter, cause it to raise the chance of the acid brand and miasma burst activating on any given attack / turn.

Charms Spells


A level 3 Enchantment spell that is like berserk for casters. Gives boosts to INT, MP, spell power, and spell success. Lasts about as long as berserk, and ends quickly if you do things other than cast spells. While in clearcasting, you cannot move (except using blink) or use items. After it expires you are silenced for quite a while. ~~~~

That basically means Clearcasting is your ticket to casting spells above your level which you couldn't normally cast, preferably outside a combat situation. I'm mostly thinking necromutation with extension already memorized. So the real effect of this is to require people to invest less in spell schools to get what they want out of them. Doesn't seem like a good idea; if we want more diversity among casters a more direct approach would be preferable. — brickman 2010-11-24 17:49
What if there was no effect on spell success? — nubinia 2010-11-24 22:13
If you can only cast offensive spells, might be a neat addition. — ledtim 2010-12-22 06:01
Blinking out as the effect ends would take most of the risk out of this, and constantly hopping up staircases to wait out silence sounds like a fantastically tedious optimal action - silence isn't really comparable to berserk's slowing. Extension shouldn't be a big concern, though, since it considers individual spell succes rates now. — og17 2010-12-22 08:30
IMO, this is actually a good idea for a Potion. In the same vein as Berserk, I think it should give something like a level of power enhancement on all spells, as well as a +50% increase to maxmp and currentmp. Berserk doesn't make your more accurate or let you wield weapons that would be unwise to wield without Berserk, so this should function in the same way if it is to be a mirror (ie no increased spell success) though at the same time a boost to int is sensible, and as a consumable item, increasing spell success would not be a problem. Slow + Silence should follow (much like Slow + Fatigue on berserk). I would call it a Potion of Renaissance or something similar. — Pedjt 2011-03-24 17:52

Reflect Missile

A further progression of the Repel/Deflect chain, Reflect Missile has a chance of returning the missile toward its original target. — jeffqyzt 2010-12-20

  • Level 7 or 8 (vs. Deflect at 6)
  • Enchantment/Translocation
  • The chance increases with spell power.
  • Range should not be affected, i.e. this will only hit the firing monster if they are less than 1/2 max range away.
It'd be better to work this into deflect missiles, as it's currently a very uninspired upgrade and reflection isn't all that strong to begin with. — og17 2010-12-22 08:26
+1 to that. It'd be nice to get more reflection the more spell power the caster has. — evktalo 2011-01-26 15:48


Level 4 or 5 Charms/Conjurations, for the Book of War Chants definitely, and possibly the books of Enchantments or Power.

This status lowers the to-hit of one’s melee, but each successful hit on a target sends out an irresistible bolt out in the direction of said hit based on said hit’s strength and brand (though it is of course weaker then the hit itself).

Supposed to be a good crowd-control tool that doesn't involve heavy school investment for hybrids or constant casting, and is intended to give a new trick to the currently much-maligned Skald.

These Need a Names

L9-7 Charms/Transmutation spell that temporarily negates bad mutations and posates fabulous mutations.

L(8-4) Tmut/Charms that makes it easier/possible to change forms: when cast without a form, prompts you to choose a form spell, then stores that form as an ability; when cast with a form, gives you the ability to end it instantly later; when cast with a badform, ends in the next 0-2 turns. This spell would make extended game Xom just a bit easier.

Love Storm/Beam

From badirc to devwiki;
<mikee_> the only thing that won't kill elves is love
<VolteccerJack> even love, if you can focus it into a beam
<VolteccerJack> crawl needs that spell btw
<mikee_> love storm
<VolteccerJack> level 9 charms

L9 Charms spell that enslaves all things struck by it at reduced magic resistance, and can cause some of them to have heart attacks and strokes from the sheer unnatural levels of love filling their bodies and minds. This spell is capable of punching through even magic immunity, such as that of statues and eyes, but being without the usual metaphorical slings and arrows of love, they cannot take damage from it. Sufficiently high love power and low love resistance can even leave creatures peaceful and ready to move on after the love in their life leaves.

Necromancy Spells

Hellpower (Nec/Summ 5)

A buff spell. The caster summons and infuses their body with the essence of a demonic spirit to boost their effective power for a period of time. — jeffqyzt 2011-01-13 21:02

  • Could either directly provide bonus to spell power / melee damage, or indirectly by boosting str, int, possibly resistances, protection, speed, or some other demonic benefit.
  • As a drawback, should have a small chance unintended consequences, for example
    • Directly summoning the (hostile) demon whose essence was being drawn upon
    • Banishing the caster to the realm of the demon
    • Mutating the caster
    • Draining the caster
  • Should make the caster vulnerable to silver and holy weapons while in effect
  • Should cause excommunication for worshippers of good dieties\

Consume Undead

(needs a better name)

New spell for the Necronomicon. Destroys zombies, skeletons, and spectres, and heals you based on the HP they had. Would allow the player to heal in combat if they animate nearby corpses, and would work particularly well with Death Channel. To prevent abuse, wouldn't work on summoned undead other than spectres. Maybe require the affected undead to be permanently friendly, too, so you couldn't use it to kill hostile zombies (not that hostile zombies are a big threat). — minmay 2011-04-10 14:47

Ice Spells

Glacier (Ice Wall)

Ice/Transmutation 8-9 OR Ice/Conjuration/Transmutation 7-8

Makes 1, 3, or 5 temporary blocks of ice, dependent on power, which are invulnerable or high HP for 1-2 turns after casting, then reduced (continuously or instantly?) to corpse mushroom HP. If they are not attacked, then duration is dependent on power, as is the number of blocks. Does no damage. Possibly it could occasionally/rarely melt into a temporary shallow water. No Fedhas-like shooting through it. Strong Fire attacks dissipate it instantly (everything but Throw Flame).

Two Targeting configurations, North-South and East-West. Cycle either with standard ammo cycling or with 'a'=config 1 and 's'=config 2.

Should it be transparent or translucent? Transparent would synergize with Olgreb's Toxic Radiance, Poison Cloud, Air Strike, Ozocubu's Refrigeration, Freezing Cloud, LRD,(Firestorm?) and any other LOS or Smite-targeted attacks. Having all of that would make it REALLY powerful. If it was translucent, you might still summon through it.

Restrictions: -No more than 3 walls at one time. (To prevent entombing enemies). If wall is melting or partially destroyed, then a new wall may be placed, completely removing the old one. -Walls must be 2 tiles apart. No creation of corridors. -Walls must be at least 1-2 tiles away from dungeon walls. No blocking of corridors.


From New Spell: Ice Wall

dolphin 2011-04-23 16:47


Suggestion for an Ice Storm replacement, to distinguish it more from Firestorm. Throws an avalanche at enemies.

It damages enemies in a cone, with a starting width of 3, and a width of about 5-9 at the edge of LOS (could be random and/or power dependant). Damage depends on distance from the player, and should be a bit higher than Ice Storm damage at melee range, about half of IS damage at max range (LOS). It pierces on killing an enemy. If it does not kill an enemy, everything in a narrow cone shaped area behind the survivor is not affected by the avalanche (the survivor protects everything behind him by breaking the avalanche). Neighboring enemies are still affected. Level 9, very loud, Conjurations/Ice, partially ignores rC.

Extremely easily clears waves of non-rC popcorn (kills and pierces, and can clear the whole cone that way), and is very deadly at close range with no risk of damaging oneself. At long range damage is quite low for a level 9 spell. Tough enemies at close range can protect weaker enemies in the back, limiting area of effect.

Heh, mechanically this is exactly the idea of “shotgun targetting” I plan for Bolt of Magma. The cone for Avalanche is a lot wider though, and damage a tiny bit bigger…
This doesn't mean your idea is redundant – just like Throw Frost doesn't make Lehudib's Crystal Spear redundant even if they work identically. It's just the same coding wise. — kilobyte 2011-09-22 20:03

Warp Chains

A monster spell intended to increase the difficulity of the middle game, preferably making the combat a little bit more tactical. On a failed MR check the player is covered in magical chains disallowing any form of teleportation for a medium duration. The spell would be smite targeted, and would show up from dungeon 12+, and would be made very common in vaults. It might also be a good idea to slap it on some monsters showing up after you pickup the Orb. Preferably it should be given to a few uniques, as well as pushover mid game monsters (some kind of ghost undead? Give it to Ettin or a double headed ogre?), or a new monster similar to a giant eyeball, but with this spell and weak/no attack and high hp/ac. If the spell is too strong:

  • Make it disable normal teleport and make ctrl blink semi controlled, or random
  • Make it disable blinking only (any kind)
  • Reduce duration
  • Lower MR check

If this spell was to be made available to the player: Warp Chains level 5 translocation/summoning This spell conjures magical chains on the target that disable any form of magical teleportation.

Can be cast on yourself or allies, as well as enemies. Might counter enemies blinking you (roxanne fx), as well as enemies shooting ammo of dispersal, as well as letting you finish off uniques that teleport you or themself. Prevents traps of tele from teleporting you. DOES NOT prevent banishment —- sealer 2010-12-11 17:47

This sounds fun, especially as a player spell. I'd add in that it prevents summons from vanishing due to their timer and blocks abjuration; this sounds bad until you remember that it is expensive and single-target, which means it would only be useful on single large summons like hydra or dragon or 1s. I would avoid giving this to a lot of midgame monsters though; just a few choice uniques, some moth/eyeball style enemy, and something that'll show up in Zot and the Orb Run. Make it too common and it stops being interesting. Acting like an amulet of stasis sounds fair, ie any teleport effect is severely delayed. — brickman 2011-01-30 22:05
It'd be nice if it kept enemies from moving and did some damage. Even better if the chains coming from the floor/walls is animated: rip'em a new one, Hellraiser style!

andy 2011-06-28 20:32

Poison Spell Suggestions

HousePet 2012-05-30 12:28

Sprinkle Salt

Pois/Earth level 1.

Touch range single target spell.

Damages slugs/oozes/jellies/leeches and prevents enemy healing/regen/regrowing heads.

Salt Storm

Pois/Earth level 7.

Storm targeted storm spell.

As per Sprinkle Salt, but applies to multiple dishes… Multiple enemies at once.

Holy Water

Pois/Charm level 3.

Medium range bolt spell.

Hurts undead and poisons demons (ignoring rPois). Is blocked by and destroys fire clouds.

Why is this Pois/Charm?

Charm as its enchanted watery stuff, Poison because it is poisonous to demons.

Holy Water Rain

Pois/Charm level 8.

Storm targetted storm spell.

Damages undead and demons, poisons demons, destroys most offensive clouds, and can leave shallow water.

Boiling Blood

Pois/Fire level 4.

Makes you go berserk.

Fire for flavour, poison for how you feel after.

Weaken Resist

Pois/Hex level 5.

Target looses 1 point of resist against all.

Or maybe just 1 point of resist against fire/cold/elec/pois?

Thread: New Poison Spell Suggestions

Spell Effect Ideas with Themes (for consideration/inspiration/brainstorming)

By — Andy 2012-03-01 20:22

The Watcher

This spell idea essentially places a non-moving object that, upon an enemy entering the object's LOS, causes the object to launch an attack ONCE at the enemy then self-destruct.

Ways to modify this idea for different magic schools/background/etc.:

-A Hex spell, placing a voodoo doll/warding rune/whatever on the ground that attacks violators of the ward -Summoning/Necromancy (likely unneeded) spell, low level, makes a miniature disposable “golem” or some such that cannot move, but waits for enemies -Earth Magic spell, briefly animating/manipulating/whatever the ground directly so that it reacts to hostile entities (again, just a single attack on an enemy who stumbles into range.)

Player Attack but non-player source of Projectile

A simple idea, really, which is applicable to ANYTHING, not just the player (so if you want a telekinesis-using monster, read this carefully!) Standard DCSS attacks involving projectiles follow these steps:

A. Attacker targets Victim B. Projectile launched from Attacker position to Victim position

Say the Attacker targets the Victim, and RATHER than the projectile going from Attack to Victim, the projectile is either:

A. Launched from a randomly selected empty tile in the LOS of the Victim OR B. Launched from a NON-Attacker entity in LOS of the Victim

An example of Case A would be an Earth Magic spell, where a stone or dirt clod is generated within the Victim's LOS on a velocity vector DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE VICTIM.

An example of Case B would be if you wanted to give the Player or create an enemy with Telekinesis. The Attacker selects their Victim, then an object on the ground in the Victim's LOS is launched at the Victim (equivalent to the Attacker Throwing the object at the Victim).

Thinking on it a while, you could do a lot with either of these ideas. My main goal, however, is to put forth ideas to help inspire you. I've been modding games for nearly 16 years, and getting “Programmer's Block” is *still* annoying. ;) Take care!

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